Reviews For The Japan Considered Podcast

I am not by any means knowledgeable in international relations, especially Japan/US relations, but this podcast introduced me to fresh political issues affecting Japan and the US without fancy vocabulary or boring, long-winded analysis. This is an excellent podcast where you can jump in at any time with little political knowledge about Japan and you will learn at least something about the current state of affairs. Dr. Angel is enthusiastic, yet down-to-earth and explains current agendas in plain English terms in a way that other international relations podcasts do not. For those like me who have not yet studied extensive history of the Diet or political candidates, he will go over specific historical background that influences the current topic without going off-track or losing the listener's interest. Dr. Angel also provides very insightful what-ifs regarding current affairs and the paths they may take, revealing a bigger picture that the listener can take into account. It is updated frequently, so I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to see how current Japan/US political events unfold as they happen. I learned so much after listening to 3 of his podcasts, and I find myself looking forward (almost impatiently) to new episodes to hear how these events turn out.