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A pretty good podcast from a couple of guys who enjoy casual discussion of various geek-culture related stuff. I don't play SWTOR, but I still like these guys' commentary on movies, because they seem to be regular fans who generally enjoy most things, like most regular people, not the ranting rabid fanboy types who tend to overflow other geek-culture podcasts.
You guys do a fantastic job and anyone who is anyone should be listening to you. So much information and you guys make it fun to listen to. Thank you for all your hard work. Enjoy the frosty beverages. May the Force Be with You. Monkman
I love this podcast. Great info for SWTOR and all other Star Wars news. Must subscribe. MarcusB
Have been listening to this guys for a while and I love them. Great podcast involving everything that is games, comics, shows and movies. It's comic con in a podcast. Love that they are streaming on twitch too.
What sets Marshall & Will apart from other SWTOR Pod-Casts is that they cover subjects outside of SWTOR, which happens to be both their strength & weakness. I've learned about so many things I would have missed out on otherwise because of this show: reward programs, specials, news, new shows, movies, & etc. However, they will also inevitably drone on about a subject you have no interest in given the vast amount of things they cover, but this is likely the bane of any variety show. My only complaint would be how much they focus on the "Bromanti"-verse. I literally have no interest in the DC Tv universe (aside from Gotham), & you're going to hear about "Bromanti" constantly on this show. What kills me is that by comparison they've not had a single serious conversation about "Agents of Shield" or "Agent Carter" in the year I've been listening to this show. That aside, this is an awesome show that will give you an inside into "Geek Culture" you may not get otherwise. Keep up the good work boys!! **pew pew**
I became apart of this awsome SWTOR community because of you guys and the podcast. I became frosty beverage aficionado due to you guys. Thank you for bringing us a great podcast.
I've been listening since the first episode and really enjoy all the banter and discussion about all my favorite content. Keep it up guys. Is it a segway if the word segway is mentioned to segway between content?
I’ve listened to about twenty episodes and I love the chemistry between the two hosts. It is evident they are good friends and it is enjoyable listening to how they interact. I started listening because of my love of SWTOR but have come to enjoy their take on pop culture. I look forward to listening to another year.
I thoroughly enjoy each and every show. Keep up the good work, guys!
Love the new format.
The show is fun. If you like swtor or just Star Wars this is the podcast for you.
These guys do a good job touching up on SWTOR and general Star Wars news. Good audio quality. Well edited. (And the beer section at the start is cool too!)
Marshal and Will are amazing! Great format whether you are into SWTOR, Star Wars, or other bits of Pop Culture, the Usual Podcast is for you! Prepared to be amazed after listening to just the first episode!
Truly Amazing, I have asked around and found that 9 out of 10 Stromtroopers would rather listen to "The Usual Podcast" then take a class on how to better their accuracy. . . Keep up the great work
Two intelligent guys with a nice sound, and a multitude of things to talk about. I highly recommend.
I enjoy listening to your show. I'm not a gamer, but I'm a Star Wars fan! Keep up the great work! - Jedizaugg
Very well done
I really enjoy the whole show, and the energy is great. You guys make want to get a frosty drink every time I listen. Keep up the great work!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Although not a Star Wars gamer, I am a huge Star Wars fan and these guys nail it. Witty, funny and entertaining I love the energy and intelligence. Keep up the good work guys.