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Dr. Jones has helped me treat a lot of my dogs’ health issues with natural and safe home remedies. I love that he is a holistic veterinarian. Thank you so much!
You are one amazing veterinarian. Your webinars and podcast have helped me so much with my service dog’s allergies. I have learned so much from you . Thanks you so much for the information you put out for our furry and not so furry pets. I wish you was available to discuss things face to face with us pet parents that really need a vet that cares about our animals rather than the money they make . God bless you
I need and use this information because for years my dog has been to practically every vet in town and they have never figured out his skin condition. They all said something different and he still suffers. I am done with them. Dr Jones always has great information and we trust him.
I appreciate hearing options for addressing ear infections and allergies. Wish you practiced in my area!
I'm sure there is some great ideas, advice etc, but my goodness good luck if you can catch them! He talks soooo darn fast and the sound waffles in and out that it is impossible to understand. It sounds like maybe he's on a cell phone, bad! The closer to the end of the episode the faster he reads, its ridiculous. If you're trying to get all this crammed into a certain time, take some of it out.I just cant stand any more then 2 episodes. Please, please SLOW DOWN! If you want ppl to stay subscribed. Sorry I'm unsubscribing now. Good luck
Dr. Jones is tops! He really knows his stuff! Brilliant! And he has the animal's best interest at heart! He is not about picking pockets, the way some people are. He is about the best of care for the animals and spreading knowledge to help other to provide the best of care too. If only there were more like him. God Bless Dr. Andrew Jones!
I really enjoy Dr. Jones podcasts and book that he creates. Filled with great useable infomation for animal parents.
Great topics and very relevant information shared!
Dr. Jones’ podcasts contain a lot of useful information for treating common pet health issues. I would have given this week’s show on absesses, kidney failure and honey 5 stars, but found that he spoke too fast and also did not spell most of the unfamiliar homeopathic or other remedies, which made it difficult to take good notes for applying the info or buying the right thing. I would prefer limiting the number of topics and keeping the pace a bit more accomodating, as well as spelling any remedies that are not common knowledge.