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I’m 27 episodes in to this podcast and the in-depth look into each and every chapter starting with the silmarillion and now the lord of the rings has truly helped me rediscover my childhood love for everything Tolkien, and for that, I thank you!
If you love Tolkien, no I mean REALLY LOVE Tolkien, this is for you. I am so grateful for this podcast. Keep up the good work! And you, go listen!
Really enjoy the insight and the knowledge. Fun to read along with them!! This show is great!!
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast on the works of the great Tolkien! The hosts do not present themselves as know it all’s, just two students of Tolkien that want to exchange knowledge. I will be listening to all of the podcasts in the future. Highly recommend
I appreciate this podcast very much. Very thoughtful commentary on the works of Tolkien, and a pleasure to listen to. Just like Tolkien’s works: not only a pleasant diversion from the doldrums of the 4th age, but thoughts and ideas that will encourage and enrich our lives. I highly recommend it!
I felt like the host was continually rude to his wife - he made fun of her when she spoke and then got annoyed if she didn’t speak. He would get annoyed if she tried asserting her voice and would make things so so awkward. Strange dynamic.
The discussion has really helped me to track through the events and scenes of The Silmarillion
The constant mansplaining! Can’t listen anymore.
So great! 😍thanks guys keep it up! I also just promoted your show on LOrd of the Rings Saga Memes group on FB hope it helps.
First off it’s a decent podcast about the lore for newcomers. But the constant useless banter, the first 20min of every episode I feel like I’m listening to some terrible married sitcom. Just pass
I’ve read the The Simarilion twice and listen to the adipose book twice. My fave book of all time


Very good. I like your podcast.
This podcast has been a blessing. I have always been an avid reader but recently struggle with reading comprehension due to medical issues. Even writing this review is a challenge. With the help of this podcast I was able to read and ENJOY the Silmarillion. 5 stars.
I found this podcast two weeks ago after I began rereading the Simarillion and wanted to nerd out even more. I can't stop listening, at least thirty episodes deep now after starting at the beginning. John and Greta are fantastic. I love hearing their thoughts on Tolkien's works, the author himself, and their haiku. I especially appreciate when the hosts talk about how they take the themes and messages of Tolkien's works to heart and in their personal life. If you're a Tolkien fan, you need to give this podcast a try.
This podcast has helped me explore deeper into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. And not just the map of middle earth but also the mind of J. R.R Tolkien with a better glimpse of the Theology Philosophy and love of History that allowed this Man to forge such a magical World in pages. If you loved The movies and wish to know where it all started this is the podcast for you lovers of middle earth.


By vhjcdhj
Very bad
I struggled for a long time with the Silmarillion, even did the iTunes U classes, but they were not much help. This podcast broke it down for me in bite size chunks so I could understand it better. I also like the chemistry of the hosts, Greta’s background with Tolkien was very similar to mine, and having John explain stories or references from other works was very helpful. It did take me a while to get through all of the back episodes but now I feel much better educated on JRR and look forward to the next podcast with eager anticipation. Keep up the GREAT podcast!!!
This podcast was the reason why I was able to comprehend/ENJOY/understand my reading of, “The Silmarillion.”
Sorry to say this because I love Tolkien but I am STRUGGLING to get through these episodes, there are moments when I feel like our host is a bit condescending to his wife (maybe it’s just me) the first 3 episodes just feel so all over the place and the moments where he asks his co host “what did you think about this?” are cringeworthy because it feels like listening to a kid give a book report on something they didn’t read, he then jumps in and gives his opinion (maybe because that’s all he wanted to do in the first place or maybe because it’s clear this isn’t going anywhere) I am going to try to get further into this and see if maybe they find their groove and settle into this. I know this review might seem harsh but it’s just my personal take so far. I will update my review if, as I continue to listen, my opinion changes. I appreciate what they are setting out to do, it’s ambitious. I think their hearts are in the right place, the execution just isn’t great...
These guys add richness to my life! I never would have gotten through Silmarillion and learned to love it without them. Highly recommended for those wanting to get deeper into Tolkien. My finger slipped and I hit 1 star by mistake! Five star podcast!
This podcast is incredible! Both host give great insight to Tolkien and his works while presenting it in a way that is easy to understand. I urge anyone who loves Tolkien to listen to them and take this amazing will not regret it!!
I just recently discovered this AMAZING podcast and have been bingeing episodes on my daily commute!! I would consider myself an avid Tolkien fan, but by no means an expert. The Tolkien Road takes you much deeper than one could go with a simple reading of Tolkien's works and seeks to peer into the mind of Tolkien through his writings. John and Greta, your guys rock! I am roughly 40 podcasts in and have loved every one so far. Thank you so much for doing this and for sticking with it for so long! Here's to "us" getting caught up :)
Thank you for the thoughtful insight on all things Tolkien! I wish I had found this before now, I have been working my way through the beginning episodes and it has been helpful as cliff notes for reading the Silmarillion. I can’t wait to listen to all of them. Highly recommended!
Love everything that is The Tolkien Road (fka Talking Tolkien). If you consider yourself a closet Tolkien fan, addict or a newbie this podcast can and will educate/reach/teach and inspire you to delve deeper into the world Tolkien so richly created. It is my opinion one cannot be a fan of fantasy if not a fan of Tolkien and The Tolkien Road. "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks"
I've just become aquatinted with John and Greta and I can't stop listening. I have binged their catalouge over the past few weeks, and now that I'm getting close to catching up I am not looking forward to waiting a week between each episode. I love their discussions and back and forth, as well as their takes on Tolkien and the texts. Very easy to listen to, both have charming voices and you can hear the smiles in their speech. Thank you for such excellent and entertaining Podcast!
I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was just getting into my teenage years back in 2015 and it is the greatest Tolkien podcast I have ever listened to. Would totally recommend for casual Tolkien fans, deep Tolkien fans or even new Tolkien fans. Great for everyone!
Love it! Would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is a fan of Tolkien. Easygoing, conversational, and informative, it's a great way to sit back and enjoy learning more about Tolkien and his stories. John and Greta do a great job as hosts and it is obvious they are sincere and devoted fans of Tolkien, exploring the deeper meanings and themes in his work. This podcast is perfect to listen to if you are reading through Tolkien's works, since you can listen to the podcast for the corresponding chapter of the Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings, and now the Hobbit!
Hi guys - Started listening to your show a few months ago for the silmarillion podcasting and am excited to listen to the lord of the rings and hobbit ones and then even the miscellaneous ones after! I only wish I had started listening while you guys were recording so I could have tried my hand at some Haikus and such. My first time through the silmarillion was a real struggle but was amazed at all the story and background. Second time through was a little better, and third time even better. All in a matter of maybe 6 months. However I don’t think I will ever enjoy the lays of beleriand chapter (ha) but cannot bring myself to skip a single sentence. I still don’t have the names and timelines down. You two are entertaining to listen to and I can relate to the whole rock scissors paper naming debate haha. Maybe record audiobooks of tolkien if that’s even allowed and you run out of ideas - would love to listen! I’m a college kid (engineering not English major) and listen to you guys on the bus to and from school daily - as well as in the car on my long commutes home - was glad to find you guys. You are rockstars! Party on and keep finarfin :)
I have read the Hobbit many dozens of times, but have never made it all the way through the Lord of the Rings books despite loving the films. I wanted to read through the Silmarillion first before going all the way through the Lord of the Rings, and I knew how dense it was, so I was looking for a podcast to break down every chapter as I went through. This. Podcast. Delivers!! John and Greta are a joy to listen to. They're really funny, laid back, and do a wonderful job of keeping the names straight, breaking down what's really happening, and also of bringing in other aspects of Tolkien's works like Leaf By Niggle and Mythopoeia that I never would have read otherwise. If you want some fantastic companions to accompany you during your journey through the works of Tolkien, look no further! One of my favorite podcasts ever.
You guys are great. Thanks for the great show.
I love this series! The only thing I’m not so hot about is the super long haiku time. I’m sure a lot of other people like it but it’s not for me lol. Keep on keeping on!
Love this podcast. Their knowledge and discussion of Tolkien's works has helped me in my own literary endeavors. Also supremely entertaining. Greta never gets old.
You guys do an awesome job!
One of the best podcasts going for fantasy fans. In-depth discussions of themes, literary devices, characters, and history of Middle Earth and Tolkien's related writings. The hosts have quality chemistry, keep the discussion lively, and are typically prepared to do deeper drives into all corners of this fascinating fantasy world. Highly recommended.
Excellent podcast on Tolkien.
Not a lecture series, but a lighthearted conversation about Tolkien.... and the occasional song reference. The beginning was a little rough due to sound quality, but stick with it!
A pleasant podcast. Entertaining and thoughtful. Much haiku ahead.
Good News: Found a great podcast which looks through Tolkien’s works, chapter by chapter... Bad News: I now have over 150 hours of episodes to catch up on...
Hello Love the podcast, keep up the good work. take care, Hobbitsbane
I’ve been an avid reader and absolute fan-boy of Tolkien the entirety of my life. I’m a high school student just about to take off for college, and I’ve read The Hobbit starting at age 7 and I finished The Trilogy by about age 10. Between now and then I’ve read The Hobbit over half a dozen times along with The Trilogy. I read The Silmarillion in its entirety at age 13 and enjoyed it immensely! Now before I take off for college I want to do a complete refresh of my entire Tolkien collection. This is an absolute treat to have as an accompaniment to my Silmarillion reading. They’re super fun to listen to and call stuff to mind that I pass by or have forgotten. All avid Tolkien fans have to listen to this podcast! I highly highly highly recommend it.
This is an outstanding podcast. I listen to them while driving a truck during the day and I really enjoy the insights and the care given to the production of each show. I look forward to future shows on the lost tales of Numenor and Middle Earth. I myself am a writer of Tolien/ Norse Saga inspired fanstasy, the first of which has been published, Visigothic :The Barbarians of Midgard, and the second, Visigothic:Wizards anbd Kings, which is currently in the process of publication in England. Thanks for all the good work and I look forward to more.
I had tried so jard to get through the Silmarillion on my own but I never would have gotten to the end without this podcast. It's great because John is a seasoned reader and Greta is a surrogate first time reader for the audience. She asks good questions so that John fleshes things out more fully where a new reader might need more information. Great work guys, keep it up!
Could do without the haikus but otherwise love the podcast. A great deep dive into Tolkien. Only discovered it a few months ago and already on episode 50.


I'm a big fan of Tolkien. I have now tried to listen to this podcast three times over the last year. I end up deleting it each time. Discussion is too amateurish for me. I'm so frustrated with the mindless and unrelated banter that always seems to occupy first 15-20 minutes. "Oh," "Yeah," "Uh-huh," etc do not make for an intelligent or engaging conversation. Sorry. Not wasting my time anymore....
This is a great mixture of insight into Tolkien and entertaining exchanges between John and Greta. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn about Tolkien in a more fun (i.e. less academic) environment!
You answer the same kind of questions I have! Nice cast!
This is a very enjoyable podcast. There is great perspective from a sincere Tolkien buff and someone new to his works. Thanks!
I love this podcast Tolkien would be oh so proud The Carswells crush it