Reviews For Hardcore Church Planting

I have really enjoyed listening to Pete and Peyton engage leaders as they talk about issues and solutions for the incredibly hard world of church planting. The variety of leaders they bring on the podcast are helpful for church planters, sending pastors and those supporting church plants. Of course, the final question is the capstone on this podcast. Thanks guys for your work!
I appreciate these guys. They bring a real and genuine heart and humor to challenging and releveant topics. Listen in and be blessed.
I'm a new planter and Pete and Peyton are great. Great resource to challenge and expand my thinking as a planter.
Most all of the interviews I’ve heard on this podcast are extremely edifying and inspiring. I love how down to earth the hosts and guests are and how vulnerable they are about the challenges and victories of church planting. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is even thinking of planting a church or who is currently a part of a new church plant.
This is the best podcast on the market for practical wisdom that has been tested in the field of church planting! These guys present life changing principles that will help any church planter or supporter of a church planter understand the challenges and joys of church planting! This podcast will reshape you into a Ninja for Jesus!
This podcast keeps me going! Let’s me know I’m not alone in the trenches. Subscribe and keep listening!
To quote that famous theologian, Calhoun.. From Wreck it Ralph."Fear is a four letter word ladies. If you wanna go pee pee in your big boy slacks, keep it to your self! Now if you wanna plant a church!? Then this is the site!
Saying the phrase "GO HARD” to a native Washingtonian is like turning the lights on in a dark house and hearing SURPRISE! It is time to put in work. Pet and Peyton are truly down to earth guys who don’t take life too seriously but take reaching the LOST seriously! The insight they bring has been extremely helpful for me in my planting journey.
There are many theory and methods, which anyone can read about; while these are good resources, this podcast lays out practical truths about problems, issues, failures, and successes of different church planters. This is the real deal! You’ll want to listen in.