Reviews For Self Directed Investor Talk: Alternative Asset Investing through Self-Directed IRA's & Solo 401k's

Stumbled upon SDI last week. I can't get enough! Amazing amount of usefull information in every ten minute bite.
Wealth of knowledge and very valuable information. I listen everyday.


By NateKG
I am a full time day trader getting into the market after a long carreer of driving truck. After seaching for some advice on self directed 401k's, I came across SDI. "Wow", i thought after the first two epi's. this guys got some valublae information. Everything I was looking for! I highly recomenned you listen to Bryan's shows all the way from the start. You will be glad (and wealthyier) you did!!
I am just starting out and have been listening to Bryan's SDI podcast. It has made me very excited about investing in Real Estate using my IRA and/or 401K. I find his information straight forward and valuable and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen to me. Keep the good information coming Bryan. Can't wait to find a way to interact with you directly.
I just started listening to Bryan's podcast and so far I think it's awesome..... I wish I had found it a long time ago!! Can't wait to listen to more and gather all the knowledge I can about using my Self-Directed IRA to its maximum potential. Keep up the good work Bryan!! Jay K.
I know the host, Bryan Ellis, has our best interests at heart. One reason is that he gives us advice that’s good for us, not him. Have you ever thought it was interesting people push the IRA over the 401K? They do that because they make more money on the IRA. While the account holder makes more on the 401K. The content of the show is unbeatable; what makes it better is that Bryan gives it to us in short 6 minute bites at a time. Truly allowing us to process the content (the concept of eating an elephant one bite at a time). SDI Talk is the best place people can go if they want to learn the true ins and outs of safe self directing.
Even though I don’t share political opinions with Brian. The information he gives you is all about investing, and sometimes political situations dictate that. I love that his episodes are only eight minutes long
I tried to give this show a chance thinking I could get some investing advice. Instead the host likes to push his right agenda on the show. His second favorite thing is bashing Labor Unions. He gives no insight what so ever to investing just a few minutes of useless bs. What a joke.
I've known Bryan for a while now and I've been an avid listener of his podcast. His knowledge about real estate investing, trends, etc is exceptional. And he delivers his content in a way that helps his audience to truly understand it. Great job man! Keep up the good work.
I subscribed to learn how I could improve my cash flow on the rentals I own, bit instead realized after one podcast in particular that I wouldn't bother. Criticism of Obamas GDP record. Anyone who would ignore the fact of the economic meltdown inherited by Obama was WORSE than 1929 and was created by greedy criminal financial analysts on Wall Street who rated junk mortgages as solvent. The Bull Market in US stocks BEGAN in the first year of his presidency and the market more than tripled during his 2 terms. Get a chart and stop your sensationalising right wing lies to make a buck thru this podcast.
This podcast is amazing. Ive listened to multiple podcasts and Ive scoured through the app trying to find something that wasn't an hour and a half of commentary filled with a small nugget of information I had to dig for. This podcast is direct and provides useful information "all in 7 minutes or less". Truth is I wouldn't mind listening to this for an hour because Brian really gets to your level and explains it to the point where you can at least have a basic understanding and the rest of the understanding and how much you want to develop it, is up to you. Ive learned so much at age 26 that my peers around my town and my job who are older have no clue about. The apparent target audience is the older generation with some capital to invest - but I strongly believe this benefits the younger generation as it gives you an idea how to build wealth in a simple, safe and strong manner. Highly recommend this podcast!!!!
As an owner of a Self Directed IRA I feel like every episode is informative and that I learn something new each episode. Its short, sweet and straight to the point which is awesome also.
The most informative podcast for self-directed IRA. I'm glad I found it since I will soon be eligible to open an account.


By Suemg
His podcast is a long winded infomercial about his podcast. If you do contact his company to get info re investment strategies offered by his wonderful company, don't expect to hear anything back. Campy, overrated , stay tuned next week because that is when you get to the good stuff.
really enjoy tuning in and learning something new each time. Bryan is a great host and full of lots of great info
Quick tips on how to succeed when choosing your own investments. The music and audio quality are great and this podcast provides tremendous value to the individual investor!
I have listened to every epidode, at least 3 times, I love the humor, the insight, the opportunity, and how you challenge me to think outside the box!
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
The information is a game changer! Thanks!
Looking at the star ratings, the 15 I saw that were less than “5 Star” rating just proves that there is no way you can please all the people, all the time. I may not always agree with you assessments, however, even when I do not agree, I always learn an alternative prospective from my own. And, on a few occasions, I have had to rethink my own point of view. GREAT JOB, BRIAN. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
This was one of those “Acres of Diamonds” recordings that stand head and shoulders above the “Normal” podcasts that are usually presented by other investors. I am looking forward to the “Rest of the story."
Wow! This is something that we need to take time to listen. Your show has its very instinct when it comes to managing and taking care on what we have and thank you for giving the advice that we all need to make it bigger than we thought.
This is a podcast any serious real estate investor needs to subscribe to. The content is varied, timely, entertaining, and can be very profitable.
I have only reviewed a few of Bryan Alice's episodes so far, but already I can testify that Bryan speaks with an unusual lack of fear. He doesn't mind going up against the forces of Wall Street, the forces of government, even the power of accepted wisdom from experts and academia. That is rare, and highly appreciated! Thank you Mr. Ellis!
As a business owner and self investor, this podcast provides great value and content to set your own path to financial freedom.
I just listened to Episode #174 and the two previous episodes on the “Conspiracy Theory.” I could write hundreds of words here, but suffice it today Bryan Ellis is a highly intelligent, experienced and savvy strategist and investor well worth paying close attention to if you value your hard earned money. Bravo, Bryan, well done and much needed! Wish you continued success.
As an investor, I really appreciate the daily, quick hitting information that affect my investments. He also provides some great ideas that has me thinking of ways to improve my portfolio.
I'm heavily invested into tech stocks, so this gives me a great way to learn about diversify outside of wallstreet to mitigate some of my risk exposure. Thanks for putting this together!
Love the format of these episodes, and very helpful! Great job, Bryan! Thanks for bringing this out into the world.
And it's 7 days a week!

By J Pry
Bryan presents great information that is not readily found elsewhere. This is NOT the “get rick quick” BS presented by so many other people - this is clear actionable information presented by a good authority - because Bryan is actually DOING this! Thanks Bryan!
Awesome information and right on the money (pun intended!). Thanks Bryan for all the great info!
This podcast has opened my eyes to a whole new world of alternative investment strategies. I love the short episodes that are packed with valuable content. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast!
Bryan has the best show out there for the self directed and real estate investor.
Bryan's program and information is refreshing! His honesty and integrity come thru!
I just listened to one cast and I'm hooked... Short and sweet... Very informative... Keep em coming... I actually stopped watching NFL Sunday to listen so you know it's amazing.
Bryan is an amazing source of knowledge. This is an incredible show with more information packed in than you would believe possible. Listen to Self-Directed Investor and prepare to be amazed!
Bryan surprises you with insights into investing that might make you do a double take. He shares his spin on news and topics that will help you make wiser investments. And he offers solutions along the way to help you come out on top. Good stuff!
This podcast is packed with so much valuable content! I really enjoy each episode and have gotten so many actionable tips! Keep the great episodes coming!
I flip houses for a living and have heard so much about using an IRA to do so. Bryan’s podcast is just what I needed to learn the ins and outs of this type of investing. Thanks for the resource.
This is the best and most honest investment advice I've ever listened to. Thanks so much!
Very astute and relevant information. As a former Director of Capital Markets for a REIT and PPMs, it is imperative to give advice as the regulatory system changes with several agencies that govern taxes (IRS), investments and protocols for loan perimeters (SEC, CFPB). It is more important than ever to be given the correct ways to fortify your wealth creation strategies!
Easy to understand investing information that is not being shared anywhere else. Looking forward to learning more from SDI Radio.
I don't know much about real estate investing and to be honest I really should learn more. This podcast really cuts to the chase and gives me the essential information I need.
Bryan, I make a point of listening to every episode of your podcast. The recent episode drove home something I've been telling my friends for years – that labor unions are a major hindrance to investors and drive up costs across the board. I thank you for the wisdom and insights you give in each episode, and I really like the format of your podcast. I look forward to the next episode!
What a great find. Bryan Ellis does a great job bringing great tips for both newbie and experienced investors. Now...get to work! ~Kevin @Everyday_MBA
I love that not every episode is just about making money but also about investing your time (the one thing we all have that we can't get back) with your family and loved ones!
…this is a great and relevant podcast. Good, actionable advice with an interesting style and delivery. Keep them coming!
I am a seasoned investor and pick up many worthwhile tips from Bryan. Nice work and thanks!