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Brooke has a wide range of speakers and guest of the Catholic Faith. I learn something new each time and yet I can connect so many of the topics to daily events in my life.
My new favorite podcaster! The best speaking voice of any female I’ve ever heard! Fantastic content with integrity. Fun to listen to. Coming from a Christian triathlete/marathoner, this podcast is right up my alley! I’m looking forward to many future podcasts!!
Love the amount of effort that Brooke, puts into this PodCast, what timely and relatable content. She provides such a Godly inspiration in everyone of her shows. Great job, enjoy all of your shows.
I am so making the resolution to learn my prayers in Latin!!!!!
Of all the podcasts I listen to, GTR is my favorite! Brooke Taylor brings so much joy to all things Christian, especially Catholic. I appreciate her encouraging words and the example she sets about not just being a believer, but truly living your faith in all that you do.
I just wanted to update my review, since it has been a while. Even though I'm not a Mom (in fact, I'm a Dad!), I enjoy listening to the podcast. Brooke's insight into matters of faith, as well as the interesting guests that she brings to the show make it worthwhile for anyone to listen. She has a great sense of humor to go along with the deep and serious topic. And it is easy to relate to the discussions of family life, faith, and other "good things" - check it out!
Seriously, my favorite podcast. Just what this fairly new and ever learning convert to Catholicism needs. Thank you Brooke, for the time and energy you spend to minister God's love and mercy to me. Looking forward to seeing you in Lewisville next week. God bless. Lyn
I know that may sound like an overstatement, but it is not! After listening to Brooke Taylor for many years on the FISH radio 95.5, I was dismayed when she left--the beautiful faith she exudes was a bright light during my morning commute. I was thrilled to discover her podcast about 6 months ago--and have been a faithful listener since. The inspiration she shares, and her example as a Christian, a Catholic woman, wife, and mother, continues to be a light in my day, and in fact, this light is drawing me home to the Catholic faith! So you see, her podcast has changed my life!!!


By HMReed
Brooke does such an awesome job. All of her ideas, advice, and prayers are so spot on. Worth a listen for women of all denominations.
This podcast is such a wonderful experience. Brooke is an incredible person and I love how she shares her faith and her struggles as a mom. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy❤️
This podcast warms my heart each week. Brooke has a wonderful gift of prayer and brings a beautiful human touch to all of the topics.
I am so grateful for this podcast and all of the ways that Brook Taylor allows the Holy Spirit to use her to speak into our lives through her words. I look forward to each show and it is like a sweet balm on my tired Mama soul that. Each episode is like a mini retreat for me. Thank you so much for all of the work you do on it!
This is one of the most enjoyable moments of my work week - I love this podcast - and Brooke is not only wholly engaging, but one of the most REAL individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know a little more as time goes by. Our faith is lived in the real world, and Brooke’s world is real and more - and this is such a help to know that other real people are finding a way to live their faith in a world that is oftentimes so contrarty to our faith. Listen to this - subscribe to it - support it - and let’s hope it just goes on forever!
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Even though I do miss hearing Jennifer and Brooke's banter, I really like the new format and can't wait to hear more from Brooke and her occasional guests. Thanks for giving me a quality podcast to listen to and keep up the great work!!
What a refreshing thought to have two Catholic Moms carry a podcast!!! I’m loving every minute and missing it when life gets hectic for you both. Nice to have a “Midwest girl” and a Southern/(and now) southwest girl compare states, life, religion AND recipes!!! Love you both and keep it up…I’ll be listening. :)
These ladies are so much fun and down to earth. Their recipes and ideas for dinner are great and easy! They talk about family, fun, life, faith and everything in between. They truly feel like good friends. Thank you so much for a FANTASTIC Show!
I absoulty love this podcast! Brooke and Jennifer have great chemistry and it is great to be invited into their casual conversations about life!! Each episode I laugh, I cry, I pray for them and feel such a connection to my faith, my vocation of motherhood, and these two great ladies!!!
I never had time to listen to podcasts, until I discovered the kids run for cover when I start doing the dishes. I'm thankful I discovered GTR! Now I look forward to standing at the sink each day - the more dishes to wash, dry, and put away, the merrier. It gives me more uninterrupted time to listen to Brooke and Jennifer, who always provide encouragement and reasons to smile. Thank you!
I love the show. It is like being part of a good friends' conversation about normal daily concerns and activities as wife and mother. It is uplifting, real and relatable even if one works outside the home.
I love listening to these two talk about their daily lives; I feel like I'm out to lunch with 2 friends!! Keep up the great work!
Love it! Very entertaining:)
I look forward to hearing this show every week! I love the faith- filled and inspiring perspectives these ladies have on being a Catholic mom in the world today. I am also from Northeast Ohio and used to listen to Brooke on the radio when she did the morning show on the FISH and was soo happy to discover GTR and be introduced to Jennifer as well! What a great show... such a blessing! Thank you for your witness to our wonderful faith! Keep it up :)
What a Perfect Podcast!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You two are such an inspiration!!
A wonderful podcast that connects Catholic Moms. I love listening to Brooke and Jennifer discuss their struggles and triumphs in raising their families.
I heard a few of Greg and Jennifer's shows from their podcast The Catholics Next Door, which I also enjoy, but my mama's heart was excited to see that Jennifer was teaming up with Brooke Taylor for a podcast geared towards moms. The show is like having these two lovely ladies over for coffee. I love hearing the perspectives of other Catholic moms and Brooke and Jennifer are funny and engaging. I love this show.
Love this show and these Catholic Moms! Heartfelt and humorous conversation AND what's for dinner. I always feel as if I'm included in the conversation. Listen! You will love Jennifer and Brooke!
Subscribe and enjoy! This terrific podcast is a must listen for me. It is truthful, honest, witty, friendly, open and faith building. Brooke and Jennifer have great chemistry as co-hosts, their conversation flows naturally. The show is clear and professional sounding. All around great listening, check them out!
This is a great podcast for everyone. Positiveness abounds from both hosts. Discussions are from all areas of life.
So blessed to hear each installment of the show! I listened to Brooke every day on The Fish and I am so happy to be able to be encouraged and inspired by you both!
This is such a great show! I love being entertained and educated at the same time:). Brook and Jennifer have such a wonderful gift and we are so blessed that they are sharing it with us:)
Thank you for amazing podcast! It's like chatting with your best friend! Also, LOVE how amazing REAL you two are! Wish there were many more! How about more podcasts a week??
It is nice to find friends that share the same spirit of the importance of faith and family life. I hope that I can become a part of this community who listen to this podcast and take note that the regular events in life are often experienced by others as well. Brooke and Jennifer's enthusiasm is contagious!
Brooke and Jennifer have put together a gem of a show here. This is a show for women, by women and it’s not only down-to-earth but also faith-filled (but NOT preachy!). The ladies keep it real and laugh a lot, and I envision that, in the coming months, they’ll start forming a community as more people submit feedback and participate in the show. Definitely one that jumps to the top of my playlist when I see a new one! Keep up the great work, ladies!
This is a great show for women looking for a great conversation between friends. This is clean and family friendly if you have little ears around. Fabulous job ladies. Bravo!
I am so happy to be able to hear Brooke's voice on the "radio" again! I really miss hearing about your life each monring. But as a SAHM myself, I completely understand why you left. Listening to the two of you on this podcast is like being with old comfortable. Thanks for this WONDERFUL ministry. I look forward to listening to many more podcasts!
As a Catholic stay at home dad, it's encouraging to listen to others who share the hopes, dreams, joys, and challenges that family brings. Down to earth and fun, the show is a refreshing reminder that life is always interesting!
Two friends who are inviting us along to share the joys, and sometimes sorrows (like when they rip our heart out ;) of motherhood! Very enjoyable. Looking forward to future shows. Vanessa M
Great to hear moms talking about faith and life. They keep it real without getting whiny or gossipy. Good stuff!
Love this! So excited to have a mommy community to connect with!
What a wonderful show!! It's like having coffee with friends. I'm looking forward to the new podcast.
Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax with the ladies. I am not a mom, but I already know this podcast is going to be one of my faves. Produced in a professional sounding way, flows incredibly well, easy to listen to and leaves you feeling so positive. Well done, Brooke and Jennifer!
Down to earth. Heartwarming. Real Catholic moms who have a great perspective on issues of faith and day-to-day life. Being from Northeast Ohio, I miss hearing Brooke Taylor on the radio. I was floored when I learned that she teamed up with Jennifer Willits from The Catholics Next Door! Awesome!!!
Just listened to the first podcast of Good Things Radio. Don't miss this upbeat Christian friendship talking about real family issues that mothers and fathers face everyday. In a world where it is easy to get isolated, discouraged and overwhelmed as parents, it is good to hear positive and creative conversation with those who have met the challenges! Make this a weekly perk to your busy life. It's worth it.
Tune in, sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea, your choice) and you'll feel like you've cozied up to the counter for a chat with your two best friends
What a great show! Love the name too! That's exactly what I've been craving as a Catholic mom in a podcast world! ~Elena
I just listened to this new podcast. I enjoyed it. Nicely done. And I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with Jennifer Willits, but because I’m a mom and I’m not Catholic. While Brooke and Jennifer made mention of their faith, it was not forceful and it didn’t make me feel judged for not being catholic. Nor did I feel like I was back in Mass with my grandmother. Brooke and Jennifer were both genuine, funny and engaging. They made me feel like I was part of the conversation with friends.