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The “likes” and vocal fry become unbearable after two episodes.
...but could use some audio help. All the guests calling in live via soup can.
Loving this podcast. Recommended to me by a friend and so far I'm really liking the topics. Michael Turkell is clearly super knowledgeable!
I like the new episodes with their long looks at off the beaten path topics. I hope it keeps getting weirder. 🍅🥞🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️⏱
Erudite, clever, and well produced, this podcast is a new favorite.
MHT is one of the smartest people that I know. He knows the most about vinegar, offal and so many things. If you don’t get the pleasure of hanging out with him (I wish that I got to do that more!), you will get smarter listening to this podcast. And laugh a bit, too. And that is always a good thing for all of us!
Love how they go deeper into topics that I have heard of but didn’t know the history or the nuances behind them. Turkell’s background working in kitchens and now an accomplished photographer and writer of cookbooks helps ensure that the dialogue gives us a behind the scenes peek at the unknown parts of these fascinating topics.
Interesting delve into specific ingredients and food subcultures rather than the typical topics. Can't wait to see where the new season goes.
Excited to see photographer, cookbook author & journalist Michael Harlan Turkell is hosting this podcast! Really loved the new episode on maple syrup -- adding this straight to my driving-to-the-country playlist!
Loved this podcast with the old hosts! It was wonderful and nourishing to hear women’s voices chatting informally about food, cooking, and community. Now it’s just another dude reading a script and trying to be witty. Soooooo sad!
Y’all are prolly responsible for this and I’m so happy. Yay the pie emoji episode 🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧
When I listen to a podcast I want a clear beginning middle and end. I was confused because that doesn't happen in this podcast
Season 1 was great - it was a gateway podcast for food podcasts for me! The most recent season was insanely disappointing. The stories were tangentially related to food and extremely short once you take out the time for ads and such so they didn't have much meat to them. I think I miss hearing about cooking more so than generally food-related things.
I really like this podcast as it gives little stories about some foods but also about some industries, etc. It's a lot like Gastropod but not as thorough or long most of the time, which is good, even better sometimes for me when I don't have the attention to listen to a whole hour on one topic. If I had one complaint I would say the host of the show, Kenzi Wilbur, has this very distracting tendency to glottalize her "T's." Yes, this is a weird, nerdy nitpick, but please, Kenzi, try to pronounce or "t's" as actual "T's" - or "D's" if appropriate, rather than glotalizing them, because it just sounds so weird to this one listener, maybe others too? Maybe I'm one in a 100+ that even notices this, but, ugh, it distracts me so much I lose everything she says after that for the next 30 seconds, lol!


By hanban
Only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I miss the old intro jingle- so much better than this weird new one.
They are clearly making this podcast for people just like them and their obvious affluent makes this whole thing unrelatable.
I really enjoyed the podcast episode about the White House food
The hosts of this show do a great job making this an enjoyable listen. The conversation is naturally lively and informative, and the interviews and guests appearances are a lot of fun.
I liked then original episodes, and the respite/revamp moved me to the "love it" category! Kenzie is insightful and fun in her story telling and interviewing. Look forward to each week's episode, and hoping for a pie emojis soon!
Always enjoy listening to these learned cooks. Good recipe ideas and recommendations. Fun and witty conversations about food and themselves. I've bought 2 of the Food52 cookbooks and like them both.
This used to be a favorite of mine. Now it's back in 2017 with a new format and they're not talking about food anymore. I'm still subscribed for now but I'm so sad. I really miss the chef interviews or just riffing about favorite weeknight go-tos.
it's lovely and tastey and sounds beautiful
I love the new approach Kenzi is taking -- less conversation, more the untold-stories of the food world.
I wasn't sure I'd be into this kind of a podcast, but I was hooked in the first episode. Listening to it makes me feel like I'm in on a food conversation with my friends, and we're all really enjoying ourselves. Bonus points for the hosts all having very wonderful voices to listen to!
The new season of Burnt Toast is smart and funny -- it's irresistible! Kenzi is an expert researcher and storyteller, and a natural host.
I LOVED learning the story behind the KitKat jingle, from the man who wrote it himself. It took me right back to the 80s, but I also learned so much and will never hear it the same way again. I can't wait to hear the next stories Kenzi rolls out this season!


Can't wait to hear more new episodes!
Smart, suprising food stories that you won't want to end! Could listen to host Kenzi Willbur's voice all day long.
Kenzi's soothing voice was made for podcasting. Love the topics -- accessible, funny and always an interesting point of view. Ron Swanson would've loved it.
Great podcast
Really fun. Mishmash of food and stories and culture.
If the first episode of the new season of Burnt Toast is any indication of how the rest will go, we're in for a real treat! If you're interested in food you'll love how in-depth the first episode goes into how the Kit-Kat jingle came to be and why it's so dang catchy. Expertly produced, great soundtrack and (of course) great writing makes this a must-subscribe podcast!
So happy that Burnt Toast is back with new episodes and a great new direction! It's been fun to hear the progression and can't wait to hear what's next
Burnt Toast is one of my favorite podcasts, not only one of my favorite food and drink podcasts. Episodes are well-constructed, well-edited and thoroughly enjoyable.
I love Food52 website but the podcast seems to be a loose and giggly get-together of some of the folks responsible for the site. The one entitled “week night dinner” included advice like “keep it simple,” with nary a menu or particular dish discussed. The insider chat irritating, so I will unsubscribe and stick to the website.
I am getting quite a kick from the podcast, and particularly enjoyed Kenzi Wilbur's interviews with Jonathan Gold and Judith Jones.
I have enjoyed some of the episodes, but some of them leave the listener feeling alienated (unless you are a millennial who lives in NYC). The vocal fry of the host's voice - and some of the guests' voices - is very distracting, and makes them sound so tired. The show has potential; the host is actually a good interviewer. However, I wish she would clear her throat and speak in a more professional manner.
I was initially drawn to the topics but in reality the banter just didn't pan out to be that interesting. Everything needed editing, and it would be also great to get someone who has less vocal fry and maybe older? I've noticed that with all of food 52 though, they don't ever seem to hire anyone over 35 for anything. That's pretty disappointing.
Just a really nice job all around. Great topics, and then great questions for the guests; the experience, knowledge and preparation ahead of time is obvious in drawing the guests out and asking thoughtful questions, but I also feel like a lot of care has been taken to make sure the conversation is accessible and relatable for a wider audience. Nice job.
Please create another ad. When I hear that line about onions caramelizing, it is the opposite of a grace moment. You guys are great producers. Produce some new ads. Please.
I was surpised to find that I love this podcast! I've been a fan of the site for a while, but I didn't realize how entertaining and interesting the Food52 podcast would be. They have terrific guests, interesting topics, and Kenzi Wilbur always does a great job.
What a great podcast! I always love your content but this one was so meaningful, especially the last toast. Great job!
I listen to a lot of food podcasts, and I’ve yet to hear one as casually entertaining and informative as Burnt Toast. It doesn’t feel too academic or take itself too seriously. The guests they land are incredible, from Calvin Trillin to Judith Jones. Hearing Trillin read his treatise on why spaghetti carbonara should replace turkey as the official Thanksgiving meal was really a joy. Keep up the awesome work, Food52!
The host's tone is so pompous and obnoxious. It's like someone who's incredibly insecure invited friends over and can't wait to prove how much more she knows than them about cooking
I adore this podcast! Initially I was a bit unsure of its direction, but then I quickly figured out that this podcast is about hearing from the people who love food so much that they live it in every way possible. I have found myself honestly inspired by these conversations that take place in each episode. Thank you for sharing the passionate thoughts and experiences of revered food enthusiasts.
Change your voice style, your vocal fry disrupts the info.
This podcast isn't always regular, but their discussions on food are lovely. You can tell they love what they do.
I just recently started following food52 on all of the social media outlets and it makes me feel a sense of longing and nostalgia for something I've never had. As a photographer and a professional chef and baker (but only in my own kitchen) this podcast is beautiful. It's everything I never knew I needed! I love listening to people talk about food, I love listening to different stories and ideas, and hearing about the lives of all these wonderful people living out my dream job as a food stylist and photographer. You don't have to be someone who knows everything about food to appreciate these podcasts. I look forward to listening to the podcast I have yet to listen to and I will come back with great anticipation each week!
This podcast always has such great guest and topics. I only wish they were longer!