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Coming into this I didn’t think it was going to help me. I was so wrong; this meditation minis blew my mind. Suddenly as we were in the meditation I just started to cry but I was smiling and I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear! I was laughing out loud with tears of joy running down my face and I couldn’t help it!!!🥰This was the biggest smile I have had in 2020 and I needed to do this. I needed to do this for myself and I needed to do this for my relationship and for my family. I was crying tears of joy and I feel so rejuvenated hand I feel so happy and I just want everybody to feel this way so please check this out. I just I can’t explain the way I feel right now other than complete and utter joy. I’m still smiling from the overwhelming peace I feel in this very moment. 😭✨🧘‍♀️🥰😆😁
Chel makes excellent guided meditations. I listen often. After a guided meditation mini, I feel better. Thank you Chel for making days better.
This podcast has been a part of my morning routine for a while now and is a big part of how I start my day. Chel’s voice is calming and easy to follow and I look forward to her guidance in my meditation routine. I have re-listened to many of the meditations more than once - revisiting them as the situation calls for it. Thank you for all you do!
It is difficult for to put into words how profoundly Chel has helped me. Her podcasts help me go to sleep, find center when I feel like I’m sinking into an ocean abyss, and help me find peace while connecting with my breathing. I listen to her 2x a day since April.
Her voice is soothing and she guides you to deep places in your mind
I love these meditations. They bring me balance, they help me start my day off on the right foot or come out of a frenzied headspace when I’m winding down for bed. So grateful for this little oasis of calm! 🙏
These meditations help me focus and begin my day in a much better place, mentally. I absolutely love Chel.
I listen to this podcast at least once or twice a week to relax for a few minutes during the workday. In fact, me and my dog do it together. He waits for me to put it on. 😂
I know it’s a cliche to say “this podcast changed my life” but, seriously, this podcast changed my life! I’ve been listening almost daily for about 6 months now and it has been so incredibly helpful for managing anxiety and helping me start each day intentionally. Chel, thank you for your hard work in making this podcast. It’s so meaningful to me and I’m so grateful for you!
Podcast was recommended to me and I love it. The host’s voice is so calming and I love that they are short medications
I rate this show a solid 5 stars. It helps me get to sleep every night and to relax during the day when I need a re-set.
Thank you Chel, you make my life so much better!
Love this meditation podcast! Amazing.


By Gawdus
Literally the same ads before every episode. Annoying.
Best app for calming and meditation!! Highly recommend this app!
Been having a hard time falling asleep for so long. I’m glad I found this podcast! Michelle’s voice is so soothing, and definitely helps me relieve my stress. Thank you!
Thank you dear💕I love your meditation schedule and I enjoy listening-💕💕💕💕
Great podcast. These mini meditations have really helped me.
This review is long overdue - I have been listening to this podcast for a year or so and it’s such a blessing. I feel like whatever pops into the feed is exactly what I need to hear at that moment 🥰 thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Shell! Looking forward to scheduling a one on one sesh 🙏🏼
This is one of the best meditation podcasts I’ve listened to. Very calming to the soul. It’s just what you need when you are stressed or feeling anxious. I Highly recommend it.
I am so grateful I found Chel and this podcast. The meditations have helped me tremendously. 💖
These short guided meditations are just what I need at the “witching hour” ... right before I have to hear up for making dinner, helping with homework, etc.
I been listening for a while now . I love this mins meditation season. Listening during a break a work. I worked as a housekeeper/laundry attendant and I get so relax and focus.
This is the most amazing podcast ever!you enable me to relax when I’m wracked with stress and awake in the middle of the night I don’t know what I would do without this podcast! Thank you so much for being here for us!
I love Chel!! She has a way of making you feel immediately relaxed, tapping into your emotion, and allowing you to look inward to feel better. Her voice is so calming, and her meditations are accessible and relatable to anyone. I listen to the Meditation Minis all the time, and recommend them to everyone I know!!
I am a yoga instructor and I’m always looking for meditations - this is by far the best! Can’t recommend this enough! Thank you Chel!
Short and sweet and oh so helpful and relaxing!!
I stumbled upon the podcast as part of my journey to try new things and get to know myself a little more. Many of the habits I’ve tried have come and gone, but my morning meditation routine hasn’t wavered. What Chel has created her on her own is amazing. I find myself re-listening to episodes and her passion and positive energy always comes through and I get what I need out of it. Do yourself a favor and start or restart your day with Chel.
Great way to start the day! Love the visualizations and the quick length.
I started with the letting go of anxiety episode but the out of tune and distorted piano music drove me insane. Pretty sure that wasn’t the desired effect.
This became the way I start my morning for already some months. I am so grateful for these easy, and in the same time, deep meditations. The visualizations are incredible and I become very grounded. Thank you!
I keep coming to these meditations even after trying dozens of others. My only complaint is I would love them to be longer.
I’ve tried several meditation podcasts and apps and this one is by far the best. It can turn my day around in less than 10 minutes!
This has really helped me learn how to relax and also focus on my breathing. I even sometimes just have it on in the background and let them all play as o get ready and i leave my house in a very good and peaceful mood.


By kec19
Love these so much. Have just started them and they give me relaxation every time and allow me to live in the present moment. I used them a lot at work on my breaks too.
Have been using mediation minis since January 2020 . It never fails to calm relax and sometimes as needed put me to sleep. Her voice is effective Highly recommend this app
I love these mini meditations so much! As a working mom, sometimes I just need to take 10 minutes and chill. These help keep me grounded and they help to keep patient. I especially love to get in a tub and put this on and my family knows to not interrupt my me-time. Chel’s voice is so soothing. I totally recommend Chel Hamilton’s Meditation Minis to everyone I meet!
I have listened to Chel’s podcast for years now. Her meditations are always so calming and help me to reset when I need it. Chel has a calming voice and the music selection she uses perfectly compliment each meditation.My only complaint is I wish they were longer!
This podcast is life changing. I meditate daily to this and it has helped me tremendously in my self care and self discovery
This podcast helped me through law school, bar prep, and some high stress jobs and family crises. A lot of the episodes have provided quick and easy skills I can use without coaching and with little interruption to what I’m doing. Like all mental wellness tools it’s only effective if you USE it (like I sometimes forget to when I’m too anxious) but it almost always helps me
So Amazing. Thank You 💗
I love it!! It’s was like a pill to soonest my soul.
Love to listen to it while at work. I always find myself letting one moment affect me all day. She has some amazing visuals that really help with various moments throughout the day that help to let go and relax and become more centered. Beautifully calming voice and easy to listen to as a background or as a focused meditation.
Ive been looking for something like this, that I can do anytime, esp. during a 30 min work lunch period, or 15 minute break.


By sld335
I came for a meditation to de-stress about life and my job and the first ad was about losing jobs and how hard it is to find one 😭
Love this podcast. Can’t live without it. She resets me. Though, I would pay to not have to listen to commercials.
I LOVE this podcast. It settles my anxiety and is a perfect tool for me to use for self help. Thank you for doing this podcast!