Learning Not To Swear with Ted Lyde

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I love Ted. It was a pleasure to participate in this podcast, but more importantly, Ted's voice is really important in this space. His views and approach to current issues is well informed. And he has the ability to let his guests guide the conversation while he gets the most interesting information from them. Many more to come, I hope.
The guest makes the interviewer shine and Ted has interesting guest. The problem, for me, is they are all of a certain elk. I will keep tuning in even though, at times, I feel like the uninvited guest.
Ted Lyde manages to capture people's stories in a way that is not only relatable but funny and entertaining as well. Love how he shares his thoughts and opinions while still being reciptive and open-minded. The show really captures what it is to tackle this thing called life while still remaining upbeat. There is something for everyone humor, love, relationships, and a unique insight into the world of show biz.
If everyone took their weekly 60min dose of Tedicine, the world would be a better place.
This podcast is the best of many worlds - thought provoking, funny, entertaining and sentimental in the best sense. The host’s manner - self depreciating yet witty - make the guests stand out. Listen because you’ll learn while you’re being entertained.
But, I've laughed. I've cried. I've learned a thing or two. And, really enjoyed every single podcast.
...but when I do, I listen to "Learning Not to Swear" with Ted Lyde. Stay entertained my friends!
Ted is funny, thoughtful, genuine, and insightful. Each episode is completely different and an enjoyable mix of humor and interesting interviews. I'm an avid podcast listener and this one stands out from the rest for me. Wouldn't miss it!
Truthfulness is Rare.

By tlyde
Enjoyable, Candid and Funny Conversation,
Ted Lyde is an actor, a husband, a father and a very funny guy! So glad he finally has the creative outlet he needs to get his comical views on life off of his chest and into your ears. Bravo Ted you are off to a great start!