Straight Red

Reviews For Straight Red

These guys are great. As close to the legendary Best Soccer Show that I have found.
At first it's constrictive, but after awhile it becomes a part of you.
LOVE IT. Always enjoy a soccer podcast that is informative and comical. Keep it up!
I'm a fan of backheel podcasts but straight red blind praise of mls, the players, U.S. National team makes me feel like I'm listening to extratime radio. There quick to jump and defend mls and usmnt of rightful criticism and sometimes just ignore it and brush it aside, and begin their hyperbole on how everything is and nothing is wrong.All of this put together makes me wonder if there being paid my mls. By far the worst of the backheel podcasts, who have done great podcasts with an unbiased and independent views on american soccer but has struck out with the straight red podcast by Don garber.
This show is emblematic of American soccer in 2005: true obscurity and vigorous mediocrity at best. But hey the show is developing and they are trying their hardest. Get on board people!
You guys rock!
Informative and entertaining ... and one of those guys sounds awfully familiar
It has only had a few episodes but it has been so good. Give it a listen. When it ends, you will wish there was more. That is a sign of a good thing.
Straight red podcast is just good. The puns the jokes. It's amazing. This is what we need in the American soccer landscape. Salute! Geoff .... Black guy head nod keep up the good work
Another stellar podcast that delivers the soccer news that I thrive for with some humor! Liked and subscribed!