Clean Power Planet: Fighting Climate Change

Reviews For Clean Power Planet: Fighting Climate Change

This one is a great podcast if you want to learn more about green energy but are bored by too much technical detail. Informative and entertaining - definitely worth a listen!
What wonderful podcast. It offers a unique perspective into the burgeoning world of solar power all offered through the lens of a likable narrator who offers down to earth insight into solar panels, community networking and more. Highly recommended!
David Butler’s new “Clean Power Planet” will now sit at the top of my subscribed podcasts list. Most alternative energy and solar podcasts tend to fall into either of two categories; first, the highly technical directed only at installers podcasts, and second, the general “feel good” cheerleading podcasts. Mr. Butler, if he continues with the style set down in the debut episode, gets it right for most of us out there who sit on the sidelines of the clean energy economy. He combines a mixture of the practical and educational aspects of solar energy with the political and business side. Bravo. I wish more of us headed for mid-life crisis would do what Mr. Butler is doing. There would be fewer Corvettes on the road but the world may end up a better place. Thanks. By the way, I wonder if this is the same David Butler who fronted several bands in Central Kentucky and was one of the driving forces of Alternative Rock music in Lexington in the 80’s and 90’s.
An enlightening, straight-forward and entertaining approach to sustainability and solar power. The enthusiasm is contagious! Green green green!