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I like that you let your kid tell part of the story #GREAT also I like how it’s all the stories are the fairy tale type like Snow White.
Sorry is not bad. I do agree with the other reviewer about the child in the background. It made the podcast very unprofessional. Would be totally cute to be a keep sake for that child. However, not a good choice for a podcast setting.
I hear 👂🏿 crying I hate it


How old are they?!?🤔
I loved it
Totally uninteresting and meandering. Plus there's a kid crying in the background. Totally unacceptable for a podcast publish. Sorry guys. Keep these for your personal records.
These podcasts are about giving a child (and a father) permission to not only enter the theatre of the mind, but to walk onstage and participate. That’s where the greatest stories of all time have always been told—independent of Hollywood special effects. Most adults don’t think they’re creative because they’ve never given themselves permission to be. The hope is that after enjoying a few Stories Before Bed, a brave father or mother will think to themselves, “I could do that too.”
My two-year-old daughter loves listening to these. So creative and clever. Keep them coming!
These bedtime stories are great. My favorite is to hear the young voices coming up with ideas on the spot!
My kids love these stories! It's so simple, yet so entertaining. My kids love listening to the stories and it gives us fun ideas for our own bedtime stories.
These are great stories for kids. It’s simply a dad and his young son creating a bed-time story. The son creates most of the content which causes some unique and creative twists. It’s a great podcast for dads that are searching for ideas for bedtime stories for their kids.
My kids love these stories. As a dad, it is great to sit around and listen to these stories with my kids. They are fun and entertaining, the kids can’t wait for more “Story Before Bed”! They ask me everyday to know if there is a new story online. Keep them coming, these are great!