The Wonkavator Podcast

Reviews For The Wonkavator Podcast

While I don't know (or care much) about the baseball podcasts I see mention below, I've enjoyed the weekly digest of the major US politics. It's informative and insightful commentary, with just enough irreverent humor.
Excellent, cogent political analysis worth listening to.
I love this podcast. Wonkavator is so funny, so insightful, and so warm. The things that make him giggle are the things that make me giggle. Every time he calls Bernie a fraggle, I say it with him, and then I snicker with him. I have lots of favorite moments, but a recent one was, in the “Guess Which Insane Quote Goes with Which 2016 Candidate” on 1/27/16, when he riffed a spontaneous yet extended and elaborate star wars metaphor (yoga… papuan…) then made fun of himself for it - that was great!
I’ve been listening to The Wonkavator Podcast since the beginning of the race to be the next POTUS. Wonkavator provides excellent explanations, insights, and humor.
I look forward to each new episode!
Since the demise of It’s All Politics and the indeterminate hiatus of the Poscast, this is the only place to get my fix.