Reviews For Transistor

I share every episode with my research assistants and we have lovely discussions of them! Esp Sperm and Egg, and History if Pregnancy Tests!! Thanks for your fab work!
Love love love the trace elements series. Cristina Quinn and Alison Bruzek rock it.
I started with “The Last of the Iron Lungs” episode last year and fell in love with this little gem of a science podcast. Ranks right up there with “Radio Lab.”
I'm so glad that Transistor and Origin Stories exist! I adore shows like Radiolab, but it's always slightly disturbing to me how few women they bring on. Here's to new perspectives and voices.
Smart, interesting and I always come away with something I want to research more. Excellent!!
Love Transistor, one of my favorite podcast now. Interesting topics, well produced. Amazing work by Wendy Suzuki. On the other hand, Christina's way to enunciate and talk, very annoying. Quite "hip" maybe, but certanly very annoying. Congratulations in general.