1928 Daily Morning Prayer

Reviews For 1928 Daily Morning Prayer

I am not Anglican (Oriental Orthodox), however I enjoy starting many days with this. The prayers are rich in beauty and deep in meaning, especially for those of us who come from similar liturgical traditions. (There are just not many other podcasts which feature daily matins so this one is invaluable.) My only constructive comment would be that the actual sound quality itself can sometimes be inconsistent...
I don’t know your name but thank you so very much for your service leading me in prayer. I just discovered this and will listen and pray with and for you every day if you and GOD are willing. Thank you so much.
I appreciate the time and effort Father Ian (and formerly Father Eric) have put into producing this podcast for each weekday. Fr Ian’s care and pastoral heart is evident throughout the year he has been recording these. While I prefer a wider variety of canticles to be read after the readings, this is probably my favorite daily office podcast. For those who don’t have the 1928 Prayer Book, don’t let that scare you off: I have been able to follow along very well using the 1979 Prayer Book- if you flip around a little, you can get about 95-99% of the 1928 office of morning prayer (less the Psalms and lectionary).
I was looking for a podcast of this nature and was happy to find this one. Unfortunately, the reader’s voice is monotone, failing to reflect with seriousness the words he is reading. For example, he reads, “make a joyful noise to the Lord” but sounds like he’s bored with life and/or is about to fall asleep. Perhaps some people can learn to look past this, but myself being new to liturgy, it fits too closely the long standing critique of liturgy as “simply going through the motions” or being a “dead practice”. I write this review in the hopes that improvements can be made upon his reading style! I’m confident my observation is the opposite of what he is hoping to communicate.
I love listening each morning. It is certainly a blessing!
As a bi-vocational priest, it's nice to have something in my feed if I unintentionally miss Mattins. Simple, classical.
Very well done. I've become so accustomed to it; helps get the day off to the best possible start.