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I run a very successful tile contracting business in Salt Lake City Utah and have been at it for 20 years. I wish I would have found something like this to listen to early on in my career. Tom’s no BS approach to Contracting is refreshing and much needed. Owning a business is about freedom and respect. Do what he says and you’ll have both. ~Jim W.
There is so much outstanding information here that will help a small to medium home improvement contractor gain back their time, increase their net profit, change their business and personal life. The only challenge is implementing all the amazing content. Be warned though, this is not for the faint of heart.
Greatest podcast for every single contractor out there! At least that’s what FW’s think...
Folders. is screwed! The best part of starting my day is the contractor fight podcast.
Tom’s got a way about him. Definitely worth checking out if you feel like you’re going in circles as a contractor.
I love waking up @5:00 am to listen to Tom and get my motivation for the day or week man. If I’m down he can always bring me back up. I highly recommend his podcast and his Sales Academy podcast as well.
I listen to Tom every morning he puts out new content. I have implemented things he says and it improves my business and life. The way presents his brows and ideas with passion and bluntness speaks to me and gets me energized. All around awesome dude.


By Krm2299
Love the content of trying to push me to be a better salesman because I’m an awesome contractor but what’s the purpose and how is it professional to be a foul mouth to be better? I meet with housewives and older ladies and I feel that learning the same habits would be counter intuitive. Because I still make 6 figures being humble. Just wondering.
Kudos! Looking forward to your upcoming shows!
Tom says it how it is and has great action based advice!
Whether you’re well established as a contractor, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Tom does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
Great podcast.
Words can’t express how appreciative of the mindset shift I have experienced through listening to the contractor fight and the contractor sales academy podcast. I’m earning more, and working less hours in the business
Let's face it - we're in the business to make money. Yes, and to make a differnce, but if you don't have any money, the differnce you can make is LIMITED. Tom is direct, brutally honest and spot on in his message about what contractors need to do to be successful. Keep up the good work Tom!


By BP87!
This is the best podcast for business motivation, life motivation, and helpful business operations tips! Definitely a great listen every time, especially when Tom gets fired up! It honestly upsets me when there isn’t a new podcast out for awhile. Keep up the good work #FW!
Finding this podcast has been a godsend. Everything I thought I was doing right I realized quickly that I was dead wrong. Thank you Tom Reber.
I stumbled across Tom and TCF several months ago and I thank him and what he’s doing daily! I’m new to business and while I still need to do a lot, I’m beyond where I thought I’d be as a business owner. Thank you Tom!
Zero humility. No humor. Dude loves to hear himself speak in generalities with an arrogant tone. If I feel like getting yelled at I can just call one of my top five worst clients. Lol. Also...he’s a painter! Everybody knows that painters are not real contractors. Sorry homie.
Can’t say enough about this podcast and how much it has truly helped my business. Keep up they great work and I am always looking forward to the next episode!
I've listened to a lot of contractor podcasts and this is by far the best. I'll be signing up for CSA. Thank you Tom and guys for all you do!!! Gene Far North Craftsmanship
Tom is extremely motivational. This show provides so much brain food for the business owner that it’s hard to control your own thoughts and desires to change your own business. After every episode I want to shake myself and my business for not doing things the smart and profitable way. I love when I see a new episode in my feed and actually plan when I listen to them. I know if I’m in a funk all I need is a little Tom. I can’t say enough about this podcast.
If you’re a contractor then you know the daily fight that we are struggling with almost daily. I have been listening to “The Contractor Fight with Tom Reber” for about 3 weeks now and it has been very informative. I highly recommend this Podcast. It will change your mindset and the way you do business.
Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there? After listening to the episode with Adam Mock, my world changed. I did this exercise and boom! Mind blown! Tom Reber and all his guests have such great ways to improve your life and business. I’m only on episode 20 but I plan on listening to them all. Such an eye opening podcast. Thank you Tom Reber for bringing such cool guests on the show and for showing me what my worth is! Keep up the good work! Mediocrity dies today!
Tom brings great insights! I am a loyal fan and honored to have been interviewed on his amazing platform! Thanks for all you do!
Entertaining, useful and inspiring, we look forward to the new content and interviews every week. Keep up the good work!
How is this free???
Been looking for a resource like this for a while now, so glad to have found it! Thanks you so much for your contribution!
Tom is awesome his knowledge and experience is amazing... I feel I should have to pay to listen to this podcast there is so much value in each episode! Thank you Tom!
TCF133 showed up right when I needed to hear it. Great stuff, thank you Tom for continuing to provide this resource to us dummies.
Tom is killing it with his podcast. If you are a contractor that is trying to grow your business the right way- listen to this podcast. Nice job Tom!
Hey contractor, if you are ready to change your business and life for the good, you have to listen to what Tom and the Contractor Fight have for you. They’ll make sure you take control of your business and grow it to what you want. Reber does not mess around!


Tom Reber is awesome! These podcasts are so inspiring and have given me the courage and knowledge to stop being a slave to anyone that calls my business. Can’t say enough about how great this podcast is!
Tom does not mess around. If your business needs a gut check, This podcast is for you.
As a contractor I really don't have anyone as a mentor or even know another contractor that is killing it out there that I can go to for advice. Well imagine a place to go to listen to successful contractors across the entire country! This podcast is priceless. Even better yet I am 32 days into Tom's Accelerate Program and not only do we get to communicate with each other but we get to communicate with Tom and other contractors that are winning every day!
The selling with noble purpose has to be one of the top three I have heard yet
Do you need Motorvated? I do, daily in fact... Motorvation is what keeps the endorphins and dopamine’s flowing, and trust me, endorphins an dopamines firing are the daily brain fuels we all need need. Not only in the tough time, but more so to maximize the great times! The Strongpreneur Podcast... GET SOME, so you too can DYB! *It's is my professional recommendation that you #KeepItCaffeinated for your maximum Motorvation experience.
This guy knows what to say to get you motivated! Amazing information and very easy to listen to. I never miss an episode. If you want your business to grow, this is definitely a podcast to listen to.
Great podcast with no bs. You will learn something valuable with each listen!
These podcasts have been inspirational and informational in my quest to grow a strong contracting business. Tom’s messages are clear and to the point. Very grateful for this content!
Great podcasts! I use them on long business trip drives to get motivated and inspired! Just finished Number 37, which I listened to twice and had to get on iTunes to give a Perfect "It's Great" ratings!!!
Tom’s Guest are relevant to business success today, right now and the future. The solo-casts are great tidbits to keep you moving forward. An easy listen that keeps on producing results! Value, Value, Value!
I met Tom at a couple of Aquascape functions. He is an awesome guy and so are his podcasts. He reminds us of concepts that are easy to apply to our businesses. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day activities and forget to do simple things to help us succeed and Tom helps to keep us on track and be the best we can be. He has been a contractor himself do he has experience from which he can base his opinion which is always appreciated. Keep up the great work!
To be a success in business, you’ve gotta be strong—both physically and mentally. And that’s what Tom helps you build with this show. You’ll hear business lessons that you can apply right away, but you’ll also learn how to develop the right mindset to overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles you’ll face while growing your business.
Thanks for listening to the show! Strongpreneur Nation is for entrepreneurs who are committed to creating strong lives & strong businesses. Learn how to get crap done, deal with your head trash and build strong brand experiences that set you apart in your industry.
Tom is a great host who knows how to pull the best info out of his guests. If you want to listen to a great Podcast to take your small business, inner self, and entrepreneurship to another level - then look no further than Strongpreneur. Jay Scott
Mediocrity has met its match. Tom and his guests share how you can live differently and lead a strong life. If you need a kick in the pants and someone to challenge you, this is the podcast!
I had the joy of working with Tom on various projects. His latest is The Strongpreneur podcast and I have really enjoyed the content thus far. If you’re looking for great advice in your business and life, you will find amazing content within. I was Tom’s guest on episode #9 and we went over so much that I’m looking forward to sharing it within my business to my clients. Thanks so much Tom and I look forward to working together again soon! -mM
Tom Reber is a class act who passionately believes in destroying mediocrity not just in businesses, but in our everyday lives. His passion has lead him to share with us these insightful and thought provoking interviews with individuals who are leading strong lives. His ability to draw out the best of his guests, means valuable tips, insight, and practices that we can all learn from and apply. I highly recommend giving the Strongpreneuer podcast a listen.