Reviews For Fast Leader Show | Customer Experience Innovation and Know-how

This is a great business podcast featuring some high-value delivering guests. Listen and subscribe to this show.
Jim Rembach is a fantastic host that brings out great content for the listeners. All of the shows that I have listened to have inspired me to improve and become more of my ideal self.
Jim brings key and valuable information from his guest. He prepares for each session to ensure that his audience gains applicable insights. The engaging discussion addresses multiple aspects and ends with some key takeaways for the listener.
Just heard Dave speak live to 2,000+ public school educators and have subscribed to his podcast. He perfectly articulates why I toss my wife's half-consumed soft drinks and why I seek her guidance involving important life decisions. Beyond that there are many lessons to take from his fast-paced and exceedingly interesting presentation. I want to hear more from him on strengths and weaknesses and his inspiring blend of comedy that casts me unexpectedly into provoking thought.
Interesting, educational, informative, and fun! I love Jim. His guests are always delightful too.
I've enjoyed listening to Jim's Fast Leader Podcast for awhile now, and I was delighted to have been interviewed on the show. Jim's ability to focus and lead the conversation to topics that can help us all get over the hump is amazing!!!
Jim and her guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content on how to become a better business leader and (more importantly) a better overall person Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Fast Leader Show if you want to learn from some of the very best minds in the world (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Jim and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to succeed as a leader and entrepreneur (and live your best life as a result). Highly recommend listening to the Fast Leader Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to develop as a leader, grow your business, and ultimately reach all of your goals!
Wow! I had no clue about this podcast and it is wonderful! I saw that an old colleague was featured, Kelli B. I can tell you that she is top notch. I worked with her (didn't know her that well) and she has impacted so many people and their careers in positive ways. So great to hear her and all she's done since We worked at the same company 10 years +. Nice work! I've officially subscribed!
“Fast” in the podcast title describes your growth, learning from successful guests, but fast leadership doesn't necessarily mean fast conversations. On the contrary, I find Jim's conversations calm and comfortable, as I find successful leaders. So if you want to learn, grow, and rise fast, the Fast Leader Show delivers, with enjoyable, engaging conversations with successful leaders.
Love the show
What a Golden show that delivers mind altering content. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mike Wittenstein talk about how he devloped his company by first being so aware of companies around him before he started his own. There is so much around us that we flush down the toilet and Mike reminded me how to USE it! When you're not your own boss yet, really take in the value of learning from the businesses you work for and fill in the gaps when you have your own. When out and about as a customer, be aware of how you feel with certain customer service and marketing tactics. Take record and implement the ones that really made a positive impact on you. The show also has great quotes: "No matter how hard you try, or how much you spend , your brand can't be any better than what your customers experience. " Big reminder to focus on exceptional customer/employee service for that is what is remembered. InterviewvaletCF
Jim does a masterful job of getting to the emotional core of his guests' situation. They show their vulnerability and explain how they overcame their issues. This is a relatable podcast that helps me be a better leader.
I listen to the FastLeader podcast weekly. Hearing stories and learning from these leaders is inspiring. I look forward to the releases on Wednesdays. It's well worth the 20 minutes to take a break and hear different leadership points of view. Plus, it's fun! The interviews are engaging and spirited. Check out a few to get you started. You may find you like them too.
Love Jim's passion and enthusiasm for helping others.
Jim's Fast Leader podcast is not only filled with people much smarter than me talking about issues of leadership and the human experience of work, but it's also a hoot-and-a-half to listen to. He's a great interviewer, an insightful interlocutor, and an endearing goofball!
It was great to be a guest on the podcast, It is even better getting to hear other guests on the show. This is a wonderful way to hear other leaders thoughts, theories and beliefs about taking care of clients and their employees.
Love the energy on the Fast Leader Show! Keep em coming!
Maybe we can slow down on the inside so we stop flaying on the outside? Great show!
I am loving the concept of the show. Everyone benefits when leaders get the support they need to identify who they want to be as a leader and continue to grow. The guest provide great insights and give you and opportunity to see things differently so you are the best leader you can be.
I love your podcast! The stories told by your guests on how it is possible to break out of the mediocrity prison. Great tools and steps provided here for leaders and entrepreneurs to move onward and upward without as much of the heartache that comes from learning from your own experience.
Great podcast to listen to, the guests on this show know what they want to deliver in terms of message and it’s truly a great listen. Will tune in next week!
You can learn a lot about leadership from this podcast. Keep up the good work.
What a great podcast. The interview subjects are strong. The content is solid. The professionalism is first rate. Great show!!
This show has fantastic tips and offers leaders motivation to keep doing leadership work.
Good show to hear other people’s stories and inspiration. Keep up the great work.
The focus here is what's key - the intersection of leadership and career advancement - a bull's eye for ambitous professionals.
You've earned my respect. Great podcast. Love the leadership skills and epiphanies shared. Humpday Hoedown, is a great piece. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to listening to more shows. Tony
The interviews on this podcast are truly top-notch and jam-packed with value. Love it. 1love
Great intro and thanks for sharing a great show for entrepreneurs! This topic is super interesting to me. Chris Law was a great interview!
Helps listeners get over the hump - learn how to get unstuck and move forward as a leader
Jim is easy to listen to and shares lots of info
Love the guests - love the host - love the quality and insights! Well done, Jim!
The latest episode rocks! The world should hear this. We have to be of aware ourselves and how others are perceiving us. Know yourself!
Becoming a leader is about learning from those who traveled before you. Great new show and when you need a quick dose of leadership, this is the one you should choose.
Show has a good sound, nice interactive style with great engaging stories!
I love the format of this show. Such helpful advice given in very manageable doses! Great action items from each episode!
So much leadership content takes hours to consumer and master (typically because the expert needs to spend so much time justifying their role). Jim gets to the point quickly, and helps you connect what you need to get done with what your employees and customers want to get done. Great combination of interview format and expert content.
Love the structure of these interviews! Can't wait to hear more episodes. The shows aren't long but are chock full of wisdom and practical advice.
Great insightful show! - Mel Abraham, The Entrepreneur's Solution
Love the stories on this show. It’s so inspirational and provides such great information for people who really want to get more than the status quo out of life.
Get your business going in the correct direction. Be inspired and ready to get over your hump!!
Emotional Intelligence- a skill that I want to learn more about. Specifically, how to use and benefit from EI in the workplace. Great job!
Great concept and show. I know this will be very inspirational to many as it is for myself
As a solopreneur, I’m always looking for information to help me continue to grow my business! Great show, keep it up!
This show is fun, informational and we need more- keep em coming!!
I found the show engaging and inspiring. I like Jim's approach and the interviews have great nuggets of wisdom. I look forward to future shows.