Bits & Pieces

Reviews For Bits & Pieces

Bits + Pieces rocks my world, lights my fire, and breaks on through to the other side!
Love conversions that happen on this podcast. It’s like a cool book club for music lovers that I’ve been invited to.
Mike and Matt bring a wealth of experience to the discussion, but still keep it light and fun. Their “Pick of the Week” segment is phenomenal, drawing out some of the best songs you may have never heard of before.
Always hearing great new things, all things music here!
This broadcast on new music, sound, and production provides an uncanny window on contemporary trends. From two gifted musicians.
These two get into the delicious nitty gritties of writing and recording music, with great commentary on trends in the industry. Also great is their “Pick of the Week” segment with music selections.
...about music. M2 have a great show here I look forward to checking more out!
How rare it is to have working musicians and songwriters discussing the technology of music and its performance in such an accessible and fascinating manner. Each ep. is filled with scintillating content. Wouldn’t miss it.
i love the deep dive into music production from two musicians - it's approachable even for someone who loves music but doesn't create it. the song of the week is cool - the recommendations are spot on!
Mike and Matt are both practicing musicians which lends a new angle to their take on current music and trends. I really appreciate and enjoy their weekly picks. In just two episodes I've expanded my music listening to the bands they've recommended. Great stuff all around.
Mike and Matt have a delightfully nerdy and down to earth tone to their discussions. Whether you're a consumer of music or a creator you'll definitely think about music differently after listening to Bits and Pieces.