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I recently purchased a journal edition of the Book of Mormon and I have throughly enjoyed reading each chapter myself and then listening to the same chapter as Jason discusses it. My insights and notes are so much better and it has made studying the Book of Mormon much more fun and applicable! Thank you for your time and effort that goes into this podcast Jason!
I love this podcast! Every day I read a chapter of the book of Mormon and then I listen to the podcast for that chapter. I have the journal edition of the book of Mormon so I am able to write down my feelings and impressions as well as some of the explanations and overviews given by Brother Harwood. I feel like I get so much more out of my daily scripture study this way!! Thank you Bro H!!
As a convert, the Book of Mormon is so confusing (so I thought). I didn’t grow up in the Church so I didn’t learn the gospel as a child. This podcast is a blessing to me. I found ways to help me to understand the scriptures but these podcasts are by far the best way. I even purchased the study guide. I’ll be sharing this knowledge with my ward in case they want to reread the BoM with your insight. Thank you so much for this resource.
My scriptures are full of great notes taken from these podcast. Finally understanding… Better than I ever thought I could… The Scriptures. I love that it is short and sweet also.
I really enjoy this podcast. Some great insight. I hope it will continue into the Old Testament.
This is so helpful, I love listening to this podcast to get a better understanding of what I’m reading in the Book of Mormon.
Thank you so much for this podcast! It's so awesome to have this as a resource and to be able to get a quick recap of each chapter in the Book of Mormon! It's helped my understanding and reading go so much better, I'm so thankful for your dedication in helping shine a light on concepts I never noticed before. It's been a blessing and delight to have found this amazing tool to aid in my scripture study. :)
I like your insights but my only complaint is when you sniff in on the mic, it’s like your sucking out my brain. Again I like your insights but would suggest maybe editing out some of those sniffs for a more professional sounding podcast:)
I just finished reading the Book of Mormon and listened to the podcast after every chapter. Such a great way to enhance scripture study! Thank you!
I’m only in sixth grade and the Book of Mormon is a little confusing, but I really want to finish this amazing book by the end of the year and this podcast is THE BEST!! It’s helped me soooo much. Thank you!


I’m so impressed with the knowledge and insight and the research and the quotes. I even got the study guide. I love how you make the Book of Mormon applicable to our life time . Thanks so much. So grateful I have found this podcast.
Love your insight and application to life!!!
I am just about done listening this Jason’s podcast and I love the short and energetic insights into the Book of Mormon! Helped me a ton.
It’s one thing to listen to someone talk about the’s a completely different thing to actually be taught by someone who understands how to teach effectively. I love listening to Jason and his thoughts because he constantly leads us to relate it to our own lives. I feel like it’s all about me - how I can apply these principles to my own life and think about them in a new way. I look forward to learning about his favorite verses each week and often listen to each episode multiple times through the week as I’m driving school carpool. Thanks, Jason!
I have an hour commute to work. 20 min drive, then a 40 min train ride. I have a hard time listening to audiobooks, talk radio, and most podcasts. I subconsciously stop paying attention (no matter the subject) and so I only listen when I can read along. Which is only while I’m on the train. And so I have been wasting my drive time! I either listen to music or let my work day creep into my thoughts far too early. This podcast has helped me eliminate that waste and provided something very valuable to my life. I listen to the podcast during the drive, and then I read that chapter and the next one on the train. Jason is very captivating in how he delivers his content, which means when I do realize I’m not paying attention I only have to rewind 15-30 seconds to be at my last recognized spot. With other podcasts and books sometimes I have to skip back 3-4 minutes. The background and insights are very insightful (can I say that?). As an adult I’ve wanted an experience similar to seminary to aide my comprehension and retention of the history, doctrine, and principles in the Book of Mormon. I now found the perfect supplement to my study of the Book of Mormon. And when I finish studying the whole book with the help of this podcast, I look forward to repeating the same process from the beginning.
Great uplifting messages that are to the point.
I’ve been a member all my life. I had never correlated or brought the scriptures into my daily life. I finally get what God is trying to tell me. The spirit definitely surrounds these discussions as I read, after I am so much more aware of the love my father in heaven has for me. I want to share that feeling after listening! I understand the spirit and joy it brings. Thank you.
I have always wished I could still go to seminary and now I can! This guy does a great job adding insight to my reading and helping me see the big picture. I hope he does the entire standard works!
This podcast has changed scripture study for our family. I cannot say enough good things about it. We recommend this podcast to everyone!
Makes it simple to understand, like having a mini lesson every day
I love reading the Book of Mormon and then listening to the corresponding chapter! It has helped me to think in new light, help the scriptures come to life. I was looking for a way to step up my scripture study... so glad I found this!
I have struggled to find the motivation to study the scriptures over the years, but this podcast keeps it exciting and because each episode is only about 10 minutes long it makes for a great way to study each day.
This podcast has increased my understanding of and love for The Book of Mormon. I especially love how Jason helps us see how to better apply the teachings and stories to our lives. I will listen to this podcast again and again, couldn’t recommend it more!! Thank you, Jason, for giving of your time and talents to create such an amazing resource.
I can read and reread scripture and it does not “stick.” I have a difficult time remembering and; therefore, applying and pondering what I read. Now, I read a chapter of the Book of Mormon, listen to the corresponding podcast and then reread the chapter. This podcast was the missing link for me in regards to studying, comprehending and applying the principles in the Book of Mormon. I feel the materials are presented in a concise, real and relatable way. I am grateful for the host’s knowledge and his willingness to share. This podcast is a blessing in my life.


By sonnetg
This has been exactly what I needed! I look forward to listening every day. I hope that you plan on doing this with the Old and New Testament. That would be amazing! Maybe someday?
My friend recommended me this podcast, as I’m preparing to go on my mission. I mostly use this podcast to understand underlying messages, analogies, and principles in chapters I don’t understand. Otherwise, it’s just good to listen to someone talk about the Book of Mormon.
So helpful to help me understand the book of mormon. Love it!
I am finally motivated to read and study. This is perfect for those feeling insecure about their own knowledge.
New to this podcast, just a few episodes in, but it's exactly what I was looking for while launching into another reading of the BoM. Thank you!
I love this podcast because I need help understanding the book Mormon and this guy makes it so easy.
Very enjoyable and insightful. Just what my personal study needed.
Been listening to a chapter a day for a couple of months. I get a lot more out of my scripture study.
Love this podcast. Thank you for taking the time to go through the BOM.
These are great! I love listening and studying the Book of Mormon along with him!
Exactly what I've been looking for - thank you!
Love your work Thank you
I've been looking for a way to really study the Book of Mormon. This podcast has been exactly what I needed.
Short and energetic discussions of each chapter; great if you’ve got to prep a lesson at the last minute.