Reviews For Edacious

Would it be possible to either Miss Libby mix the podcast down to a "Mono" format or use one mic to combine the voices? The one speaker/one ear thing sounds kinda weird. other than that production issue, great podcast.
Even though my palate is hardly discerning, it's great to get educated about some of the ins and outs of food sourcing, preparation, and service in central Virginia through Jenee's thoughtful interviews.
I am a podcast junkie and spend a ton of time listening while driving and all day long while I work. Once I found the Edacious podcast, I decided that I needed to listen to every single episode. I really appreciate Jenee Libby's honesty and her openness. Charlottesville is a great place for food/wine/beer lovers and it's awesome to have our very own podcast!
Jenee Libby is a writer, who happens to write about food. I'm so glad she talks about it as well. She brings interviews with restaurant owners and chefs in and around Charlottesville, but the stories and ideas are applicable no matter where you live. Great show!
Jenee does a wonderful job uncovering the culinary world of Charlottesville. Not only is this podcast about food and drink…but, to me, truly uncovers the unique culture around the food scene in the area. I’ve loved learning more about the people behind some of Charlottesville restaurants, breweries, bakeries and more. Keep em coming!!!
Fantastic podcast. Funny, informative - a joy to listen to. Can't wait for more!
I am a food photographer based in Charlottesville and always listen to podcast when traveling for jobs, and this podcast is a pleasure to listen to. Love the candid banter between Jenee and her guests, really makes me understand and appreciate the industry that much more, thanks!
I am a fellow food-service worker, and I regularly work late night shifts alone. I turn this on to remember why I am doing what I do. Jenee is obviously interested in her task at hand - to attempt to turn the tide against talking about others by talking to them. Listening to the different experiences of the guests reminds me that so much of what we face in this business is universal. Give it a listen - it's honest, fun, and necessary.
Well done Ms. Libby. Real, raw, engaging, inspiring. So much more than food (but the food bits are great too). Can't wait for what comes next.
Finally, a well put-together podcast about one of my favorite topics, food! I love to travel, and taste all of the local foods. I am a new fan of this show and will tune in for future episodes.
I enjoyed listening to the conversation! Hosts are entertaining, good show with good content. This podcast is very smooth and i enjoy the conversational feel of the show!
I wasn't sure what to expect before listening to a show about food, but this was a real blast to listen to. These gals are funny and smart, and have a lot to say about everything! Great start ladies!
And it’s just getting started. The mix of humor keeps it interesting
Oh man! I love food! There is nothing more than hitting the all you can eat buffet!! Finally someone doing a podcast for people like me! Ladan Jiracek of Travel Wisdom Podcast
Such honest and engaging conversation....I could not stop listening!
Fun to listen to. Love the host. Love the laid back feed. Host does a good job of bringing her personality into it. You feel like you’re hearing a personal conversation. Would love to hang out with this lady!!
You are gonna love this show! The host are funny and knowledgeable and have a great time while delivering a great show with good content. I would highly recommend you giving them a listen. Try them at least 3 shows. They grow on you. Hank
What a joy to listen to a conversation between two great gals!!