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I happened upon this podcast quite by accident when I googled how to do a data merge in InDesign. One of the podcasts is about just that and the material was presented so clearly and succinctly that I was able to get that rush job done about as quickly as if I was already an old hand at the process. I wish Mr. Murphy would do more of these. I am almost done watching all the old ones and would love to see more.
I'm a student in the Graphic Design department at RISD and I really appreciate that you have these video podcasts! RISD gave us a subscription to Lynda, which was incredible, but the subscription wore off before we had time to use it (having too much work to find the time to watch the videos). mostly we just have to learn on the go and ask each other, but I appreciate that you have your podcast because, when I do find the time, the videos are immensely thorough and helpful. I have CS4 and after reading through your list of things that are new about CS5 I'm jealous because a lot of them are things that I was frustrated about with CS4 (like scaling all at once, and scaling using dragging rather than percentages, and rotating without using a separate tool the way you can in Illustrator, and having the layers be detailed lists the way they are in Illustrator. I love layers, but in InDesign CS4 they're useless except for making guides.) so this is my longwinded way of saying a huge thank you thank you thank you!!! Becca
Not only is this the best InDesign podcast, this the best podcast regardless of the topic. This podcast should be required viewing for anyone thinking of doing a podcast. This is the way a podcast should be done, straight to the point, tons of useful information and no stupid jokes. I end up watching each podcast a couple of times because there is so much information in each one. Too bad Michael Murphy is not doing these on a regular basis anymore. Only two podcasts in 2009. Come back Michael, InDesign users need you!
i recently discovered this podcast and my only regret is that it took me so long. had i found it from it's inception, i would be even more proficient in indesign. michael murphy is that good. his podcasts are full of useful, practical and efficient lessons. he delivers them in a pleasant voice and he presents in an easy to follow format. i have learned countless lessons and tips from him that i have successfully mastered and applied to subsequent projects. there are other podcasts that are very good but the indesigner is the best, most applicable and necessary tutorial if you are serious about learning. many thanks for all you've taught me!
I'm amazed that I can spend 15 hour days using InDesign and still manage to learn something from every single podcast. This is a GREAT way to learn and a definite asset for designers.


One of the most helpful podcasts I subscribe to. Michael is easy to listen to and always has something helpful and interesting to show.
this is by far the most useful graphic design podcast out there. Unlike other podcasts (cough PSTV) it is not one big ad. Everything he shows you is useful and should be watched to increase indesign productivity. BAR NONE BEST PODCAST OUT THERE
I work in InDesign every day and while I've just started watching the video podcasts, I've learned enough to save myself hours of work. They are very informative and seem to address every need I encounter. While I can't watch it on my iPod Touch, I'll save them for my computer. Keep up the great work, Michael.
Not only this is the best InDesign podcast but its the best put together podcast of all topics I listen to, including photoshop, illustrator, lightroom and more. Great job and keep up the great work
This podcast not only gives the information you need, it has a wrap-up at the end that lets you know which features are best applied to a given situation. Clear instruction, informative direction, good visuals. Great job!
This is my favorite podcast -- video or audio -- on the Internet. A lot of what Michael covers is fairly simple, but he covers each step so well, so deliberately, that there is no chance of confusion. I come away from each lesson feeling grounded in that knowledge. And I know I can build my skills upon the solid framework that he has so expertly ingrained into my feeble InDesign newbie mind. Thanks, Michael.
is the best podcast for InDesign. Thanks for your podcasts, please keep them going!
Michael, you do a terrific job with this podcast, I'm new to InDesign and this is one of the best learning tools I've found. Even the more advanced tutorials are easy to follow and they put all these cool features within my reach as a beginner. Thanks for this great service.
I cannot believe how awesome this podcast is! Michael Murphy is phenomenal. No joke, tune in to this one.
Amazing job every time. He packs a huge amount of information into each episode, but does it in a way that it's clear and easy to follow. Keep up the great work!
This is a great podcast. I don't know how else to describe it.
This podcast has honed my intermediate InDe skills. Nested styles, text wrapping, you name it; if you want to know how to make your composition look better faster and easier, take a moment to gander at the podcast dealing with the issue most pressing... i heart it.
I cant wait for the next episode to be uploaded.
If I started to write a review, it would exeed the 6,000 character limit of dithering praises.
Michael Murphy's easy-to-understand presentation of inDesign's capabilities is amazing. I teach publication design at the high school level, and the inDesigner is accessible to the most novice of students, yet complex enough to amaze even the most seasoned.
My wife does not enjoy my bond with my Mac, but she downloaded theindesigner as a christmas gift for me, and surprisingly we watched the episodes from 1 to 45 together. That is what we did for Christmas. Now she wants to take over my Mac and play with InDesign, doing nothing. The fact that she can think of something and get it done in InDesign, she feels like a pro. Thanks Michael Murphy for geeking my wife. I can now say we are the perfect geek couple you will ever know about.
I've learned more from Michael's podcasts then I did at a technical school. Very informative, keeps me interested, and it's very easy to learn.
The greatest disappointment to me is that I have just discovered this podcast. I wish I had been subscribing from the beginning. Thanks for awesome, well thought out lessons that are immediately applicable. Your three lesson series on nested styles was superb.
Michael's refined, yet candid, approach to InDesign is superb—I highly recommend anyone seeking to enhance their InDesign skills to follow along with him. You are sure to learn pragmatic tips for a variety of common design situations. You will not be disappointed!
My company has decided to switch from Quark to InDesign. As we are soon to transition this pocast has confirmed that the switch is going to be the right decision. I am only 1/3 through the episodes so far and had to stop and write a review. The nested style sheets episodes rock. All I can say is thanks.
Michael Murphy's knowledge and clarity in his tutorials makes theindesigner the best tool for working designers. I have personally referred this pod-cast to dozens of people to help with their education and the education of others with InDesign. I refer to previous pod-casts daily when having to deal with specific problems in my designs.
Rare to find an instructional Podcast that always delivers new and useful information. I've been using InDesign for 5 years and this podcast still teaches me new things. Michael Murphy gives easy to understand instruction with clear examples, and he shows how to use what he's teaching under different conditions-- not just the one, made for show example that works only that one way. This is real-life experience useful stuff.


There really aren't enough stars for a review of this podcast. I'm new to InDesign and thought I was moving along quite well ... these lessons have put me in the fast lane, however. After watching episode 15, and seeing how easily many of the tasks I have been struggling with between Photoshop and Quark can be done with InDesign, I am anxious for my next creative project at work. Thank you, Mr. Murphy, this is a great learning tool that I plan to share with co-workers also learning InDesign.
I just moved from Apple’s Pages to inDesign and your tutorials are helping tremendously. I am not really a graphic designer, but your tutorials make the tasks I need to complete in inDesign soooo easy! Thanks and keep them coming!
Thanks for providing this great resource. It's a great mix of technical info, but presented in a VERY organized and logical manner. As I'm listening, many times I'll think of a question based on what you say. Nearly always, the next paragraph answers my question. Just in listening for a week (starting back at episode 1), I'm already implementing lots of changes to how I approach the program and projects. Thanks so much!
These podcasts have been an invaluable resource for bringing my dept up to speed as we make the switch from the other page design program to InDesign.
Mr. Murphy presents and intelligent and witty alternative to most of the other Adobe-related podcasts available. I am an ACT in InDesign/Photoshop/Acrobat and I use some of his techniques in my classes. From one New Yorker to another: Keep up the great work Mike!
As a designer myself, I have looked in many places for resources like this. So far, theindesigner podcast is the best. Packed full of information, quick tricks, and professional advice, and relevant information, one can learn more from this podcast than anywhere else. Keep up the great work, and keep the podcasts coming.
I can't say enough about Michael Murphy's presentations. They're clear, easy to understand and logically presented. I found myself quickly and easily making use of the concepts taught in each of his podcasts (the content of the three episodes on nested styles is mind blowing). Mr. Murphy is thoughtful, articulate and is well-prepared for each episode. Devoid of inside jokes, stammering, verbal pauses and mindless blather, his well-organized podcasts make every moment count by filling them with intelligent, comprehensive and relevant instruction.
Someone at Macintouch recommended these tutorials highly. I'll say! The Nested Styles series ought to save me two entire weeks over the next year. Mr. Murphy is an inspirational a designer as he is a technian.
I really get a lot out of this podcast! there is so much good stuff in every episode. stuff I never knew I needed to know, but nw that I do, it has shaved time off of EVERY project I do! Thank you Michael!
Michael Murphy has a pleasing voice and informative style. Every episode has been informative, even before he went to video. Very brisk delivery, but, of course, you can pause and go back. If you use InDesign, this podcast is a must. Bravo!
Michael Murphy's podcast is a fantastic source of information on InDesign and a shining example of sharing that information with others for free. Having entered the design world through the back door and never having been formally trained in InDesign, this podcast has already provided me with a number of real eye-openers. If the basics of InDesign have gotten you by so far, take the next step and learn from Michael! Thank you for a great podcast!
This is a must listen/watch podcast. Michael shows you the how as well as the why of designing with Indesign. His explanations are simple and his methods easily followed.
As a recent Quark convert, this is indespensable. Kudso to Michael for delivering quality content for professionals without making them feel like novices again.
These podcasts are really worth the time. Michael does a fantastic job explaining things thouroughly and no matter what level designer or InDesign user you are, chances are you WILL learn something.
Michael will prove his ability to teach InDesign within the first minute of any one of his podcasts. I especially like the fast pace which is the way I like to learn. If you consider yourself a "knowledgable user" it will take many of your intermediate skills to an advanced level. A great big thanks to The InDesigner.
I need to learn InDesign fast, and Murphy's articulate explanations and visuals have been super helpful. For me, it's much easier than flipping through a book. Great job!
must listen to for anyone using indesigner
This is a great podcast for those designers just making the conversion from Quark to InDesign as well as those of us who've been using it a while but haven't tapped in to all the keyboard tricks. Will definitely be back for more.
This is a great resource for InDesign users! The information provided is on the medium level of complexity. One has to have some knowledge of page layout to appreciate everything that is provided, but even experienced users can pick up very helpful tidbits here and there. The video portions are well done and easy to follow and answer response time on the blog for visitor comments is first rate! Very fast and helpful with answers to comments.
I finally got around to watching the first video episode of this podcast, and my jaw literally dropped (literally!) when I saw what Michael did with Nested Styles. I sat there stunned by how much time and effort Nested Styles will save me. Since then I have learned a lot from these episodes, and I'm planning to recommend theInDesigner to all of my InDesign-using friends. The production values are also excellent -- the video demonstrations are perfect for really seeing how it works. I do mainly books and book covers in InDesign, and what I have learned from theInDesigner is going to save me lots of time and hassle and help produce much better results. Thanks, Michael!
Easily the best podcast I subscribe to. Michael Murphy is always interesting, always engaging, and doesn't waste your time with a lot of pointless chit-chat. If you're using InDesign, this is the podcast you want to listen to, matter what your skill level.
Anyone who works with InDesign can benefit from the tutorials in this podcast. Michael Murphy is adept at conveying good design practices and revealing features of the program which you may not be aware of. There are so many revelations and slap-your-forehead moments in every episode. I was amazed at how much I learned just watching the videos.