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Love their banter and theologically sound discussions.
Has a nice spread of conversation, if you aren’t in to it one week, check the next and you will be hooked back in. Not being reformed I was worried, but its two (sometimes more) guys just having a good time and not taking themselves too seriously. The best way to define this show is from episode 132 “A Little of This and a Little of That” where they talk about movies and super hero’s but then talk about the death of Rachel Held Evans and Warren Wiersbe. They had a fun light heart conversation in the beginning and ended with something a little heavier and responded in a way that I thought showed grace and modeled how Christians should engage over people they disagree with.
Great content. I just wish Nathan would say “you know” half as much as he does! That’s my only hang up. Or take it and run with it. Make a These Go to 11 T-shirt that says #YouKnow on the back
That's right. It's a new word I made up JUST to descrbie this show. Good stuff, guys. Keep it up and keep it biblical as always. God bless.
TOTALLY cool and totally NOT lame.
I have been listening to this podcast for quite a while, and I have to say that I absolutely love this podcast. They are wonderful in their choice of topics and always gracious towards the people that they’re interviewing. More than that, I appreciate that they always want to go back to what the Bible actually says when they discuss the topic.
Whether is Nathan and Greg, Nathan and Steve, or Nathan and Zach (Zack?), the hosts always have something interesting to talk about. They get into theology, Christian living, social issues, and everything in between, and they're always open to talking outside their bubble. Their interviews are good, too. I especially liked their interview with Chris Date on the topic of annihilationism. Even when they don't agree with their guest, they're very graceious and respectful. They never get into heated arguments. And they're always tuned into pop culture, too. Shout out to Missional Wear.
Thanks for being real. #honesty #grace
Gentlemen, you have a great podcast. And I'm not just saying that to get free stuff (although... I do still expect the free stuff). It never fails to make me chuckle. In my humble opinion Zack (or is it Zach? I couldn't be bothered to look it up) is the best co-host yet. You guys should totally do a live show like the Happy Rant. Better yet, you could and the happy rant could do a mini conference wherein you would both do a live recording. Keep up the good work fellows. And as always, to hell with the devil.
What a fine podcast. I laugh, I cry. What a strange range of emotions. Loved the recent Stryper banter and the throwback mention of Petra. It brought me back to the concerts at church with lasers burning carpets near the baptismal pool. LOL -- Keep on keepin' on TGT11!
Even after two years of listening every week this is still one of my favorite podcasts i look forward to every week with interesting, natural flowing topics and conversation. While I miss Greg, and now miss Steve, Zach is a good host and has a great nerd chemistry with Nathan. I'm sure after a few months it'll be back up to five stars when i'm done mourning the co-host loss of Steve and Greg.
Now with more Zach. It’s evolve into a pretty cool podcast. Zach always makes me laugh out loud while wearing my headphones and thus embarrass myself in public. (And I’m not just saying this because I want a free sticker and mug).
I love listening to the podcast. I only recently started listening, but ive gone back and binge listened to a bunch, and I love it all. Great content.
The ratings only go to 5. Double my rating and add 1. (You do the math.) Love the addition of Zach. The conversation is casual yet not "Gut Check casual", which for some may be a relief. For me? I won't complain if Nathan and Zach start busting out some new energy drinks on-air and provide their on the spot reviews. Maybe Missional Wear will start making an energy drink with personalized branding...and not give any to Nathan, Zach, OR (especially?) Ted. Anything is possible. Keep cranking it at 11, guys!
Came across this podcast after listening to the Gut Check Podcast, and have really enjoyed what I have listen to. Nate and Zach do a great job of bringing reformed issues to the forefront doing so down to earth manner. Great sense of humor great topics covered enjoyed listening to both these dudes.
I have listened since the beginning. It was great back then and keeps getting batter! Zach was a great addition to the podcast. Love the discussions every week!
Wonderful Christ-centered pod about both profound and the practical theology! With the addition of Zach Bartels, it sounds like a morning drive talk show! I love it!!
This podcast is awesome, and even more so with the epic addition of Zach. These guys always have level-headed and biblical thoughts on interesting topics. Definitely recommend!
Its good to have a podcast that’s not hosted by stereotypically reformed “sticks in the mud.” Its refreshing.
I appreciate the range of topics covered by the podcast but I have not heard one on eschatology. I appreciate the different views from my own (dispensational, literal reading of scripture). I would like to hear more conversations regarding the church and culture as the recent exile episode. They have good guests and are easy to listen to. This is worth your subscription, imho.
Great conversations and insights, I’ll definitely be adding this to my stable of Christian podcasts.
I found this podcast recently and have been enjoying going back through. Love the book recommendations in the newer episodes.
These guys are like the friends that you want to hang with. Although I'm not smart enough to contribute to the conversation, I would love to just be in the room with these guys.
You know what this room needs? A podcast that's funny, relevant, light-hearted, and gospel-centered. What!? Look at that! It's right there. Greg and Nate are hilarious. In honor of there constant 80's and 90's references, I thought I'd try one. Movie trivia? Anyone? Here's another hint: Excuse me miss. I believe I ordered the LARGE podcast. HEEELOOOO! I love this podcast. Check it out.
These Go to 11 is my favorite podcast to listen to in terms of theological discussion and laughs. The banter is easy and fun, without being too snarky or overbearing. I never fail to laugh at Greg's dad-jokes and Nathan seems to keep everyone in line! Grace is a priority in each discussion, which is really an encouragement. Differing views are discussed in a welcome atmosphere, and there are always new, interesting topics each week. Thanks for your work, guys! Keep it up!
Hilarious episode with Zach Bartels. So many bad Christmas songs, stories and movies. Is Bartels Christmas sermons available to listen to? They sound awesome. Thanks guys!
Greg and Nathan and there various guests have found a sweet space of spiritual engagement, encouragement, and fun. I'd also say it's 99% heresy free. Once in a while, though. . . . Overall well worth listening to.


By Nevilk
I've noy listned to about five episodes (I always start new podcasts by downlaoding episodes with titles that look interesting) and I'm now hooked on this great podcast!
All over the map with a variety of topics. I've really enjoyed listening to these guys, especially the latest episode about comics.
These guys have great and in depth conversations and their theology is spot on. Very gospel centered. Only thing is... please please PLEASE go longer than an hour!!! Great podcast. Thanks guys.
This is a fun, eclectic Christian podcast that covers a lot of interesting subjects in an intelligent manner. However, I can't understand why they just don't make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?
Love it! Very engaging as I drive to and from work. And I love that Dr. Frame! He is so sweet and explains things so well! I enjoy how you all let me/us know of other podcasts. I listened to my first "Fundyland Sees Red" today. Also, I am not a beer drinker or a drinker at all really...and hearing Nathan talk about the different kinds of beers even makes ME crave one! lol. Keep it up fellas. Thanks for all you do. It is reaching a lot of people. Grace grace grace.
These bring a balance to their topics. I enjoy how they relate the topic to their journey. They may agree or disagree but they are willing to share the differences.
Friends, this here is Jimmy King Jr., the the firstborn son of the Rev. James King of James King King James Bible Preaching, Teaching, Believing Tabernacle. I heard my dad weigh in, live, on these fools 100th episode of their wicked anti-Godcast, and, oh friends, that COWARD Greg "Pass the Dutchie on the Left Hand Side" Dutcher hid from my dad's righteous fury and Godly indignation! I'm calling ALL of our KJV-only, true, Godly Christian brothers and sisters to subscribe to this satanic anti-Godcast if only to hear the ABSOLUTE FILTH and licey..., licenity..., LICENTIOUSNESS we at the Tabernacle are fighting against! You just might hear my dad, in all his Godly glory, chime in to spread God's truth and call out these wicked perverts they lure onto their show, undoubtedly with promises of filthy lucre and lewd interactions with demonic succubi. Just listen to the ABSOLUTLY DISGUSTING topic of the most recent episode, a CANADIAN, you read that right, folks, A CANADIAN giving his filthy opinion on Jesus' best friend on Earth, God's choice for POTUS, Donald Jefferson Trump! Oh friends, remember to pray that God would rain down His fiery judgment on these fools, but until he does keep listening so that we, God's chosen soldiers of the Tabernacle, would be better equipped to stand against such vile degradation. God bless America, and God bless Donald Trump. OH, GLORY!!!
This is my go-to podcast! I've been listening every week during my Saturday work route since September. Gregg, Nathan, and Steve are great! The show always leaves me entertained and processing thoughts. Perfect combination of wisdom and humor. Each topic is discussed with charity towards opposing views and with a Reformed Christian flavor. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for something contemporary, theological, and entertaining.
I love this podcast! I have listened to podcasts for years. Many of them have been great on content but take themselves to seriously and leave the joy out of theological matters. These are not rubber stamped discussions but a place where real considerations are made in light of the Scripture. As a reformed Bible-belter it is nice to hear those that I agree with and disagree with thinking out loud and in public. Thanks Greg and Nathan. Only complaint is I really want more of them.
This podcast covers a wide variety of topics from a reformed perspective. The different perspectives are discussed with humility and respect lending to the listener gaining a balanced and informed view of the topic at hand.
These guys take it to 11 and beyond!! Could not ask for a better podcast to listen to. Plus, they just had Tim Challies on! 😁🙌🏽👍🏽👏🏽🙏🏽
Excellent podcast. Large variety of topics, always handled responsibly and with measured discussion. Plus lots of fun. One of my favorites to listen to every week.
The few episodes I have listened to have been well-done. I like the diversity among the hosts (not just one or two guys ranting in lockstep, but true conversations and discussions). Not every episode topic pulls me in, but definitely keeping a watch for new episodes for my drive-time listening.
This oxymoronic podcast title was inspired by the Rev. King James when he called Challies a "Canadian Man"! I love the podcast, appreciate the laughs and am grateful for all the great guests you've had on. Keep it up! P.S. I'm still waiting for the follow up to the Stephen King episode. That was one of my favorites.
Great podcast. Thought provoking. Leading me to a perspective on freedom and grace that I desperately need in order to blast away at my performance mindset that simply doesn't work.
This podcast is at the top of my weekly listen list. Greg and Nathan are two excellent, God loving guys that keep me laughing and theologically challenged. Best reformed podcast out there. Better than the Pubcast. (Sorry Les and Tanner )
I have to admit the best part of this podcast is the Rev James King 😜. But Greg and Nathan are pretty good as well. They were born to be on the air. Fun stuff
This show is always uplifting and informative. I am always excited when a new episode downloads. Keep up the great work guys.
This podcast is very entertaining! As they say they are willing to talk about any topic. I love the willingness to talk to anyone about anything. One of my favorite episodes is the one when Greg and Nathan had Fara Aamir on as a gues to talk about the Serial series podcasts and growing up Muslim in America. I love Greg's willingness to have peaceful conversations when he has people that he talks to those he obviously disagrees with in some principles.I also love the willingness to talk about any theological or moral question and answering it with sound logic and biblical theology in mind. Also, if you are into any good show or movie or other form of art they often give great references to the best of entertainment, so you don't waste your time. HA! I often find myself opening my mind to the thoughts shared in the show. Ultimately it is great because the goal is to glorify Christ and they do a great job! Keep up the great show!
The podcasters always sound like they are having a really good time doing their show and it rubs off on the listener. Thanks guys for being yourselves?
Even though my pastor, Rev. James King of the King James Preaching/Teaching Ministry, hates this cast with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, it is my opinion that this is one of the finest podcasts I have listened to. I began listening after hearing Rev. King rail against it for weeks at a time and was immediately converted to a Calvinist, baby-baptizing, RPW holding, covenant theology believing, Reformed Christian. Obviously, I have yet to tell my beloved, fearless leader. Great cast guys! Keep up the good work!
I listen regularly and love their humble, personal style. Very few podcasts are as giving in terms of "real" life. Too bad about the B.O.