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Love the storytelling & the new direction of the show.
I love this podcast and the foolery drama gets himself into. He has so many dramatic stories I can listen to them all day. Keep up the great up.
Love the Solo podcast. I absolutely LOVE all of your stories, especially the ones from Alabama! I miss Roomies but this will do for me until your "One man Show" 😊
Thank you for the return,you're a black gay staple in my life. The wisdom that you share for the young black gays is everything that we need navigating this crazy world. Much love from OKC, You slayed before and after your weight lost. Thank-you for being fearless and authentic.😘😘😝😘😘😘
I absolutely was a fan of this podcast. Will miss tuning in and having my stomach hurting from all of the laughing. Best of luck to all that you both do. Can't wait to see what you both do next. #simplylamar
I love the show… but i miss the show. I pray all is well with Dupree…. Healing and all that is needed. Looking forward to your return.
When I tell you I get my life with every episode, I get my life. The best thing about this podcast is how it sounds like a cool conversation between two friends. Keep it up guys!!
I love this podcast! Drama’s mouth is fierce and you can tell that he and Tron truly get alone and have a fun time while recording. It’s like being around your best friend and just shooting the breeze. I find myself nodding my head in agreement with them and laughing harder than I should while I have my headphones in at work. If you don’t laugh at these two then I’m going to blame it on you being stuck up because these two are hilarious.


By La'Maaj
I love y'all's podcast! The stories and commentary on pop culture is Hilarious! Keep up the good work guys!
Nothing makes me happier than seeing a notification for a new episode. Drama's flashbacks and Tron's excursions are what I LIVE for!!!!
I'm late to the party when it comes to the podcast. I have been binge listening for the last few days. I am SOLD!! Drama reminds of my good friend I had when I was 17. Tron well what a hottie and love his POV 😍😍😍 Keep up the great job !!
Ooooommmmmggggg this is truly my new addition. I am obsessed with u guys. Everytime I listen to a podcast I get my life. Please continue to entertain us and I will be waiting on a new episode by da doe🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
I can not begin to tell you how hilarious Drama Dupree is. Drama brings out the playful, funny side of Tron. These two guys make a dynamic duo and I thoroughly enjoy each and every podcast. Drama’s voice was made for radio and his inflections have you hanging on every word!!!
I have been following Drama Dupree for a while and his humor and story telling are amazing. You will truly enjoy this podcast, he and Tron perfectly balance each other out. Laugh out loud funny. I love it! 👏
I can tell you this show has me literally in tears every episode from laughter! Drama and Ron are Hilarious!!! Keep up the good work fellas!
I am so addicted to this podcast! Between Drama's crazy stories and vicariously living through Tron's "encounters" (lol) I just can't get enough. The chemistry is so genuine and effortless! I NEED MORE! Love you guys and can't wait to see what the future holds.
Keep it up!!! I love it!! 💙👬👬💙
I have been a long time fan of Drama Dupree back when he did Youtube. He know has a new platform with his wonderful co-host Tron. Drama is still as funny as he has always been. The chemistry between he and Tron makes Roomies so good to listen too. Check out the podcast for pop culture news, funny jokes and Drama reaching back into the archives telling hilarious stories from his past. Please Give it a listen, you wont be disappointed. FIVE STARS/THUMBS UP!
I shouldn't be listening to this podcast at what work but it's Friday and I need to release some stress. I've listened to two episodes so far and I am in love. This is pure comedy.
My friends & I group text all day about you guys, any time a new podcast posts. I listen at work, in the car, at home, listening carefully, to make sure I hear all the juicy details of y'all's sexcapades!! Please keep the episodes coming. #brrrrrrrrumCAT
I absolutely love you guys…your stories have me rolling. I love you guys chemistry, and yes I was surprised by the quick release of the latest podcast!!!
Keep em coming makes my day! Loving dramas funny stories
I have been a fan of drama dupree for YEARS ...dating back to "better days radio". His energy, knowledge, humor, "word choice", & reading skills has my emotions all over the place (in a good way). Your current platform with Tron had exceeded my expectations. I mean the range of topics & stories are Everything !! Please continue as I'm a such a fan. Can't wait til the next... P.S., please follow up with the listener who sent in the letter "Raymond" !!! Warmest, Wane
This has quickly become my favorite podcast. I find myself feigning for a new drama filled episode, so I've listened to every episode more than once. My friends love it too. These guys are so funny and sweet. I love their friendship. I love their scandalous behavior. I love the way they interact with each other. I can't say the word "love" enough in this review. They just make you feel like you are with friends. Keep up the great work guys!
By far this is a great podcast!! Drama is so descriptive when he tell these stories you wish you were back in Opelika!!! Tron your reaction to the stories are priceless. Tron I think you should start introducing us to new drink recipes each show, this is for those of us who like to have a cocktail or two lol
Great episode Drama! I love your podcasts... Keep up the great work!
The way Drama details a story every week and how Tron give us play by play with his weekly excursions across the world allows me to live vicariously through them! I love it!! @tomika1003
I absolutely love #Roomies…Drama Dupree and WhatsTheT keep me rolling. Thank you both for letting us peek into your world.
I listen to this while I work it gets me through my day. My coworkers all want to know what the hell I'm laughing at. You guys are GREAT. BEST OF LUCK !!
I absolutely love Roomies!!! I’v played these episodes out! If this were a cassette, I’d be taking a pencil to it trying to wind it back up. Drama tells stories like we’re all sitting around a campfire. You can’t help but wait to get every little detail. And Tron responds to the stories just like we do, "WHAT?!?!” I’ve got my best friends hooked and I can’t wait to get a new episode. Trust me you’ll love them.
HILARITY at its best! I decided to load the latest episode before I hopped on the subway. Listen, I had to try my best not to bust out laughing! The entire time I had a huge smile on my face cause that is all I could to do to not look like a crazy person laughing out loud. The dynamic between DramaDupree and WhatsTheT are amazing because they are really great friends. There is an amazing dynamic between the two and i hope this keeps coming! Love it!


By Cash S
I absolutely love this podcast! DramaDupree and WhatsTheT are hilarious! Awesome story telling. Love T's laugh. Please listen, you will not be disappointed!
Funny, Candid, and Entertaining! Bravo to you guys for entertaining us and being so open about your everyday living life! Keep them coming.
I've been listening to the various incarnations of Drama Dupree's podcast since 2010! So smart, so funny.