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I stumbled upon Marley's podcast about 6 months ago, and have already binge-listened to almost ALL of them. =) As a food blogger, it's incredibly refreshing to find such an informative, helpful, inspiring, and FUN podcast. From the very first episode I listened to, I immediately connected with Marley's sweet and caring nature and the way she truly cares about each guest on the show (and the listeners!). You can just feel her energy and dedication to helping other food bloggers. I also really enjoy the variety of topics on the show and I'm finding myself looking forward to when each new one comes out. But the best part- I'm finally seeing a lot of success with my blog and I can truly say what I've learned on 'The Chopped Podcast' has been a big part of this growth. Thank you!! =) Christin McKamey
I’m really getting a lot out of this podcast. Marly is a great interviewer and I like her empathetic, knowledge-seeking style. I appreciate the little “blurbs” at the very beginning. Gives me a little taste of what I can expect from the guest without having to listen to a long intro. Keep them coming!
I got some great tips and motivation from your interview with Brandi Crawford. Keep up the great work!
What a lovely way to learn from successful bloggers about the behind the scenes of being a food blogger. I aspire to have such great knowledge to share one day. Great guest, lovely conversations.
Marly is a successful blogger who talks with experts, fellow bloggers, and talented creatives who share their stories and knowledge. She has a super warm interviewing style and you’ll feel like you’re spending an hour with a friend.
Just listened for the first time to your podcast with Katie from Healthy Seasonal Recipes. It was inspiring and had such smart ideas! Definitely subscribing!
Thanks for creating such a helpful and inspiring podcast, Marly! I enjoy listening to conversations with my fellow food bloggers. In particular I love how Marly tackles both tactical tips tp get great results, plus heart-led strategies to make blogging more enjoyable and rewarding. Keep up the great work!
Chopped is a podcast I listen to each week and I love hearing about the lives of bloggers and industry experts. I especially enjoy hearing how they have developed their businesses. Great info, thanks!
Love the topics and great questions.
I'm so glad I found this podcast! I'm a lifestyle blogger and write about various topics including food, travel, and style. I listen to a handful of podcasts but none of them are geared towards my niche. And while this podcast is technically for food bloggers, I find so much value in every episode and can easily apply the concepts to my own blog. I love listening to Chopped and feel inspired and informed after each episode. I also enjoy listening to Marly and feel like I can hear her talking even when I read her emails now :)
I am a food blogger who works fills time and this podcast is a HUGE source of support and inspiration to keep me going. I love to listen to episodes while cooking and photographing my recipes, it’s like a friendly support group while I’m plugging away at my dreams. Keep up the good work Marly!
I’m a freelance food writer and I have to say this podcast really touches upon all aspects of the food blogging life. I love the fact that it’s not just for people who own their own there own blogs. I have learned so many helpful tips just by listening to this podcast.
A must listen if you're thinking of getting into the food blogging world or are already a food blogger! So many great insights!
This podcast is so helpful for staying up to date with the current recommendations in terms of building your blog and social media following. There’s a great variety of guests covering the gamut of the food blogging world. Marly has a wonderful warmth and open heartedness, as well as a thirst for learning, and I especially enjoy FriChats with Cara from Fork & Beans.
Love, love, love this podcast! It's always great to hear from fellow food lovers and guests. The different perspectives and conversations are always inspiring and provide great creative drive for me. Keep it up!


By Ksfejf
I learn a lot listening to this podcast and enjoy the topics. I particularly enjoyed the latest episode on being vulnerable and authentic.
This is such a down to earth and friendly podcast with such valuable information. Marly does such an amazing job and I love hearing he thoughts and guests!
I listen to this podcast every week religiously and it's such a great resource for Food Bloggers and find it to be such a supportive podcast that covers so many helpful topics.
I've been food blogging since 2008 and still find a tremedous amount to learn from this podcast. Plus it's fun to listen to and has introduced me to new-to-me blogs that I now love. Good stuff!
Marly! Don't ever EVER stop hosting the Chopped Podcast! Your format, content and delivery are all spot on and I look forward to listening (and relistening) every week. You are the wicked smart and spiritually inspiring coach on my journey to food blogging awesomeness. Thank you for being YOU!
I have been listening to the Chopped podcast since the beginning and always come away feeling inspired. Marly has a knack for finding guests who are passionate about their work and have great advice for fellow food bloggers that leaves me feeling excited to keep moving forward, but never overwhelmed. Every person and blog is different and this podcast celebrates that and shares a little something for everyone. Keep up the awesome work!!!
I was posting barely twice a month not knowing where to go next but Marly’s podcast helped inspire me to chat with other food bloggers and make connections that would help me build more of a following. Current fave episode (also most recent today) is #61: How to Grow Your Instagram Audience with Jenn Herman. Instagram is my jam and now I know how to rock it even harder.
This podcast covers so many great topics for food bloggers and is fun to listen to as well! It’s been a wonderful resource for me as a new food blogger. I highly recommend it!
This is such a fantastic resource for food bloggers, or any fans of food blogging! Marly is a fantastic host, and really cares about this industry.
This podcast is excellent for any level food blogger and keeps you entertained through the entire show!
I've really enjoyed listening to the first season of the Chopped Podcast. The interviews are always fun and warm hearted. My only suggestion would be to dig in a little deeper with some of the questions for the more experienced bloggers, such as specific ways to monetize, reach out to brands, or offer resources that they find valuable. Thank you and keep up the great work!
I am a new health blogger and this podcast has provided such great support, resources and tips. Definitely worth a listen if you are a food blogger!
If you're like me you have several times in the day that you can listen to podcasts (when I'm running, when I'm putting on my makeup, while I'm doing mindless stuff on the computer). This is a newish podcast that is just for food bloggers. It has been so much fun to listen to. I find myself looking to see if there's a new episode a lot! It's a good way to feel connected to the food blogging world and get you motivated to make your blog the best that it can be.
Recently discovered this podcast and promptly binge listened! It’s so fun to put voices with the blogs that I’ve read for so long, and even though my blog isn’t a food blog I still get a ton of good info I can apply to my own situation, and it’s just fun to get to know these bloggers better. Highly recommend it!
As a food blogger, I'm having so much fun listening to these! Marly has a great interview style, and has gotten some great guests. I just love the food blogging community, so many nice gals. Enjoying hearing and learning from some of my favorite food bloggers : )
Highly recommend this Podcast to any food blogger looking to grow their business. Great resource!