Be The Lime

Reviews For Be The Lime

I really like the way this show focuses on a single issue, methodically. I think a lot of shows raise expectations they can't deliver, inspiring an audience, but then leaving them without actionable ideas. Be The Lime doesn't do that. Any one of these episodes gets you from user permit to handling the stick shift in short order. Nice job!
As a new podcaster soon to launch, I find this so helpful to developing content for my own podcast, fun to listen to and very informative. - Pam Fitros, Author of Boldly Bald Women, Host of Boldly Bald Women: Surviving and Thriving in a Hair Obsessed World Podcast (soon to launch)
I'm so impressed with Fred Rewey's "Be the Lime." His voice and manner draw the listener in and the topics he discusses are thought provoking and compelling. - D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., Host of Podcasting Success Secrets
I’m a marketing guy and believe it or not, it’s the easiest things to describe that are the hardest to do. This podcast will tell you how to be different, attract interest and get more business. You can be the same as everyone else, but you also won’t be successful. Listen up!!
I love the topic to this podcast to help people stand out from the crowd!! That is so important to success! Great stuff here!