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Reviews For Indieheads Podcast

This Podcast has very gay energy. The gayer the better. 10/10
These are kids who were raised on message boards and they basically only talk in the language of memes. It often drifts into sexist/racist remarks. Most conversations run twice as long as they should and get very repetitive. They feel a need to talk about music they’ve hardly ever listened to and the analysis is “I liked some of the songs, but I didn’t like others.” It can be fun to listen to casual conversation about music though; the “what have you been listening to” and album catch-ups are better than the long album discussions. It’s a guilty pleasure, but get ready to fast-forward through a lot.
Too much people talking over one another, no music samples played, and a lot of lame jokes. Very disappointed in the case and couldn't stand it for more than one episode.
It's mostly about modern indie music but it's also about coyotes, Mac DeMarco's face and other off-topic stuff. The cast is pretty funny.
The cast has great chemistry and it’s actually fairly informative of what’s currently going on in the indiesphere. A must-listen for indie music fans!
quality entertainment!
I enjoyed this podcast. It is really fun to listen to and I enjoy the diverse opinions of all the members.
I really enjoyed listening to this, they're funny and have insightful views on music!