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Great content!
It seems the podcast itself is rated 'clean lyrics' instead of each episode having it's own rating. It's hit and miss for me... some are interesting, but then bam, there profanity. I never know if I can listen at work or with kids in my car because 'clean lyrics' isn't so clean... quite often. Fix the rating issues and it'd be great! We'd know what we're getting.
I just listened to the last episode of Things Cooks Know and I am so sad to hear that this podcast has ended. I enjoyed each and every episode so much and learned tons!!! Both of the Sarah’s were a delight to listen to and I will miss this podcast dearly. It was my favorite of all the Real Simple offerings (although I do like the others too - just not as much).
The only podcast within this mess of a feed was the Things Cooks Know show. Other than the occasional Sam Zabell show, I can't stand the other episodes here and smashing them in one podcast feed is a mess.
I love this podcast above all others! I have picked up many great tips on such a variety of topics. I love that it’s short and practical. But I take offense that Sarah Humphries feel the need to drop the F*** bomb so frequently - especially on the kitchen snafu episode. She is an educated woman who comes off tacky and unprofessional. If she’d clean up her language I’d give it 5 stars.
Love this podcast! It’s useful and amusing and relaxing to listen to while working away the day!
I started reading Real Simple when I was 16 and when I took it to class, friends would tease me about it. And I’d tell them “it’s like if you had a wise grandmother who had great fashion sense, would tell you her life’s lessons, cook you good food, and knew every use for rubber bands”. I like the podcast, but wish the different portions were separated. I’m 23 and like to hear about the “how to adult” parts, but I end up deleting other portions that are less relevant.
Love the cooking ones the best!!! Look so forward to those!
I enjoy all of the podcasts except for the “i want to like you “ podcasts. those are boring, and the hosts are not enjoyable nor useful to most people please separate them out so i could listen to the cooking or family portions without being thrown a condescending podcast about being nice to people (which is pretty easy actually)
My kitchen is my happy place, and your podcast brings that happiness to my commute. I'm currently catching up on past episodes, and look forward to the new episodes every Tuesday! My new life goal is to be the third Sarah.... No really, can I? :)
a magazine has many articles on subjects, this is not the way a podcast works. i like 2 maybe 3 of the 5 articles they stream into a single podcast. i agree they should be separated and maybe lengthened in the process.
Last "podcast" is an image!? What????
I like what I've heard so far-- but can you guys please separate the feeds for the 4 podcasts? I don't want to subscribe to all 4 in my podcast app, but can't select just one or two. Thanks! Keep it up!
The interviews in labor of love are so insightful and helpful
I am a huge fan of Real Simple and listen to several of their pod casts. I am not free of pet peeves or of behaviors that may irritate people- but this pod cast goes past "interesting/funny" into the realm of "nasty/superior" My only hope for this podcast is they will do "I want to like you- People who think they are better than everyone" and have the experts comment on them.
I am 3/4 in love with these podcasts. Things Cooks Know: My favorite, because this is just the sort of thing that brought me to RS in the first place. Legitimately useful tips here, along with some clever ideas. Some of the topics are about things that I am truly a novice at, but the topics that I'm familiar with are loaded with ideas that help jump start me out of kitchen doldrums. The Labor of Love: Insightful and thoughtful. as someone who isn't in the stage of a relationship that the self-help books are written for, I like preparing myself for the things that could go wrong. Adulthood Made Easy: I'm already old enough that I'm supposed to know all this stuff already. the hing is, most of us didn't get a lot of this advice, so we have gaps in our knowledge that we will never admit to anyone! And every time I hear Sam read the promo spots before the other pocasts, I hope she'll get to do a crossover with them. I Want To Like You: This is the one i have a hard time stomaching. Mostly because I'm pretty convinced that no, Kristen does not actually want to like you. Lots of calling other people out for being awful, disgusting, and terrible. I find it mean and not at all thoughtful.
I love the podcast. There is great information, presented in conversational way. But… The technical things around it need a lot of work. First, I listen to podcast when I drive or walk - I cannot make notes. Many useful podcast are companied by show notes, with references to books/web links etc. so I can look it up later. And the feed… Please, make a single feed for each podcast at Real Simple!!! I cannot spend time deleting all episodes from other podcasts I do not want to listen to!
I have been listening to all of the podcasts and have to say I love I Want to Like many amazing suggestions in dealing with people. The others are fun to listen to as well. Very well done!