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This is an amazing podcast! If I could I would give it 10 stars!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This is perfect for anyone that hasn’t watched BTAS. This is also a great podcast for Bat-Nerds! Myself included.
Justin does a great job with this podcast! Amazing interviews, funny bits, great behind the scenes info, and BATMAN also!!! If you think that BTAS is the STANDARD Batman, then this podcast is for you!!
Smart, great interviewer, great guests. Please more interviews!
This podcast is incredible! I love the conversations about the episodes of BTAS I’ve seen everyone and I’ve never had anyone to discuss them with so listening to you is great
Loved this podcast since I stumbled upon it a few years ago. Glad there are others who share my love of the series. Host is great and has insightful guests. When I saw it was back after such a long time I did a double take to make sure. Keep it coming!
This podcast has great potential and a lot of fun and insightful information. But when you have a 100 minute long podcast dedicated to an entire episode of BTAS and only talk about it for 20 minutes, it gets quite frustrating. More often the conversation deviates to personal anecdotes or random guest appearances. One even spent 40 minutes dividing Star Trek the animated series! Please keep your focus on the episode in your title or just keep the podcasts short. I really want to listen to them but often I find myself cutting it short and then the whole experience lasts maybe 20 minutes at the most. Also, if you’re going to have a special episode as an excuse to chit chat with your former teachers, do it on your own time. Most of the audience is lost on stories we weren’t present for.
Today I realized how doom-oriented so many podcasts are and I recalled this little show about that little show I really enjoyed as a kid - and still enjoy. This show is just a dose of something that’s, like, pure fun. The host is endearing and smart and I love this gosh-darnit podcast.
Easily the most baroquely produced podcast that this late comer to the form has encountered so far. If the informational aspect of the show often gets lost in a haze of wackiness and voice talent, it never fails to thoroughly entertain me, which I (modestly) assume was the ultimate goal. I am a big admirer of BTAS and it is a pleasure to revisit the series, often with animation and voiceover talents, and comics. A very well done program. Highly recommended...
When I was a youngster growing up, I couldn’t even begin to imagine the huge world outside of my living room that BTAS had behind it. Animators, composers, writers, directors, cast, and most importantly, fellow nerds who love the show as much as I do. It’s incredible to finally have a podcast about my childhood love that is BTAS.
This is a cool show about the animated series. I like the content though sometimes the host and guest will go on a tangent of a weird bit and that can get annoying. Otherwise good.
Without plugging my own show, I have an animated Batman podcast myself now and this show was VERY inspirational to me. Thanks Justin!
Let me just say the good. The intro theme song is funny, your guests are fantastic, and you’re a good interviewer. Your fan guests are good because they have an idea what they are talking about. And also enthusiastic about the show as everyone is. Hearing others ideas on the show is okay. But what is really fantastic is your special guest. And I don’t mean like what you regularly hear like some of the big names like bruce time, paul dini, mark hamill and such (well you do have Andrea Romano) but you have special guest that have had some part in it or written an episode or some how connected to the show. It is something you don’t hear and you get a different light on the show or there experience or the writers of certain episodes which I really enjoy. However there is one big thing that I just can’t stand. Its the DJ radio goofy talk show like stuff. When the host starts talking to himself with his own set of characters and voices its a bit of a cringe. It’s just not my thing and I am sorry. I just fast forward right away to pass that part now. The only ones that are okay are when you have some of your guest do fake commercials like nightwings mullet grow with Loren Lester, or Dating site with Jeffrey Combs is hilarious. But the beginning turns me away and thank god I waited after a few minutes after the self talk minutes otherwise I wouldn’t be listening to it. Sorry, just my opinion and not a fan of dj talk radios with sound effects and unnecessary goofy characters. I hope the bad is dropped. Otherwise I enjoy the rest of the podcast. Will change review if that changes. UPDATE: You are doing less of it. Good. that earned another star. Please let that pod quest be the journey to the end of these dumb side goofy characters. Once that is gone, will give 5 stars and write something different. UPDATE UPDATE: Barely hear those side characters anymore. 5 stars. Everyone should listen to this podcast. Update Update Update: I love this new set up. And I love these interviews. I have to say that now this is the best Batman The Animated Series Podcast around. I wonder if we get to the end there will be a batman beyond lol. wishful thinking.
I’ve missed this show. I love the format and the quality and the nature of the content. Diving deep into certain shows is really and I love hearing from the friends, creators, and people involved with the Animated Series. I’m very glad it’s every week now. I wondered why there was two podcasts worth of content in one single show so now that it’s split and I get a show more episodes more frequently I’m very satisfied.
I was really jonesing for this show, it is just awesome. Justin went in season 1 from a pure fanboy to getting everyone except Mark Hamill on the show. It was so awesome to see his guests get better and mire familiar to him over time. His dreams were coming true! Now we have season 2, every freaking week!
I just started listening to this podcast and I have found it to be very informational. There was quite a bit that I didn't know. Keep up the good work Justin.
What an awesome show. The production quality is top notch. Thanks for the hard work.
I really love this podcast, and especially Justin's funny voices and things like the "Podquestcast" and stinky egg (or whatever). Don't let people try to talk you out of doing it, because I LOVE IT. Also, Justin hasn't updated in a while. Is he okay? Plz continue.
I really love the interviews about one of my favorite shows and the quality editing makes for a good laugh.
So am glad I found this podcast! BTAS was such a huge influence on me and It's great knowing that there are others like me out there. The guests are great, espically the ones that were part of the show. Justin does a great job asking the questions we as fans want to know. Keep it up and I will keep listening .
Where have you been all my life? Podcasts are one of my favorite media for entertainment. As a child, Batman: the Animated Series was probably my favorite television show. That love has never ebbed, just taken a backburner to more mature interests. Lately looking for new podcasts as an outlet for my many fandoms, I found this one. It has quickly gone to the top of my list; it is fantastic in every way. Focusing on one episode at a time (not in any particular order), the show has had the best interviews with cast, crew, and other fans. No matter who is on, it’s like listening to friends talk about their love of the show. It’s packed with facts and anecdotes about how the show came about and inspiration. The best thing is the humor: host Justin Michael is naturally hilarious. Fake commercials and “guests” leave me laughing out loud numerous times an episode. Production quality is wonderful. I just found it and have been going back through old episodes, I don’t know where I find the time, but it’s all I want to listen to! Keep up the amazing work, I’ll be listening as long as these episodes keep coming!
Justin does a great job interviewing the people who brought us B:TAS! His mix of humor and fan nerdom is entertaining and informative. Kudos on a great podcast and for attracting such great behind the scenes talent.
There's some excellent content and guests on this podcast. If you're a fan of BTAS, the topic-related discussion is usually very interesting to listen to. But as some others have said, some of the off-topic rambling can go way, way too long. Constructive criticism: edit that out or stay on topic.
This podcast still continues to blow my mind. Thank you for your dedication.
I am so grateful that someone has taken the time to put together a bmtas podcast. Such a great mix of guests providing insight into the nooks and crannies of the best cartoon of all time. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
I'll listen to Justin Michael talk about any subject at length. To hear him talk about one of my favorite shows of all time is a dream come true.
If you're concerned about the comic bits that you see other reviewers complain about, no worries! The interviews MORE than make up for it. (Some of them are actually pretty funny, but I do find myself wishing to get to the interviews.) I love to hear the guests Justin has discuss the episode, but the creator interviews really take the cake for me. I own so many of the DVDs and have watched a ridiculous amount of bts interviews and documentaries that a lot of them seem to repeat the same information. This allows fans to have fresh and off-the-cuff interviews that are relaxed and fun. Keep up the great work!
I love this podcast. The host is friendly and just dorky enough. The content is amazing, obviously, because it's BTAS. I will say that I had fun with the little shorts thrown in there like Kevin Conroy-bot and the show sponsors. Lame that people want to take things so seriously that they can't allow others to enjoy the segments.
I stumbled upon this podcast only a few months ago, and listened to it everyday on my drives to catch up. Now that I'm finally caught up, I look forward to hearing more new episodes! Loved the Kevin Conroy episode. I was in awe the whole time listening to THE voice of Batman. The discussions are insightful and light-hearted. This podcast inspired me to re-watch BTAS, increased my interest in the writers and artists involved in the Batman franchise, and made me appreciate the overall artfulness of the series. This podcast is great for any Batman fan! Thanks Justin for all the great podcasts! Please keep it up!!
It's a fun podcast, I like listening about the insider stuff regarding BTAS. However I must admit that occasionally Justin's bias about other modern DC properties such as the DCEU, WBanimation, New52/Rebirth, can get annoying. I get it, its his podcast and he can talk about what he wants. But there are fans of those properties who respect the BTAS-verse and are fans of the new stuff too. There are few times where it seems like a "get off my lawn" vibe. However, it is a fun podcast. I hope he has a chance to interview Timm himself or even get newer guests who are still working with WB/DC and were inspired by the BTAS (Jason & Tiffany, Scott Snyder, Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, Affleck [ha, good luck!])
I really love certain parts of this. The interviews with the cast of the show are so much fun! The interviews with the fans are a little hit or miss, but usually pretty good. It’s just all the in-between stuff that gets a little annoying. Over all though I really like the show, especially since BTAS is the greatest animated show ever! Trim the show down a little and this would be a for sure 5 star review.
I’m a batman junkie. a mid 40’s batman junkie. My oldest son (8) is named Grayson. We (even he) can play the 4 Batman PS3/PS4 games like a boss. My little guy 5, only wears batman/robin/nightwing clothing … ONLY. We fly back and forth to middle east 2x a year and he’ll do a 17 hour flight in full mask in cape entire time. The little guy also plays the lego batman games like a boss. I got a world finish tattoo 8 years ago (my first fathers day gift) and my poor mom is still waiting for me to out grow my Batman phase. I live to the Christian Bale movies and the amount of imaging X batman figures and toys we lug around the world it tragic. THAT SAID, When i recently got into listening to pod cast i stumbled upon Batman the animated Pod cast. Like it a lot but didn’t see how a 20 year old show could have so so much amazing material. I am beyond blown away. I was in college when series came out and in a touring band after … and i took a vcr with us so i could bring my vhs of the show with me. Titan Titans show, the other batman who’s and a number of amazing series (justice league and justice league unlimited … best) … but this show really was game changing. The interviews you get with cast … the back stories (I still am talking about the Harley Quinn show) … i mean wow. You make a 20 year old show so current and truly no let up on material. I do listen to a couple other Batman shows but you’re is just over the top amazing. Please keep up the great work.
Been listening for a while now, and every time it's beyond enjoyable. Keep up the great work, Justin!
If you're a fan of the greatest Saturday morning cartoon of all-time, then you'll love this deep dive into the show.
Please for the love of your listeners ears either put in a compressor in the audio chain or have your guest hosts pull away from the microphone when laughing or screaming!!! I can not tell you how many times I turn up your podcast to listen to the content to just have my ears blown away because your guests don't know how to work a mic!!! I would suggest less fake and stupid commercials but I can just skip those.
If you love Batman: The Animated Series or are into animation production in general, this podcast is for you. The interviews with the actors, directors, writers, and composers who worked on the show are fantastic and provide a really interesting look into the behind the scenes of how animated television shows are made. It's a little rough at first, but it eventually finds its legs and gets very good. Give it to at least episode 4. The interview with Andrea Romano is absolutely fascinating.
I went in to this with an open mind. I honestly have always been a huge Batman fan, but a lot of fan stuff is usually one sided and provides no real perspective. This show sometimes starts that way, but the celebrity guests usually bring in the rounded out perspective. When you start out, give it few episodes and the show will grow on you. I actually look forward to listening to the shows.
first let me say ive passed alot of hours listening and relistening to your podcast. i will be the first to say some of your filler is a bit blah, with that being said i have to say thank you. thank you for reintroducing me to a part of my teen years. i loved this show greatly and you have brought that fire back. im hoping mr mark hamill will soon do your show. please keep up the great work and even the silliness. ps my fave commercial and one of the first was the police blimp. kevin conroy was spectacular as well.
Love reliving such an iconic part of my youth. My younger brother and I used to race home to watch BTAS after school.
This is such an awesome take on my favorite animated series! Love this podcast.
Haven't missed an episode yet one of the best podcasts to debut in 2015
I keep waking up in the mornings wondering if this is real life. Between the new figure line from DC Collectibles, the Arkham Asylum podcast, and now this great podcast from Justin Michael, it seems surreal that BTAS has been making such a comeback in the public zeitgeist. Justin’s show continues to deliver episode after episode with a fantastic blend of comedy, nostalgia, and genuine revelations from the iconic guests that he continues to land. Shows like this bring new friends together who can bond over the BTAS magic and plow the way for future generations to fall in love with the show just as we all did ourselves over 20 years ago. On top of that, Justin continues to interact with fans on social media and continue the conversation there with behind the scenes lore from both himself and the guests. One day maybe fans such as myself might be able to do an episode - I would love to explore the aesthetics of the show as a filmmaker and explore why it is that so many fans of this show growing up turned to artistic and creative fields of study. Thanks again Justin!
Love this show. Please keep it up!
The idea of the show is a great one - celebrate the amazing "Batman: The Animated Series" with both fans and folks who were involved in the making of the show. The execution is where this podcast falls apart. So much time is devoted to recurring characters and bits (the "Kevin Conroy-bot" is particularly painful) that aren't funny. Interviews with the actors and writers from the show are usually interesting, and the host has a nice, relaxed interview style. Unfortunately, he deviates frequently from the questions for bits of improvised riffing which (again) are not funny and which take time away from the guests. The "fan interviews" are worse - self-congratulatory segments of the host and guest celebrating how funny they are and barely talking about Batman. If you can suffer through the smug interjections, there are some good interviews to be found here (Loren Lester, Andrea Romano, the great Paul Dini). Listen to those and skip the sophomoric attempts at a comedy demo reel for the host.
BTAS means a lot to all of us. It's nice to see someone who loves it as much as we do! Take a listen!
Great interviews with the people behind the scenes of my favorite animated show - my favs will always be this batman, ducktails & the real ghostbusters.
Holy smokes Batman…this show awesome🙌🏾👍🏾
Justin gets some great people every podcast to discuss this super iconic show. There's so much behind the scenes stuff I've learned listening. Justin is great to listen to and keeps the conversation light and fun!
If you loved The Batman Animated Series (and still do) this podcast is what you've been looking for. It contains an awesome breakdown of episodes, along with great guess, and brilliant charisma.