The Enoch Plague

Reviews For The Enoch Plague

I enjoyed this story! Listened to it almost straight through. Very cool concept!
I saw a recommendation on Reddit for this. Some of the writing is a bit choppy (SO many "she saids" in the first episode) but the story, four episodes in, has me hooked.
Listened to a bunch, only finished a few. Serial, We're Alive, Undisclosed, The Black Tapes. This one fits right in. Very good
Creative with lots of twists! Love it!
Engaging sci-fi tale. Jeff VanderMeer-esque. It’s more spoken-word story-telling by a single narrator than old-school radio style with foley and multi-person cast.
Worth a listen...
Really well-written and well-performed
Best thing since We're Alive. Original concept and I've been looking for something captivating to fill the void. Well worth the download. 5 stars easy.
This story has excellent entertainment value with excellent hosts with alot of energy.
I don’t usually listen to narrative podcasts, but this one is definitely worth your time! Compelling story, well written and good production.
Very well-narrated, very well-produced and recorded. Interesting story.
Really like the idea of a serialized novel in podcast form. Just finished episode 1 - well written and narrated.
Great sci fi, can’t wait for more.
I love sci-fi and podcasts. The Enoch Pill is like having a sci-fi audiobook for free!
Very well read with a solid score and a concept that’s very intriguing. Can’t wait to hear more!
Well done, well produced, and an interesting story! What more do you want from a free audiobook in podcast form?
Intriguing story, well written, well produced audio - all around excellent podcast!
Right now there is a surge of audio plays and short stories being down right now and it is awesome. This is a very engaiging scifi story I had burn through five ep without even knowning it. Great Listen!
I normally listen to podcasts while working, but this one demands more attention than that! An enjoyable production that keeps you eager for the next installment.
This podcast makes my daily drive so much better!!!!!!
It’s a really great story with fantastic production quality. Definitely worth a listen if you want a story that pulls you in and leave you wanting more.
As an English major, I’m intrigued by new, fresh literature based podcasts. This is cool!
This wouldn't normally be my thing, but I happened upon it and I'm drawn it. Loving it so far.


A joy to listen to. Great voiceover and soundtrack.
Interesting sci fi story told in an episodic audio book format. Great narration and background music. I’m curious to hear where it goes!
It's rare to find a podcast in this genre with such solid production values - usually it sounds like some kids in their mom's basement playing with a soundboard. The show sounds great and they manipulate sound well to add to their story.
This is an excellent audio book style podcast. A very interesting sci-fi story that keeps me wanting to hear where it goes. The story is well written and narrated and the audio quality and production is top notch!
A truly unique story that will hook you right in from episode 1. I am not a huge fiction person but I love this story. Could see someone turning this into a film or TV series.
This normally isn't my type of thing but i am really liking it so far. One episode in and it's been pretty interesting, high production value as well. I love the background music that's going on.
This show has an interesting story and is very well produced.
Excellent podcast. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a sci-fi story with a human feel. Keep up the great work!
Outstanding science-fiction that leaves you at the edge of your seat wanting more!
Great writing combined with excellent narrative and compelling music makes this an enjoyable listening experience. Keep these episodes coming and I'll be there to listen!!!
I have found The Enoch Pill to be excellent listening material during a variety of activities: 1. Stuck in traffic 2. In line at the DMV 3. Full cavity search I haven't listened to it under any other circumstances, but I imagine it would be just as fulfilling.
Really enjoying the story so far. Can't wait for more episodes to come out. Great job MW
Good story so far and excellent production value and logo. Great stuff
Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the series! A classic sci-fi feel with modern overtones. A darker look at the world without death--