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Hi Mallory. Good content and tips. I think one way people can be motivated is to implement the right kind of clothing in this time period. Instead of suits or business casual, upscale casual wear in cashmere, linen, cotton, etc. in coordinating colors is not only a motivator, but allows you to run errands outside if necessary and look put together and effortless. Thanks, Teri from NJ.
I listen to this podcast when I am on road trips or traveling, usually. I really enjoy hearing what Mallory has to say and look forward to her podcast each week!
She does have occasional bits of good advice but her voice is so grating I had to unsubscribe. Sorry!
I really enjoy the tips and fresh perspective offered on this podcast. My only issue with the podcast isn’t actually about any of the content. It’s the sound quality, often very static and not smooth the microphone I suppose it is that she speaks into could be a lot better. I would just recommend upgrading that issue. So I can throughly enjoy this podcast to the fullest.
Mallory is entitled to her opinion, but I feel that her analysis was one-sided. I had my colors “done” many years ago, and it made shopping, dressing, and doing my makeup so much easier. To address Mallory’s comments: #1: It’s not “limiting.” You can wear most colors-It’s just a matter of hue. Ex: blue. As an autumn, I can wear marine navy. Royal blue looks terrible on me. #2: It’s “over complicated.” It actually simplified things-rather than having clothes that clash with each other, they compliment each other. Good when packing for a trip. #3: “Results fluctuate.” They shouldn’t. That’s a problem with the color analyst, not with the client. That would be like blaming a patient who was misdiagnosed. #4: “Your coloring can change.” The example she gave was about changing your hair color. The hair color was changed, not person’s coloring. #5: “It’s outdated.” How can your coloring and colors that compliment your skin, eyes, and natural hair color (or dyed that approximates your hair natural color) be outdated? That’s like saying your body type is outdated.

By Jo-14
I am so so glad to have discovered this podcast! Mallory is a very kind person about the fact that it is ok to not want to change your style or feel badly about what you look like. I especially love the beauty tips and makeup episodes! Keep em rollin! I am not a super self conscious person, but it is very nice to know that there is a slightly different way for everyone to dress, and that no matter what you do, it is ALWAYS possible to feel good in your own skin! Bravo Mallory! 2nd review: this is for the merch!!! I looooooved the merch, especially the hoodies and shirts!!!! Thanks for that as well.
Mallory is like having a friend right there with you during these uncertain covid times. Yes it’s about style and fashion, but she offers true support and suggestions for how we can get through these quarantine times together. She’s got tips to keep us busy and get to those things we’ve been putting off while we were so “busy”. She keeps it real and gives you insight into her own life, and is very relatable. You won’t be disappointed with this podcast, I’ve been following since episode 1 and am especially loving the quarantine episodes!
I like this podcast a lot including the host's style and pace. I often listen while on the go or doing things and find her presentation of information organized and engaged with listeners.
I had to give up on this podcast. The host shouts the entire podcast in a patronizing tone and doesn’t seem to have a script. You can hear a conscious effort to slowly speak a sentence while she gathers her next word/thought, which is usually nothing. I’d recommend she work with a script instead of this off-the-cuff pontificating because it’s like getting screamed at by a kindergarten teacher. The content itself is fine but the delivery is painful.
This pod delivers great and doable tips in a concise and clear manner. The episodes are not too long and boring which is great for busy persons. Mallory is pleasant to listen to as well; she has a great voice and communication ability for podcasts.
Useful, practical tips to improve your style no matter your age or personal preferences. Inspiring & educational in a fun, easy going manner. I look forward to new episodes.
Easy listening. Great tips for all!🤩
As I aged I felt less confident in how I dressed and became more and more lost in my style; a combination of fashion changes and not knowing how to dress appropriately for my age. I went crazy buying all kinds of pieces to add to my wardrobe in an attempt to finally have clothes that I enjoy wearing. Before I knew it, I had a whole closet full of clothes I didn’t love and worst of all not knowing why I didn’t love them. I felt so lost and frustrated after spending so much money on clothes that I wasn’t all that excited about. Listening to Mallory’s podcast has helped me to better understand what my style is and how to narrow it down to what I really love and with where I am currently at in my life. After taking her advice and implementing it I feel like I finally am very clear on what my style is. I also love how she talks about classic fashion over what’s trending. I feel less pressure to wear what everyone else is wearing just because everyone else is.
I really enjoy this podcast. It is positive, entertaining, and contains practical style tips for women of all body types, budgets and personal styles. Highly recommend.
Needs to be way more concise.
I’m a personal stylist and was looking for a style related podcast for when I walk my dog. I love Mallory’s perspective! And she whittles the tips down into easy to use bites. I just listened to the episode about shopping and laughed out loud with her first tip “don’t decide shopping is going to be sucky before you go.” So true!! Keep up the great work!
The leggings show was the best! Fun to listen to and get tips!
I love how Mallory gives useful and applicable fashion advice! I’ve actually implemented numerous tips she’s given and I’ve seen such an improvement in my wardrobe and my feelings towards my style. I was in a 2 year long fashion rut but this podcast revived my inner fashionista! Thank you Mallory
Good contents overall, just that it’s taking too long to really get to the point. Save some time upfront and get to the meat quicker...I don’t really need to hear the 6 min pep talk upfront.
So many practical tips!
I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple months now and I truly love the content you share. Your closet organization tips are very helpful, and the fashion tips are great.
I love listening to Mallory. Her tips always energize me to keep dressing my best, with a terrific confidence. Just love when she drops a new episode, and I cant wait to hear her great advice :)
Thank you Mallory! Love the podcast and already incorporated a bunch of your styling tips!!
Mallory gives real life style tips in an approachable way. I love how she makes style less intimidating and real world examples. I’ve struggled with fashion my whole life and I have learned so much from Mallory that I’ve been able to apply to my own wardrobe. Plus, you can tell Mallory is really passionate + caring. Adore her!
I have thoroughly enjoyed Mallory’s podcasts from several different perspectives. I enjoy some of the on trend information which helps me stay current at 53 years old as well as some of her suggestions for spicing things up like her 2017 podcast about how to dress a little more festive for the holidays (loving wearing my metallic shoes). Probably my favorite episode was the one where she inspired me to start weekly wardrobe planning on Sunday nights. I put this tip into practice early this year and it’s been a game changer! So much so that I started my own YouTube channel where I plan my wardrobe for the coming week with friends in my closet often incorporating tips from Mallory. I also really appreciate how Mallory keeps it real talking about depression and how style has been therapeutic. Thanks so much for all your great scoop, Mallory - please keep the episodes coming! ❌⭕️❌⭕️, Misty Ann Aka @ClosetReboot
Mallory’s style advice has been so helpful for me! She has a very positive and entertaining way of delivering her fashion tips as well.
It takes her 7-10 minutes of irrelevant chatter to get to the point of the podcast.
I love this podcast. Mallory is always so real and will always be super honest when it comes to anything style and fashion. I’m a personal stylist and love listening to her podcasts because she’s SO REAL. She addresses real problems that real people go through and I appreciate that!
Awesome podcast! Mallory answered my style question right on the show. It is so much fun to listen to every morning when I’m getting ready for the day. Thanks for all the amazing tips!
I’ve tried listening to about 10 podcasts now and just can’t get in to this. In some episodes she leads off with sponsors or personal plugs and she’s already lost me. She rambles or is repetitive about most of the topics. Wondering if wine is involved.
I anxiously await each episode of this podcast! Love Mallory’s tips and suggestions. I dislike shopping but I love a classic wardrobe and Mallory’s tips takes the dread out of deciding what to buy.
She changed my life and my closet. Helped me revamp my look after a dark period in my life.
I came across Mallory’s podcast when I was feeling like I just didn’t know how to dress anymore. As someone who truly cares about personal style but often needs help, this has given me new inspiration and confidence to develop my own person style. Thanks Mallory!
I absolutely love this podcast. Mallory not only has fantastic content and tangible tips that I have actively incorporated into my lifestyle and wardrobe, but she also demonstrates a responsibility to share her knowledge, passions and struggles with this community. I appreciate her transparency and discussion around life challenges and mental health, and how dressing for yourself is not selfish, but a form of self care. Mallory, thank you for your honesty and dedication to lifting listeners, women in particular, and encouraging us to grow in our confidence!
Mallory is incredible. I’ve never listened to a style podcast every episode through because honestly no one has really felt relatable to me. Mallory keeps it honest and real and feels like your friend next door. Her tips are tangible and practical without feeling like you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. She breaks it down with little tips and tricks. Not just that but she makes it fun! I love listening to her talk about anything. I’ve learned so much from her to tweak my style. Her knowledge and charm makes me crave new episodes constantly! Thanks Mallory! XOXO
Mallory’s advice has really changed how I view my clothes and how I dress. I now put more thought into my outfits and I feel great in my clothes. I have more confidence and feel good about who I am. Thank you Mallory, I really appreciate you!!
she’s saying the same thing over and over. I fast forward most of the podcast to get to the next Touch point. No real valuable content.
I’m currently working my way through the archives, but I love this podcast! Mallory cares for her listeners and provides advice that’s inclusive. Her upbeat attitude and realness is a refreshing treat, and I’m always excited to try a tip or two (or all of them!) from each week! Her Ask Mallory series is delightful! It’s always nice to have a host connect with their audience! Also, check out her Instagram! Anyone with a shoe game that strong has to be a great teacher!
This Podcast probably draws a younger crowd, but I’m 61 and find Mallory Simms delightful to listen to and very practical. I like how she makes fashion something we might all be able to learn and not unattainable...and all that jazz!
Something about her long-winded nature and droning on about entry into her Facebook group makes it hard to care about. She needs to speak a little faster; may not be for a New York / Boston audience.


I started from the first podcast, and while I belive what she has to say holds value, she spend a great deal of time repeating herself to the point of redundancy, not reinforcement. I am hoping she hits her stride soon, or I may fall off... :-/


By 1454132
Mallory gives practical advice delivered in a friendly, conversational manner. Great for "fashion" and "non-fashion” people alike. She also has the most charming Chicago / Midwestern accent! It reminds me of how much I miss talking to the stylish ladies back home!
I love the Style Success Podcast! It's so motivating and inspires me to be more creative and organized and to take the time to use the clothes and accessories I own in the proper way! Love this Podcast and I also love the Virtual Closet service Mallory provides, so fun seeing a new side of your closet you may never have thought of, different outfit combinations you may never have even thought about. Super fun Podcast to chill out and listen to. Great job!!
Love what I'm hearing so far! Great content and practical advice.
I came across this podcast and thought, "oh boy, just ANTOHER shopping" podcast. Boy was I wrong. I first listened to Ep. 42 and thought there was some pretty good advice in there. I scrolled through the other episodes and listened to Ep 27 about dressing for your brand and how you represent yourself as a business professional. Just amazing! I had to share it on Facebook and it prompted me to write a review. Fantastic job! Keep it up Mallory.
I enjoy the content of this podcast but I have found I don't enjoy listening any longer. Mallory promotes her Facebook group but doesn't accept you into the group. She seems judgmental, too. Her audience may be different who I am. It seems she's geared towards the affluent, and not just the everyday girl looking for style help.
Great podcast with incredible insight! Mallory shares the more emotional, deeper side of style and fashion. Can't wait for more!
Nothing new, sounds very superficial and tends to repeat herself several times
A great podcast from a well-credentialed gal who knows her stuff! Thanks Mallory - I can't wait to hear more!