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Found this podcast by accident and love it. It’s creepy, and lots of fun. Keep up the great work =)
I’ve never played much Call of Cthulhu, but the podcast is a great advertisement for it.
How We Roll has a couple of core games they play which they do very well. They also branch out and try new things. Their audio quality is good and the cast members gel well together to make a very interesting listening experience. Add to this having participation from well respected game developers and designers such as a Scott Dorward, and doing crossovers with other popular podcasts, and How We Roll is really the complete Actual Play package.
Well done, lads! Larf? New to the podcast and working my way through. Reminds me of when I played CoC ad nauseam as a teenager in the 80s. I’ll be getting back into it with the mates from those days now that I’m aware of the online capabilities of gaming these days. Keep it up!
Played CoC for the first time about six months ago and the whole world captured my imagination. Started reading Lovecraft and his circle, and for the first time in my life wanted to listen to actual play podcasts. Have tried a bunch and for me this one is the best!
This is by far my favorite live play RPG podcast. The story, characters, and settings are incredibly well thought out. The play/acting is outstanding, and you can tell they are having fun. I have gotten so many ideas for my own games from this show. The first four or five episodes of curse of Strahd (Joe runs the group through The Death House) is particularly outstanding. Can not recommend this podcast any higher!
Hi, guys. I’d like to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying listening to your adventures. I found your podcast randomly and started at the beginning because I’m a huge fan of CoC and have been playing for years. Your podcast is really good, it’s got a great production value, everyone has fun, your GM is excellent, and your role playing is spot on. I’m just starting chapter 7.1 right now, episode 67 it’s listed as from May of 2016, can’t wait to get all caught up. Thanks for this, it’s wonderful.
This is my absolute favorite actual play podcast. Joe is an amazing GM that really puts the time in to craft/modify his campaigns to engage both his players and his audience. He is joined by a rotating cast of top notch players that take their characters seriously while not being afraid to have some fun at their expense. I would also recommend them to anyone who wants to get into Call of Cthulhu. You will have a blast listening to them while learning the mechanics and flow of the game. Also, thanks to Scott Dorwood for running 2 Headed Serpent. I needed Joe as a player in my life and didn't even know it.
Highly recommended. A+ DM and crew. Lovely effects and atmospherics. Genuinely funny people, too!
Really enjoyable cast and fantastic keepers/DMs. I think I’ve listened to close to 150 episodes in less than a month. I like the D&D portions, but I absolutely love the Call of Cthulhu episodes. Continue the great work. Now, Back to bingeing!
Joe is an excellent DM. And Owen seems like a fun guy. But what a bummer about the others.
I have been listening to How We Roll for a little over a year now and it is by far the best Call of Cthulhu RPG Podcast I have come across. Joe the game Master is superb. He knows exactly when to speak up and when to let the players figure it out for themselves. The adventures are entertaining and the players (Kuran Eoghan?, Dave, Liisa, Niall and Aaron) are enthusiastic to the point that at some points, I forget I’m listening to a game. Special shoutout to Scott Dorward as well who makes cameo appearance as game master. This guys a master of the spooky and pulpy. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this podcast and he people who make it. Cheers to How We Roll. Let’s see you lads in Boston for pax east next year!
I love How We Roll. Every new episode goes to the top of my podcast queue. The excellent players bring the right amount of seriousness, humor, fun, and they really mix character work and player work together to make an enjoyable show. This is a group that you’d really want to play with. Joe is an excellent dm/gm/keeper. He really makes the stories unique, enjoyable, horrifying, and fun. He sounds like a fan of the players and of the worlds. Finally editing and sound effects really keep the mood of the game up and moving. It’s part radio drama, part actual play. They do a solid job of making it interesting for the listener. I can’t say enough good things about this show. It’s my favorite gaming podcast. No. It’s my favorite podcast period.
How We Roll is one of my favorites. The quality is superb and they have great stories and characters.
Started with the Haunting and I am hooked! The Keeper is great and the players are so very entertaining. I’m looking forward to hearing the other episodes. Well done!
One of the best!
Long time fan of D&D and the Ravenloft campaign. I stumbled upon this podcast when I was reading about the release of Curse of Strahd and looking for someone who has run the introductory adventure Death House. Really enjoyed the DM storytelling, the characters, and their development. I proceeding to binge listen to the 50 episodes. I knew nothing of Call of Cthulhu but decided to give it a listen by starting at the beginning. I am really enjoying the CoC stories but Episode 1 of Return to Innsmouth sealed the deal for me. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the CoC stories and then moving on to season 3 of Curse of Strahd.
I’ve been a fan of tabletop games for about 6 years now and many podcasts out there focus on D&D but how we roll always provides an amazing listening experience for those looking to dip their toe’s in the more macabre and grossly fascinating World of Call of Cthulhu, 5/5 keep going you guys are amazing!!!
I was looking for some help prepping for my first CoC campaign when I stumbled upon this great podcast. I’m continuing to enjoy the further adventures of the crew as I listen to more episodes. Love it!
You just need to listen to the podcast to truly understand how magical it is. Words alone cannot do it justice. The players have a lot of fun and are passionate about their characters. The DM/GM is absolutely dedicated to providing a top-notch production each and every time, and it shows in his scenario preparation and editing. Do what I did and start with Curse of Strahd. Channel your inner-Netflix and binge listen to that campaign first. It's an extreme amount of fun and adventure! Once you've reached the cliffhanger episode of CoS Season 2, turn your attention to the very first podcast episodes and embark on even more adventure experiencing the horrors of Call of Cthulhu. As with Curse of Strahd, you are going to encounter a few guests along the way from other podcasts. These guests are clues that HWR isn't simply a mere podcast, but a first-class vessel that transports you to an entire community of great podcasts and great people, because greatness attracts greatness. Stop what you are doing and start listening to this fantastic podcast right now.
Always a pleasure to listen to. How We Roll does a stupendous job bringing the adventures to life while leaving the right amount of room for improv. Joe is by far one of the best GMs I’ve encountered, and is a master of reigning in the party, and nudging them along, while providing a fun experience for both players and listeners. What’s more, the group uses the platform to expertly convey the rulesets and showcase the experience - it’s been a great way to learn the games and pick up some top-notch GM techniques. As if that weren’t enough, they provide some of the best interviews I’ve heard within the roleplaying industry. Honest and engaging, with a great variety of interviewees. 10/10 Would fail my insanity roll again.
I find this podcast to have many good qualities. The crew seems like they are enjoying themselves and it feels natural to listen, yet the podcast is also nicely edited. Listening to this reminded me of how entertaining tabletop RPGs are, and I got back into them partially thanks to the HowWeRoll crew.


Love the podcast. The group has great energy and all sync really well with one another. I’m hooked!
Definitely the best group of people playing the coolest games and creating pro level audio storytelling.
I have never a huge fan of actual play podcasts. They just were never for me as I could never get engaged...until now! These guys are just so entertaining to listen to and their chemistry is absolutely captivating. They have found the perfect balance between super serious story telling and cutting up with each other. Joe is a great GM and you can tell he pours so much into these stories. I started with their run through of Curse of Strahd Death House and it was fantastic.
Like the title says, these guys are the best batch of players and keeper I’ve had the chance to listen to! It’s a very professionally made podcast all around. The audio is well done, and most games have a few fun twists on classic scenarios!
Enjoyed the show. Good player chemistry, soundtrack and foly effects. Like how the storyline was enhanced and skewed for the Death House. I may have to incorporate some of the elements into my own game. Really nice and succinct RPG podcast!
And Joe the GM really knows his stuff and is a committed storyteller. Every episode is enetertaining in its own way and each is worth a listen.
Without realizing it, I managed to binge the entirety of their produced episodes in the last two months. The Keeper/DM is great, and their core players create really interesting characters, especially in Call of Cthulhu, but also in D&D. There is a really good balance of humor and tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially at the end of an episode (which is probably why I binged it). It feels like storytelling is really integral to their gameplay, and that’s what makes their podcast so compelling.


By Garp-O
This podcast is truly one of my absolute favorites! The production quality is absolutely fantastic. I’m pretty new to DnD but currently running Curse of Strahd for my friends. I really love hearing an experienced dm as well as hilariously clever characters play! Keep up the great work!
A most excellent podcast. Top notch entertainment!
Love the unique horror elements so much I’m bringing them to my home game and it’s got my mind opened to other ideas. Really one of my muses at this point, great job lads!!
How We Roll is one of my favorites. I found it accidentally a few years ago, binged it, and haven't looked back. Joe is a fantastic GM, and the effort he puts into each episode shows. From reworking story elements to editing, the end product is stellar. The players are not to be forgotten either. Whether it's a regular or a guest, they come to the table ready to play. I recommend HWR. Download their stuff, and go support them on Patreon. You won't regret it.
This podcast is in my top 5 D&D podcasts. When a new show is uploaded everything stops and I put my headphones on and settle in. The DM is spot on and all the PCs are funny and you really care for them. I’m new to the party but this show rolls nat 20s every time.
This podcast has been going for a while, and the cast is awesome to listen to! With a great backlog to get started with, I’d recommend this to anyone! Keep it up!
How We Roll is an actual play podcast that focuses on horror themed material. They have done a number of scenarios from the Call of Cthulhu role playing system as well as darker themed Dungeons and Dragons content. Engaging players, amusing banter and above average production. Well Recommended.
These guys were my first D&D podcast I've listen to, and they are still my top 3 favorites. So versatile in story telling, character connection, and game play. They do Curse of Strahnd, One shots, and some very creative Call of Cthulu (my favorite of their series.) A great introduction to the genre's and just all around great hosts!
I especially like the Call of Cthulhu episodes. They’re serious but not afraid to be funny too.
Joe and the HWRP cast of characters run D&D and Call of Cthulhu, and they do it well. Very well. I am always engaged in the story and delighted by the humor. Give it a listen, and you'll be glad you did.
One of the best roleplaying podcasts out there. I've always been a Lovecraft fan and I loved running Ravenloft so this show is a real treat for me. Nice little touches add to the overall atmosphere. Makes my work day feel half as long because I feel like I'm sitting in on a bunch of my friends cracking jokes and slaying monsters. Keep it up and I'll keep listening!
Great job, guys! Excellent roleplaying and Keeping, presented in a very entertaining way! Very nice sound effects and music, really helps set the mood. I have been playing but mostly Keeping Call of Cthulhu for most of 30 years now (since 1987, 3rd Edition), many different players and groups have come and gone,and you guys playing some of the same scenarios I have run really brings back the memories! Thanks again and Cheers from Texas!
My favorite RPG podcast. Great interplay between the players, interesting scenarios, strong DMing, excellent dynamics to learn if you host or play your own Cthulhu games. Highly recommended. This becomes a 1-star review if Ken Reeves doesn't return in 2018 though. He's the light of humanity holding back the darkness.
It all started as me hunting for anything (anything at all) to listen to during a long cross country trip. I stumbled upon “How We Roll” by accident. Not only did I get that warm feeling when you get together to play an RPG (or really anything) with good friends, it rekindled my interest in D&D and CoC. A trip through the Death House, Barovia, and a misadventure at Strahd’s castle reminded me of the ridiculous, exciting (yes really), but most of all FUN times I’ve shared in the realm of RPGs. Laughing at magic missiles taking the form of hearts (or penises), frantic pie-eating adventures, and awakened cat/monk guest stars. With Joe as the fearless DM in most instances trying to keep everyone on point (except for when he’s playing my new favorite Ken) And everyone else on the crew (sorry, I’m horrible with names, Joe just says his a lot)... just making it FUN. That’s what you get from the “How We Roll” crew. Whether they’re playing undead dwarves with beards glued to their skeleton or ridiculously posh heiresses going violently mental from multiple bouts of insanity, fun is the most important thing. That’s why I chose to be a sponsor (admittedly much later than I should have). “How We Roll” has injected some much needed fun into my life over the past six months. I look forward to each weekly update while making my hour long commute, and I look forward to whatever adventure in camaraderie “How We Roll” embarks upon next. I can’t recommend them enough.
I've been listening to their CoC adventures. They have all been a treat!
This show is really great if you’re looking for a top notch actual play podcast.
These guys are hilarious. The Curse of Strahd....amazing job!!
Can't recommend this show enough!!! Get listening!!! Only complaint is that my commute isn't long enough to listen to a whole episode one way...
This is a great show! I had never played Call of Cthulu before and after my brother showed me this podcast I was absolutely hooked and listened to every episode. The entire cast are excellent role players that help paint a vivid and often horrifying storyline, with just the right amount of humor and throats punches along the way. Joe's GM style and voices are tremendous as well, which make every Cthulu and D&D scenario unique, enjoyable and exciting. I would give these guys a 10 out of 5 if possible, and highly suggest checking the show out. You guys rock!