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Less SJW & more answering of the listener questions!
Good day, Marc Williams aka "Mr. Kinetik" was reinstated! Show's a lot of fun, and at times interesting!
Even though my job is to help people save for retirement, I never tire of listening to Pete and Damian tackle the everyday financial issues of folks who are struggling, on track or wanting to power it up. Do yourself a favor and check it out (and get a few laughs).
Thought I’d give this podcast a shot. Listened to their latest episode today (5.12.20). The entire episode is two financially stable fully employed healthy men talking for thirty minutes about how stimulus checks are wrong, helping out front line workers with student loans is wrong, another stimulus bill is wrong. A whole lot of two privileged men saying screw the people who are hurting right now, nothing is worth spending money to help them. So from my FDNY family - NO THANKS to listening any further, and also you’re welcome for being on the front lines for minimum wage risking our life so you can sit at home in your recording studio telling us that we’ve put ourselves in this position.
Good Day! If you own a small group of ferrets, you should be listening to this podcast. So should your employees. It’s fantastic. If you don’t understand what ferrets have to do with personal finance, you certainly need to listen to the Pete the Planner show. According to my very careful calculations, he gets 6 out of 5 stars. You can blame new math for that.
5 star content with 1 star volume control. Brand new studio...please fix this.
Pete and co. cover lots of topics with an entertaining format - He often surprises me with recommendations to listener questions and even if I don't fully agree, I almost always learn something from the discussion and perspective. One of my new favorite podcasts. :)
One of my favorite financial podcasts. Relevant topics and actionable advice.
I love this show. I teach personal finance at a college and find this show very entertaining and educational. With that said, please...either have Damien speak up or equalize the volume while editing. Pete’s mic is so much louder and it makes for a constant adjusting of the volume while listening to it....a little frustrating. The shows a solid 5 with volume adjustments :) Thanks for all the great work with the content and numerous delivery.
The content is great and educational, but if you want a podcast to the point without rambling and non-funny jokes look somewhere else. He could reduce each episode to 15-20min if all the useless filling he adds to make it funny or different was out.
I’m a big fan of this show. I appreciate how Pete and Damian make it fun. Keep up the great work!
I must say that I appreciate that Pete is using his platform to promote better money habits and help others better their financial situations. However, I can not recommend this podcast. The show is not quite as entertaining as when Nicole was a part of it. I don’t know the full extent of the circumstances that led to her departure, but the show was definitely better with her presence and Pete should have tried to keep her around. Also, I’ve noticed Pete promoting very Centrist views. WAKE UP CALL! Millennials have had enough of that crap, and we’re most of the ones listening to podcasts. And the straw that broke the camels back was Pete arguing that we don’t need self-driving vehicles. Are you serious?! Over 30,000 Americans die every year because of car crashes - that’s just one of the many problems that could be alleviated with the implementation of self-driving cars. Don’t even get me started on how traffic would improve. This just goes to show how distant Pete actually is from average Americans. Does he have a chauffeur to take him to work, or does he live in a penthouse on top of his office building? Hey Pete, the average American has about an hour commute to work and back. Imagine what we could do with all those wasted hours. Until we reach that point, I’ll be sitting in traffic listening to better podcasts.
If content was more advanced or he could avoid political banter with low IQ guys like Buttigieg the rating would be higher.
Great episode, as always. It's nice to listen to Pete because he's empathetic, funny, and gives solid advice. It's entertaining and non-judgmental, which is what's need to tackle this sticky issue of money! Keep up the great work!
Some new ( intro music and the regular-ish guest (he says they're not related, but come on...)) mixed with the best parts of the old (great information with a great vibe) makes for an entertaining podcast. Been listening for years and don't plan on stopping.
I just love how Pete thinks... his perspective is perfectly balanced with wit and humor, making it such an enjoyable learning experience. I eagerly wait for each new episode and wish for another one as soon as the closing music starts playing!
Pete delivers information on sometimes complex topics in a manner that is easy to understand and very helpful. Bonus - he does it with great humor :)
I love everything except the intro and outro (little girl’s voice) and I can’t figure out why they keep playing the same RAP song during every break?? Makes me long for a commercial, which may be a genius marketing play ;)
I should have rated the old format because I really liked hearing real people telling their issues and having Pete help them. This new format of reading emails or discussions with Nicole are just a “G” rated Howard Stern and Robin Quivers. Too much adoration not enough problem solving.
Pete cracks me up (because of him I can’t not read the word spreadsheets as spreadSHEETS), and on top of that I get a ton of helpful information from the show. Thank you!
I loved the show’s old format much better. One-on-one interviews with regular people was highly interesting. This new format of having Nicole as a co-host just doesn’t work for me. I don’t think she adds any depth, knowledge or intelligent inputs to the show. I wish you’d go back to the old format.


By Fab...2
Very informative. I've learned a ton from Pete and the podcast. This is nice because it dives into one persons financial life instead of just one question per person with lots of people. Keep it up!!!
This is an informative and educational podcast delivered via stories of real people and Pete's delightful humor. I never miss it!
Someone has made money talk fun and engaging! Pete cracks me up. Love this podcast.
Pete is my favorite financial planner. I binged his podcasts, then found his YouTube channel (watch his infamous bourbon and wine episodes). He’s quite funny because he’s a stand up comedian in his spare time. I think he gives good advice. He alternates between live case studies with real people as guests, and the typical semi scripted format where he rants about whatever he feels like. Unexpected hip hop jokes and double entendres keep things fresh. Lately his millennial producer Nicole’s been getting into the mix more, which creates a fun dynamic. No one does what you do - keep it up!
Sort of a rules based common sense approach to personal finance. If you have credit card debt, you save under 15% of your income, spend a bunch of money on cars and you think you are doing okay, have a listen. It will change your life I hope. Pete does a bunch of case studies but he does special focus episodes that are home runs. He does not really do investment advice and I would go to Paul Merriman for investment advice. Pete is funny and gets side tracked a bunch but hang in there. He is really not doing this podcast for the money and really doesn’t have anything to sell you. He just wants to help us out and likes to tell jokes I think. Danny
Straightforward, to the point, and blunt . Love the real life financial advice.Don’t like the music, but that’s not why I listen.
Pete's no holds barred approach is very refreshing. He always calls it like he sees it. That being said his recommendations are always positive and constructive. His views on retirement planning and life in general are spot on.
Wonderful podcast. Engaging and vibrant, it reminds me of a good radio show compared to some of the dry, acerbic or amateur podcasts you often come across. I find that I gain something from the advice offered each episode even when I think I will have nothing in common with the guest. The scenarios are all similar, but still unique which keeps the listening entertaining and valuable. Keep up the great work! Hope to be a guest some day!
Want to change your entire life for the better? Listen to Pete. No, this is not an exageration - seriously, this podcast will change your life. How many things can you say that about?
Pete or PTP as he is known in the biz does a great job of teaching listeners how to avoid mistakes in their financial life. I started by picked episodes that answered my questions and ended up listening to every episode in about 3 weeks. Great listen if you are into finances at all! Keep up the good work MDP crew!
Good job Pete.
Thanks to Pete for helping keep me and my family on the right financial course!
This is a fabulous podcast for anyone who wants to learn about financial planning in a humorous, interesting way.
Pete the Planner is an awesome Podcast! Great music, always entertaining, and I learn a lot. Great relatable topics and people who have many similar situations. Keep up the great work Pete!!
Please listen to this podcast it is absoluty life changing. The information is sound and Mr. Planner is sooooo entertaining. I have been a long time Dave Ramsey listener but as a 33 year old, I needed someone from this generation to inspire me. Check it out. Amazing podcast. You will laugh, cry and at times fudge your undies.
Currently listening from the beginning and completely hooked. Very few things as good as finding a great podcast with so many shows to binge on
One the best personal finance shows available😉
I subcribe to numerous financial style podcasts and this is one of my favorites. I especially enjoy Pete's gift of being able to relate to and draw out the applicable information from his subjects he's attempting to assist. He has a unique ability to make his subject feel comfortable like they are having a cup of coffee and conversation with an old friend. Congrats, you nailed it.
Pete the Planner's podcast is always a highlight each week! I enjoy listening to and learning from financial situations of other people. There are always some nuggets of wisdom to glean from each podcast. Pete does a great job of being approachable and helping spread concepts to be more financially literate.
I discovered Pete's podcast pretty recently and I'm really glad that I did. In recent years, I've been really interested in personal finance and eat, sleep, and breathe it. Pete gives solid, A+ financial guidance and delivers it in a fun way. Pete rocks!
I'm not sure how long Pete has been podcasting or doing the radio thing, but I really like his format. He keeps it interesting and gives personal advice for each individual. He doesn't have a seem to have a system per se so it's interesting to hear him work through each guests issues.
Pete’s show, and whole brand, is just great. He’s the only person I know that I could get me to sit through half hour long finance episodes. He’s equally smart, funny, and pragmatic. Awesome show!


By Eihsgat
Great financial advice! Good variety of problems are addressed from episode to episode. Learning a ton about my own financial life from listening.
I know so many people that have either a rudimentary or no understanding of budgeting and setting financial goals. This podcast is a perfect way for people to learn a crucial life skill in a non-threatening way. Talking to a financial planner is intimidating and potentially embarrassing. This eliminates all of that. Thanks Pete!
Pete talks with people in a variety of financial situations, but I draw at least one point applicable to me in every episode. His humor adds levity to situations that may otherwise be stressful or disheartening.
Love this podcast. Pete does a great job of dissecting someone's financial life, and then offering up sound advice and opinions. He brings up topics that people don't think about everyday.
Pete does a great job dispensing useful financial advice with humor and more importantly without coming across as condescending! I find something helpful in each podcast that I can apply toward my financial life.