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Brook gives thoughtful insights into current events, rooted in philosophy
Thank you, Yaron, for the spiritual fuel your podcast provides. It helps me enjoy my commute, it gives me motivation in my work, and it provides such a relief to hear a passionate voice for reason amongst so much irrational noise. What you do is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Yaron for your fiery passion in defending individualism! More than ever we need rational intellectual guidance to help make sense of what is going on in our country and the world.
I started to listen to this podcast hoping to hear the words of Ayn Rand, whom I admire, through Yaron Brooks. What a disappointment. We can agree on individualism and the greatness of capitalism, but Yaron is itching for war, and because Trump refuses to go to war with Iran, Russia, and North Korea, he joins the neocon warmongers like Bolton and other never-Trumpers. So his arguments for individualism sound hollow if he would send even more young men to die on these endless wars. For what? Nothing good ever comes out of these ridiculous wars which only increase the health of the state, and if anything, reduces individualism and personal rights. This is the first and last time I will listen to this guy! Too bad.
He is skilled at discussing theory and debating those who advocate socialism and forced altruism. His social commentary is often shallow and subject to his bias - which is fine as it’s his show but I find it annoying and prefer his shows which focus on theory or debate. The production of the podcast is very poor with consistent problems of volume, repeating ads, etc.
I look forward to hear Yaron’s take on the latest news. And I really appreciate the depth he sees in the ethics underlying today’s politics!
Yaron Brook is a exelent advocate for the important ideas found in Objectivism. More people should be exposed to thease ideas and this podcast is a great addition.
Dishonest and not up to snuff on Objectivist epistemology/
The best resource for learning about Objectivism especially as it applies to current events and listener questions.
This show digs into deeper issues than just what is happening in current events. If you’re new to the podcast, check out his older lectures. They’re fascinating!
Complete, unapologetic, rational egoism. Fuel to light the soul as the lights go out in the West.
The content is relevant, to the point, and enjoyable to listen to. Love listening to these on my car commutes.
Dr. Brook gives clear analysis on the ills of the world today and how to fix them.
I love this podcast. It provides a necessary dose of reason and insight on today's current events that is otherwise quite sparse.
Week after week, Yaron Brook takes on the key issues and concerns that we face. His analysis is insightful, candid and always interesting. This is a must listen for anyone values reason, individual freedom and capitalism.
If you read Objectivist literature, or even if you don't, Yaron Brook does a fine job applying it to current events. It's a depressing job but Mr. Brook puts out an excellent product that is worth your time.
Whether it is podcast, lectures, interviews, or my favorite debates, Yaron is the best. Keep up the good work and train lots of people for the future.
Concise, no PC crap, honest and without bias! Refreshing perspective! A "real" journalist. 🇺🇸
Great podcast, Yaron has a completely different view on the day's news and events than your traditional conservative or liberal. Every week he challenges my position on the days topics.
I have listened to all of the past episodes. Keep up the great work!
Love Yaron's show. He is not only very principled, but extremely intelligent on so many issues. Really enjoy all the topics he tackles. Take a listen! You'll be smarter for it.


Informative AND entertaining discussion. Thank you, Yaron!
I wish Yaron would do more than one a week. We need people like Dr. Brook to usher in a new age of enlightenment and reason!
Aaron breaks down issues very clearly, and supports everything he says with facts, presented through a rational philosophy. This is one of the only places to get real, unbiased, and enlightening information. 5 stars all day long.
Great show, Yaron dissects issues in a consistent and principled way. Very refreshing and much better than Amy Peikoff's show.
Yaron is great at explaining the problems with today's social and political systems. He gives unique, clear ideas for solving these problems.