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My girl Ella is so real! You must listen to every episode! Such good stuff! Feels like we are great friends!
On air with Ella is my absolute favorite podcast. Love love love the show! I’m so glad she’s back!
...is almost every persons response when interviewing someone and I cannot stand it, but NOT Ella. Since this is my second review of the show, I wanted to share another aspect of this show that makes it outstanding! Ella is a phenomenal interviewer! She is always extremely engaging! The way her interviews flow are better than any other podcaster out there. If banter and chit chat is your thing, you can find it elsewhere. On Air With Ella is chock full of applicable, real life guidance on how to start where you are and do what you can with what you have. She will challenge you and grow you if you are willing to do the work. So blessed she is producing great content!
I’ve been listening since the (almost) beginning and I really love the evolution of the podcast! Ella has always been super positive but also very realistic and I love that there really isn’t much bias other than striving to be ones best self. It’s great to hear experts in their fields and on many different topics that most people can relate too. Keep up the amazing work and start now! Okayyy.... I’m so glad you’re back Ella! I love the different people you’ve been bringing in the show and I love hearing your vulnerability with them. I totally respect you took some time away for you and fame back when you were ready! We’re really getting the best you and it’s great to hear!
Update: I started listening to this podcast for the health and wellness tips, but now I’m so happy that it has evolved to so much more! Now it is all about wellness with a more holistic approach! Absolutely love it. I started listening to Ella a few years ago. Her honestly and vounrability are the thing that has always stuck out the most for me. This past year has been completly transformative for me which I can say is partialy due to Ella. Thank you!
So so relatable. You listen because you want to get fit / healthy, but somehow ella manages to we’ve in a ton of personal development while you’re at it. I’m no longer trying to hack my body into submission, and truly I’ve never felt better. Do yourself a favor and listen to every single episode.
Holy crap! I LOVE Ella (and this show.) So much personality - without faking it & so much wisdom - without boring droning. Despite the fact that she says she hates being vulnerable, I enjoy how she shares her truth. I don’t enjoy many podcasts, so it says a lot that this one literally makes me smile.
It would be nice to listen to something without political content in it.
I was truly checking periodically to see when you were going to be back to inspire us with your incredible energy. I bet your brk was very needed. But we missed you. Welcome back! Thanks for what you do for us 🙏🏼✨💕🙌🏼
Ella has the best podcast! She asks the best questions and I love her content. Thanks Ella. You are my fav!!! Update: so happy u r back!!!! Yes to the new content!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite podcast is back and I’m SCREAMING!!! Love you Ella!!!
Thank you Ella for being real. You share your strengths and weaknesses. It makes me want to come back for more.
I listen to lots of health/lifestyle podcasts. This is my favorite. Ella is real and comes across as very caring. She finds great guests. Everyone gets to the chase, packs in lots of information, no boring side talk to waste my time. She summarizes big ideas well and identifies baby steps to get started. These podcasts have helped me understand its what I believe about myself that brings about my actions, positive or negative. It’s honestly a concept that has impacted my life in a profound way. Thank you, Ella.
Ella is the best podcast I have listened to. She gets right to the point, asks the BEST questions, and is funny and enjoyable. What more could you ask for in a podcast?! I can honestly say she has had a fabulous impact on my life for the better!!!
This is hands down my favorite podcast. Ella has a focus and yet she encompasses so many different areas to help people improve their lives. Everything from diet, to fitness, to addiction to brain retraining - all hold significant value and are fascinating to listen to. She’s the first podcaster who, I believe, has the best dialogue with her guests. She asks excellent questions and doesn’t just sit in the background while the guest does all the talking. She’s funny, relatable and transparent. I would recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone who wants to improve themselves.
I cannot begin to share how Ella and this podcast has impacted my world. She is both encouraging and relatable, not to mention extremely intelligent. Thank you, Ella! I have a feeling we will always be joined together in one way or another :) Love ya, girl!
Listening to this podcast is like chatting with a good friend - always fun and informative.
I was first drawn to Ella's positive energy and ability to ask her guests questions that I would be wondering. I'm especially loving Ella and Tillie's 21-Day Challenges! It's one thing to pat yourself on the back for living pretty healthfully, and another thing completely to be held accountable to do (or not do) something every day for 21 days straight. All the challenges I've participated in have been eye opening for me, and I appreciate Tillie and Ella's time and involvement in those Facebook groups. Can't wait to see what will come next!
I have been listening to many podcast but Ella totally hit home with me! I find her so interesting and talking from her heart ! Thank you ! It’s been super helpful especially about the relationship with food ! Keep up the great work !!
Ella is a breath of fresh air! Her quick wit and authenticity make her topics not only informative and timely but endearing and super relatable! Don’t miss this podcast!
She is motivating, real and pushes me to be a better person!! Keep it coming, Ella!!
This was my favorite podcast and I love Ella, but I’m not into the restructure with Tilly. When she had her on before, those were some of my least favorite episodes and now it’s a permanent thing. I have gotten so much information from this podcasts based on info from experts she interviewed and now they just chit chat about mindset. If you don’t have a mindset problem it’s a snooze. I hope you go back to the old format. It was the best and no offense but I really want to hear from experts because this is the one podcast where I have actually gotten tactical information which has led to real change and now I find myself skipping.
As a avid podcaster Ella is my absolute fav...informative, interesting, motivational and “real”..from health and fitness to marriage and relationships.
I love this show. I listen to it often and have learned so much about health and wellness. I love that Ella brings in experts and they talk candidly about subjects that we all face day to day.
I love this show. It is fun and always giving ideas to better yourself!
I love the variety of topics and Ella's ability to break health and wellness down into managable tidbits of good, better, best. Thank you Ella!
I’ve listened to Ella’s show for a couple of years and consistently find it interesting, informative, and useful. Thank you, Ella and guests, for putting your whole selves into this podcast.
THE show I listen to in the morning when I’m getting ready to go to my stressful job. I love listening to the banter, the topics —just great fun — and Ella usually gives me a better perspective on things that are affecting me. This is the show that gets me through the day!
I love learning about fitness, nutrition and wellness, and there are so many new topics that Ella has opened my eyes to. Every single episode has incredibly valuable information that is useful and not overwhelming. Ella is so relatable, and her guests are top notch. I listen to her podcasts while I exercise and have started thinking of her as my fun running buddy, always full of great conversation and interesting insights to keep me going. Keep up the great work Ella, I LOVE your podcast!!
Ella brings a wealth of knowledge along with humor each and every podcast. I look forward to every new podcast, checking every day to see if there is something new. I get so excited when I see a new episode pop up, and can’t wait for available time to listen. I do listen to quite a few podcasts, but I have to say Ella is my favorite!! :-). She is very open and honest about her life, and isn’t afraid to show vulnerability, which we all have. I admire that. If you are looking to better any part of your life, this is the place to start. Thanks Ella for being you and for sharing all you have with us!
If you want to live better, this podcast is one you want to subscribe to. I am a podcast junkie and this is one of my favorites! Ella's energy and approach to wanting to continue to learn and improve is very contagious. The guests have a lot of valuable information to share and Ella does a great job interviewing them and asking questions listeners would like to know. Grateful for Ella creating the podcast episodes, being vulnerable, and creating downloads I sometimes even print cuz they’re just so good. Enjoy!
I love this podcast and the eclectic mix of topics. Ella is funny, “real” and very knowledgeable. She definitely does her homework! I’ve never written a review before but feel compelled to write so that others may gain from this podcast! Thank you for Ella for the words of wisdom sprinkled with bouts of humor :)
On Air with Ella has changed my life. She is always sharing useful information about health and lifestyle. Each episode is engaging and somehow seems to apply to my life even when the topic isn’t something I think will relate. Thank you Ella for putting on this podcast!!
This podcast is smart, informative, and fun. There is a wealth of information on so many different topics. Check it out today😀


This podcast has so many great pointers to help in all areas of life.
Ella this show is fantastic and your content truly serves your audience. Thanks for all you do
Highly recommend!!
Since I started listening to Ella’s podcasts, I’ve become so much smarter!!! Love you, Ella!!! You have helped me improve myself in so many ways!!! You’re amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️
It’s my happy listening and “me time” during what I consider is a dark and anxiety inducing social and political climate. When I need a break from politics and general anger it’s a reminder to take of myself and breathe. That being said I wouldn’t mind episodes that discuss relevant cultural topics! Thank you for putting this out there!
I cannot say enough good about Ella and this podcast! I love how the content has evolved with her personal growth. I'm so inspired to be a better version of me every time I listen to her! My very favorite episode to this day is #117, 'Letting go of Judgement'. It has changed the way I think every single day! What a game changer! Listen to this show # you will not be disappointed!!
I have been listening to Ella for over a year now. I find her to be genuine and practical. I have often tried other podcasts to see if I can find something different, but along the same lines of health and wellness. I usually pick guests that Ella has on her show. Despite trying others, I always end up back listening to Ella. Sometimes I skip over episodes that I don’t think will be of interest, only to come back to them, listen, and find that I end up learning something new. I can’t recommend this podcast enough! And, if you’re like me and can’t seem to get enough of Ella, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for all of your support, Ella!
I have been listening to On Air with Ella for years now and it is my absolute favorite holistic health and wellness podcast. Ella asks insightful and realistic questions to the guests. I’ve learned so much and have made better life choices thanks to her!
Relatable, funny, real and inspirational. Listen and you’ll find out!
Love these ladies!! 😘😘😘
I love On Air with Ella! Always looking forward to new episodes. Highly recommend!
I am a fairly new listener and am IN LOVE!!! The motivation, humor, real life discussions keep me hooked. Everything from health and fitness to work and motherhood 24/7 hit a soft spot for me! Thank u ladies for a great show! Looking forward to the next challenge! 💕🤪💪
Love Ella’s show. She has great information and is so engaging. She’s always challenging and supporting her listeners to live their best lives!!
I like this podcast because it is upbeat and fun while giving really good info on a variety of topics related to 'make yourself and your life better'. Its not preachy, shaming, condescending or demanding, its like a fun friend enthusiastically sharing something she is super excited about - you feel good and full of thoughts and inspired to try things after almost every episode.
One of my go-to podcasts. An essential for the good life. Like probiotics, the perfect wave or 3 eggs scrambled just right. Just tack Ella’s podcast to the end of that list. Ella interviews the exact people I would like to talk to, but Ella gets it done for me so I don’t have to! Thanks, Ella!