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Tony provides a Christian World View perspective that Americans need. Regardless of religion, his interviews and commentaries echo universal principles that work to propel us all forward for a better America.


By okccal
Washington Watch Weekly is one of the few places that you can hear the truth about what's happening in our country. It's sad that hate filled organizations and people abhor anything that speaks against their lifestyle or what they want. The United States' historically Biblical and family based values began with our first settlers and continued until the 20th century when we decided to change history, devalue human life, and value unnatural and immoral behavior. This program tells us how we are being pushed, by a very small minority of people, down a path of destruction and/or insignificance similar to what has already happened in Europe. Truth is not hate! It's just truth. It may go against my lifestyle or other's lifestyles. Truth may hurt my/your feelings, but it's still truth.
I realized just how hate filled Mr. Perkins is in the last week listening to his giddiness at the failure of the legislation that would lift DADT from the military. On any issue or problem that is a priority to the nation to solve, Perkins will take the side of the Dominionists that are attempting to push this country into a theocracy. He represents a dead theology that wants to impose evil and self-important Christianity onto the rest of us. This podcast is really not worth your time.
Unfortunately you just don't get truthful info in the extremely left biased major news media anymore. You do get it here. FRC is pro Constitution, pro Bible, and pro truth. Whether the heterophobes, Biblephobes, or Lefties like it or not, truth is truth,and right is right. Stating the truth scares many people, which is unfortunate, so they will not even listen to info from an organization like FRC. They will, however, trash it without ever listening. Give it a chance and, if you're truly honest and believe in our Constitution, you can't help but agree FRC gives correct info, whether you like it or not.
I have reviewed numerous FRC Podcast and found them to be very informative, helpful and remarkably honest. Their analysis of current events is refreshingly candid and unashamedly pro God, pro family and pro America. My two points of frustration with FRC are (1) their Podcast are only 28 minutes (not longer), and (2) they only post their Podcast weekly (not daily). Bravo FRC for setting the standard for news and analysis reporting.
All too often we ordinary citizens are not informed as to what is happening in our Capitol. This podcast pulls back the curtain and gives us insight to important issues in our lives that don't make the nightly news. Great job; keep up the good work!