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Reviews For KU Podcast

The best locally produced podcast I’ve come across. Cool and knowledgeable host. Covers a wide variety of topics. And above all else an entertaining listen!
I started listening for a link to home. I’ve climbed, cycled, martial arts and organized sports (mostly rugby and football). It’s a great match for my life. Hawai’ian spirituality combined with sound PT. This is a gift to us on the mainland. Thank you brother!
The Ku Project podcast is inspiring and definitely relatable for many people that are just starting to get their feet wet in terms of self-improvement. It's great to see a podcast like this; made in Hawaii and for the people of Hawaii. I look forward to the content provided in the future. Mahalo Daniel, and keep doing you by staying Ku!
Great podcasts! Informative, educational, and motivating. Aipa provides not only a new perspective on weight training and nutrition but also how to be KŪ.
Not only does this pod cast inspire, it also educates. Worth the listen.
As someone who is not sports-savvy or an outdoor enthusiast, I still find great value in the Ku Project podcasts. Anyone who wants to live Ku and embody strength/the wealth of health will enjoy Aipa and the info he shares.
Daniel does a great job hosting the show, and always provides great content!
It’s about time the Aloha spirit has infiltrated the podcast scene! Aipa’s podcast and the whole Ku Project will help you become a stronger person physically and mentally. I was very fortunate to be featured on the latest episode, and based on my interactions with Aipa before, during, and after the podcast recording, I can tell you first hand that he’s a solid guy doing great work to share his passion with the world. If you’re looking to optimize your life, this is the podcast for you.
Spend time listening to this. Then contact Daniel and train with him. Your future self will thank you.
Daniel does a great job presenting relevant and entertaining content, his shows have a great format and are really informative. Well worth a listen!
One of a kind guy with truly inspiring information. His podcasts are informative and his passion easily shines through. Do your mind and body a favor and sign up. Thanks Aipa!