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Never thought I’d leave the Toyota stable but I find myself looking at Xterra over the 4 runner, Frontier over the Tacoma. It’s amazing what these trucks can do and the aftermarket support for these trucks...learned it all here and had fun doing it too
If your a Nissan enthusiasts this is your place. I like how the get real people on for interviews and bring the newest 411 to my ears. And they answer any questions you have for them. Look them up online, Instagram and on Facebook
Dave and Danny are hilarious and you can tell they are just good guys that have a passion for anything Nissan. The humor is great and I laugh everytime I listen to an episode, but Dave and Danny are really knowledgeable too. The tech tips and background they have on Nissan has helped me understand my vehicle more. I love my Xterra but am also thinking about getting other Nissan vehicles eventually. I hope the show continues and they give even more advice of mods, tires and anything cool you can do to your truck or car that makes you enjoy it more. Also, some history on Nissan would be cool and a history on the different Nissan motors they have used over the years.
Likable guys and lots of Nissan talk!
Hope they would cover Nissans + Toyotas.
Danny and Dave put out all the latest and greatest of Nissan news, reviews, trip reports, technical information, and even interview some great guys and gals. Keep it up and keep the Nissan Nation growing! See y'all in Moab2017
Great show I have listened from the beginning.
After listening to the first 10 episodes, I have to say, these guys are great. They talk about stuff relevant to Nissan fans. I'm a Nissan fan, Nissan master tech and off-roading fan and I can't wait for each new episode. If your a Nissan fan at all, you need to be listening to this podcast! I tell all my friends to subscribe!
I love this podcast. My new favourite. It's not bogged down with heavy serious talk. There is a lighthearted feel to it. It feels as though it's just you and the guys standing around at WENTWindrock and just talking cars and trucks. I really enjoy the car talk as well. I'm an Xterra guy, but I love pretty much anything with wheels. David and Danny and even JR deliver a great show!!!
So there other day I was driving down the road and I noticed a vehicle that I thought was only ever meant to cruise mall parking lots. But I was listening to the Nissan Nation Podcast at the time and when I looked back at the vehicle my eyes were opened! I saw the Xterra as a great platform to build an all around great wheeler! And then my eyes saw something even MORE awesome...the Patrol! If it wasn't for the magical powers of the Nissan Nation Podcast, I would have never known about the amazing world of Nissan offroad vehicles. Oh yeah, and the Godzilla GT-R is pretty sweet too. David and Danny really do a great job of putting together a top notch podcast that covers everything that a Nissan enthusiast could ask for. Keep up the great work guys!
I love to listen to you guys when I’m on my way home from work. I’ve got my friend hooked on listening to you guys but they way y’all do the show is amazing. Now to do it with cameras to see your guys reactions… The ultimate podcast
The Nissan Nation Podcast is off to a fantastic start… David & Danny dish out great information about all things Nissan with just enough good natured humor to keep the show exciting & very entertaining. Highly informative, top-shelf quality! Represent the NISSAN NATION!
Great to finally have something to listen to during the work day other than the radio. Funny guys chatting about all things Nissan. I just hope the guys can figure a way to swap that new Cummings into my Xterra. Great podcast and thanks guys for your time ! -Chris
After listening to all three shows, I have come to the conclusion that Dave and Danny know way more about Nissan's than I do. I have been driving them and working on them and modding them and paying for them for over 15 yearr. I am active in a local Nissan Truck club and I assist with the coordination of an annual state wide truck meet. I thought I knew alot about Nissan's. I was wrong. Dave and Danny have their ear to the ground when it comes to Nissan. They not only know about the vehicles they drive, but they also know about other Nissan platofrms. The info on this show is good... audience specific... but good. As far as podcats go... I am a novice. This is my first podcast to listen to. I don't usually have time to listen to radio shows *unless its about politics* but I will make exception for this one. jim