Reviews For Better Business Coach Podcast: Sales Training | Proven Education | Actionable & Downloadable Worksheets

Matthew brings amazing value to this podcast. He lays out a very simple and quick method to improve your coaching. Although I am not a coach, I have been able to apply these techniques to the small businesses that I work with in my Financial Practice. This is highly recommended. Well worth your time to listen to.
I absolutely love listening to Matthew Pollards podcast on my down time! Very informative.
Phenomenal content! I’m six episodes in and I’m blown away at the amount of value and tactics I’ve gotten already. Subscribe and start binge-listening/watching this show.
Great stuff. Thanks Matt
Matthew delivers smart marketing strategies that you can implement in your business right away. He knows what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to growing your business.
I listen to tons of podcasts, most of which ask the listener to take action. Most have interesting guests and good information, but there seems to be a disconnect between what they ask and what they encourage you to do if anything through the feeling they convey. Matthew Pollard does an outstanding job of taking exceptional information and condensing it into small pieces of actionable advice that you can actually use the second you hear it. Not only that, but after listening to each episode, you actually WANT to. Matthew Pollard motivates the previously unmotivated.
Useful, to the point, easy to listen to and digest, immediately actionable information for any entrepreneur or business coach. Highly recommended!
This is such a well delivered podcast. The right level of enthusiasm and passion. More importantly, I'm clear that the material is genuinely being delivered to enable any business coach to focus on the customer's need to deliver to goods. The information is applicable to any business. Thank you for putting this all together, and being so generous with it.
Matthew Pollard has great insights on how to do business today! The podcasts are helpful and easy to apply!
This podcast is a fantastic resource, whether you're new to business or a seasoned veteran. I always learn something new.
Matthew delivers great advice and the actionable steps to make it happen. He's one of the good guys that shares what he knows and truly wants you to succeed. Download the worksheets for a kick start or launch forward to creating the business and lifestyle you were meant to live.
I throughly enjoyed the podcast. It was highly informative. The information presented can be applied to any work environment. The speaker raises and lowers his voice when emphasizing or deemphasizing important points, which make his lectures a lot easier to follow. The last thing I need is a monotone speaker that is going to put me to sleep. I listened to this podcast mostly on my long commute to work, and I found that it was a good use of my time. I recommended this podcast to my colleagues and would recommend it to anyone else reading.
Mathew provided mentorship to our team at Google’s Startup Weekend in Austin 2015. We followed his pitch recommendations and our team Won Startup Weekend due to his coaching. Matthew is one of those people who can articulate anything flawlessly.
Your interviews are superb! Listening to your podcasts is surely beneficial to sideprenuers like us! Keep 'em coming Matthew!
Matthew offers so much detail that I no longer need to consider a coaching franchise. Each session has a step-by-step plan and is explained in complete detail. Thank you sooo much!
Wow!!! What a great podcast.
Matthew was a mentor at a startup event I recently participated in. I didn't get to meet him, but I overheard him working with another team and he sounded very knowledgable and helpful. I'm only a couple of episodes in so far on this podcast, and I'm enjoying it and finding it very useful.
Mathew has this unique trait to know the pulse of his audience. He is not only a great analyst of what strategies can benefit today's corporations but also has that unique style to make it simple to understand and even simpler to follow. I will continue to download his podcast for a long time!
I met Matt in class, training for Masters. He is a very inquisitive learner. Asking many questions to get to the crux of what it is he is interested in learning more about. He strikes me as a very intelligent, affable young man. He is quick to smile and engage. I am very confident in his abilities.
Matthew is a talented, energetic, dynamic, and highly motivational coach! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person. He helped me refine my ability to communicate with my audience and emotionally connect with them. It’s exciting that he’s publishing his insights in this format!
Matthew is a true guru and helped me get energized about my own projects. Really enjoyable to hear his message.
Excellent podcast that educates and makes me think. Plus, the host has a cool accent!!!
I've know Matthew for a couple of years now, "Professionally". We have exchanged views and Transformational experiences. His podcasts do the same. We are Blessed to be here. Thx Matt!
Matthew is a phenomenal coach and the amount and quality of information he presents is “worth its weight in gold” if that saying could apply here. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt during a training a few months ago and he’s been a tremendous help since our initial connection. He is a coach who cares about his clients and the people he works with. Listen. Learn. Apply his teachings. And pay-it-forward so that others can learn from what he has to offer.
I met Matt awhile back and have been nothing but amazed. He has an impeccable track record and a wealth of knowledge. And the best part, he's a great guy :)
Lots of great info, and actionable info! Great show!
Matthew Pollard is a business expert. He provided mentorship at a recent hackathon I helped to organize, and he gave excellent niche marketing advice to all the attendees. Looking forward to hearing Matthew’s wisdom via podcast!