Finding Arizona Podcast

Reviews For Finding Arizona Podcast

Jose and Brittany’s podcast is one of a kind. Their talent is sharing the talent of others. Each guest is so inspirational and makes me want to get out and try new things and support cool businesses. Keep it up, guys!
I would have used more intense words to describe this show but there is something so innocent and humble about it. It's legitimately what the description tells you. People who love where they come from having genuine conversations with locals. They're excited for these conversations and soothingly soft spoken. There's such kindness and love behnd this show. I'll also say that for the type of show that this is I expected lower quality but it's actually one of the better sounding nich shows I've ever heard. This show is about building a community and I think it's doing it's part. 10/10
I have absolutely love listening to this podcast as it really helps showcase all the amazing & very talented people that Arizona has to offer. Jose asks such great questions & Britt is magic behind the camera. Together they really bring this podcast to life.
This local AZ couple is truly tapped in to their community and is such a shiny diamond mind of connection, Good Vibes and sharing information. They find the best of local Arizona talent, businesses and entrepreneurs and let it all get so real and down to earth in the studio. Keep doing you guys, love what you have here!
I had the best time on this PODCAST! Pure GOLD!! I love that they are shining light on the incredible STATE OF AZ!! Xoxo adore you two!
Jose and Brittany are doing a great job representing Phoenix as one of THE places to be for entrepreneurs, arts and all things AZ! After episode I feel hipper to the places to shop, eat and drink at.
Jose and Brit are great! In depth podcast with great arizona changemakers!
I love getting to know the artists behind local businesses
Jose and the rest of the War-Cry Warrior staff are doing great things for local Arizona entrepreneurs. Subscribe and stay tuned for more to come!!!