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Please let each other finish their thoughts. I want to hear everyone, but it's annoying when you all talk over each other. I'm listening to your most recent show and one guy tried saying the same couple of words about 3 times while the rest of you interrupted him.


By Ospopo5
I listen to several Disney podcasts and this one is one of my least favorites. I try to give it a try but always tend to stop a quarter way through. Need better content and more reviews on Disney. Sounds like a fun group of hosts but tend to lose me with their humor. Hard to hear audio as well.
I've been listening to lots of Disney podcasts for several years. The panel on this one is consistently listenable. Not too much Disney cheerleading, not too overbearing in their opinions, just the right balance of news, views, and silliness.
The first time I listened to this podcast, I didn't really get it. The crew laughed a lot but I didn't always know what they were laughing about. Fortunately I continued to listen. There are lots of inside jokes and general silliness on the show and if you give it time you'll be laughing right along with them. What I really like about this show is that they cover ALL things Disney. They cover all the American parks, east coast and west. But if you'd like to know about Disney movies, Disney on TV, even Disney financials this it the place to go.
This isn't your 'overproduced' podcast looking to cram in as many sponsors as they can. It has heart and clearly everyone on it has a true love for the Disney Parks. Imtigger (that's me!) says to check this one out. You'll love it!
I love this podcast. I eagerly wait for it to be posted every Friday. I agree with some other reviewers that the audio quality is not the best, but the cast more than makes up for it. I think the thing I like the most is that you feel like you are sitting down with a group of friends discussing one of your favorite topics. They are all hilarious to listen to - for their individual wits as well as the way they play off each other. If you like casual, well-informed discussion about all things Disney, this is the podcast for you!
Plain & simple the format of this podcast is my favorite. Having a panel of hosts gives you different points of view on the different topics. It is my can't miss Disney thing of the week because of how much fun this podcast is.
Been listening to a variety of Disney podcasts for about a year and am now weeding some of them out. Not this one! It is a real keeper! Look forward to every hilarious episode. Love Rebekah's giggle. These guys are obviously great friends and having a great time!
This is the one of the best disney podcast on itunes. It's funny and informative. I can't wait every week to find out what is going to be featured on the cast.
I think the show is funny and informative. For those people who don't care for the tongue in cheek humor I think they are missing the point and should listen to something else. These folks who host the podcast know what they are talking about and love Disney. This is one of the best Disney fan podcasts around.
I have really enjoyed this podcast since it came out. They go over a pluthera of different topics, and they dont let it get stale. They look at the Walt Disney Company from the fantasy stanpoint, but also the business side as well, and I find it very interesting. I have tried out a lot of different Disney podcasts, many of them with a better production and sound quality, but this is the only one that I am a repeat listener, and never miss an episode. Keep up the good work, please.
I enjoy listening to this podcast because it I like how they put their own unique spin on each segment. They have made this podcast their own and I have really enjoyed the past few shows a lot. This show has improved a great deal.
Nice structured format yet not serious at all. could improve the audio quality but the the personalities & content keep me going & coming back for more!
The quality of the interviews could be a heck of a lot better. The poor quality is so bad that it's unlistenable. The hosts and personalities you just can't take seriously during the show. Overall, the shows content and hosts need to be taken care of. It's like watching a train wreck every week.
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