A Glimpse of the Kingdom

Reviews For A Glimpse of the Kingdom

This podcast has been helpful in my Christian walk. Hang in there David and keep up the good work!
Pastor David has put in years of study and effort to condense complex subjects into bite-sized pieces that can be understood and still will provoke deep thinking. Of course, as you meditate on God’s Truth, it will change your life for the better. These podcasts offer answers to hard questions and hope for this world’s difficult situations.
I love this podcast. Dr. David is an inspiration.
When my 9 year old daughter tells me to “put the man back on the radio”, that should tell you something. We as adults can find ourselves consumed with life, work and everyday stress but leave no room for what we are all here for in the first place. Sometimes you just need to take advice from the pure hearted and do as your children say! I have learned A LOT from listening to these podcasts and will continue to listen and have open discussion with the family afterwards. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal.
I started listening to David in 2016. I’m really impressed with his scholarship and presentation on a variety of Christian, Psychological and Theological subjects. I like how he will present his views but also the differing views and allows the listener to make up their own mind on what is compelling to them. David seems to have a heart dedicated to educating Christians on becoming better students of the Bible and the faith. I’ve learned more about Christianity, the Bible, Theology, Psychology and Faith from David then I have going to church or school. No joke!
Very good podcast. David is an honest biblical scholar who is not afraid to challenge views that may be popular but not biblical even among fellow Christians. Context is crucially important to getting the meaning scripture right. He answers common questions and objections. He makes his sermons available as well. Personally I find him charming and a pleasure to listen to. This man is a devoted follower of Jesus, an example for other believers to imitate.
This podcast really clears your mind and makes you understand. Many of my questions have been answered and I am so happy I found this!
A wonderful teacher with great insight and knowledge.. I have learned so much and highly recommend to everyone to find the time to listen
So good. I appreciate David's thirst and hunger to teach biblical truth. This podcast has been one of the critical elements of my spiritual growth in the past couple of years. Subscribe! You won't regret it.
I started listening to these podcasts a few months ago and they are now my favorite podcasts to listen to on my commute to and from work. I have learned so much. Dr. Pendergrass provides a solid understanding of Biblical truth from the scholars perspective rather than today's run of the mill preacher perspective. If you listen you will learn a great deal and probably discover that you had a few things wrong.
I ran across this podcast on Twitter and listened to one episode which quickly became two and I've now listened to all of them and constantly check to see if new episodes are available. David explains the details of the Bible in a way that an average person can easily follow and his analogies are always so "real". His focus on context and the local Jewish culture in New Testament times has had a profound impact. I also like how he weaves his psychology knowledge into some points where needed. Definitely worth your time esp if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible!
A well-spoken podcast perfect for the Christian that is ready to shed culture and tradition in order to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. WARNING: Casual Christians will experience moderate to severe discomfort.
I look forward to listening to each of Dr. P's podcasts because they are concise, insightful and educated talks on the tough Christian issues of our day. He is definitely speaking the truth in love.


Not any good reasons for why u believe what u believe. ...just assertions
I like how he looks at the world, his Christian view is (as with most apologist) hidden but that is so we do not pigeon hole and drop him. So far his offerings seem objective and fair to a wide base of Christian World views with a clear relation to the real world and how we relate. No hate or xenophobic fear - I can objectively grow by listing to him.
Ever since I discovered Dr. Pendergrass several months ago, I have tried to listen and read when I can. His positions are logical and, so far as I can tell, theologically sound.
Dr. Pendergrass is a wonderful teacher of Christian doctrine, theology, and apologetics. He's very informative and insightful, and simply a joy to listen to. I highly recommend these podcasts!
I just discovered David's podcasts on iTunes. He is immensely clear, erudite and and personable. The two entitled "Why does God allow suffering?" will inform anyone, regardlessf background. I follow him on Twitter (@Glimpseof King), and will now make regular use of the podcasts. They cover the most timely topics.
David's podcasts are often educational and encouraging. Sometimes the topics are challenging (e.g. handling betrayal), but that is indicative of substance! His exposition is grounded in years of practice, research and solid scriptural understanding. This is not empty "positivism"; this is real food for real growth. Listen carefully and apply what you hear.
David does an amazing job of clearly communicating thoughts, ideas, and questions around theology. He makes complicated things easy to understand. Learning so much from listening to this podcast.