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Reviews For Following Films Podcast

Great little podcast for anyone who is interested in film. Keep up the good work.
This podcast gives a passionate look at indie films. And the host! His voice is so lovely, I could listen to him talk about paint drying for hours.
It still needs work. In a couple years it might be worth checking out.
Really great show if you’re looking for insight into the film industry! Great interviews! Highly recommend this podcast! Keep up the great work! - Dan
If you like movies and awesome banter, this is a great podcast. Really enjoy it.
Really well done interviews without the typical interview questions. Some great guests and very entertaining.
This is an insightful look at film from various angles. The variety of guests brought in for discussions makes for a very entertaining podcast. I've subscribed and haven't looked back.
This podcast gives you great insight into the filmmaking process and behind the scenes. Definitely give it a listen!
Just found this podcast, and having listened to a couple episode now they got my subscirbe. Enjoy the interviews very much so far, especially Miranda Sajdak's, and cant wait for more. - Justin(TheLastTakePodcast)
Insightful film discussion with great guests. Make sure you check this show out.
Great podcast for movie lovers, and Chris is a stud ;)
I just found this podcast within the last week. It is a wonderful look at filmmakers and why they do what they do. The hosts accomplish this through insightful interviews tinged with their own passions. The episodes are quick, efficient, interesting, and most of all, entertaining. The hosts are able to show their passion without trampling over their guests. After all, the guests are why we are listening! Great work!
Interesting show with great guests