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Reviews For The Nimble Leader Podcast

Kathy lays out these principles in a very easy-to-use manner. Some of these processes may seem like common sense, but in actuality they really need to be practiced and honed. She walks you through everything in a very relatable way. Keep up the great podcasts, Kathy!!
Way to go Kathy! Appreciate your candor, simplicity, and on target tips for improving leadership skills.
Kathy Ryan's podcasts are outstanding for the entrepreneur, CEO or employee. In today's ''people" market, listening to Kathy's advice is imperative. Can hardly wait for her next podcast!
Kathy's podcasts are outstanding. She manages to blend immediate learning and highlights focus areas so that you can quickly apply the information in many situations. She is extremely entertaining and engaging on each topic, and this results in the high value received from each of her podcasts. She has a sound business background, and this is evident in her approach on many of the people issues that can certainly present unexpected challenges during the business day - and with Kathy's guidance, these challenges can result in great opportunities for success. Great job Kathy on giving each listener the tools to succeed!
I listened to Taking Control of Your Career this evening and I am glad I did. The information was relevant to me and the recommendations provided are achievable. This podcast was a great listen and Kathy provided some excellent analogies in delivering this useful information.
The best part about this podcast is that the advice comes from real-world situations. Everything Kathy talks about can be applied every day. Looking forward to many more episodes!
Kathy is very easy to listen to. She gives real examples and practical applications to go along with all that she is sharing. A great opportunity for personal growth and leadership development that you don't want to miss.
Kathy wrote an awesome book called You Have To Say The Words. I first met Kathy when we were teaching classes together. She taught me some great techniques for tackling tough conversations. Now, I have access to more of her wisdom through these podcasts! Subscribe to the Nimble Leader Podcast and begin your learning today!
Whether You are just starting out in your career, have hit a wall or very successful, there is something in these Podcasts for everyone. You can’t have too many “tools in your toolbox” in today’s extremely competitive environment. Plus if you want to be happier & more productive in your career, you have to continually build and polish your skill set. Here’s one place where you can do that. They are organized, concise and based on real world experiences. Well done indeed.
Whether you're familiar with the content or not, Kathy's approach to knowledge sharing is good for both the new and experienced leader.
Kathy is inspirational. Her tips for the “nimble” leader applies to all careers. I highly recommend you take listen and learn to lead!
Wonderful podcast! Kathy graciously shares her many years of experience. Perfect for those who are in the process of growing their careers and would like to become better leaders. Well done!
The Nimble Leader Show provides the tools necessary to truly succeed in your career. I recommend guidance counselors and college advisors subscribe to these MUCH NEEDED podcasts to ensure our future leaders are on the right track to succeed. Leadership doesn't start on the first day of your "job", it starts when you stop serving yourself and serve others. And Kathy is the most dedicated leader I know and I'm thankful I can call her friend. Congratulations!
The podcast is very conversational. Each episode quickly and concisely covers the subject with great stories.
What a great podcast I can't wait for the next one. I need to find more content like this. Thanks
I gained valuable knowledge from Kathy's book, You Have To Say the Words, and this podcast reinforces all the advice and practical knowledge from the book. This podcast is perfect for every leader and applies to all levels in a person's career. The information is clear and concise and can be used immediately. Loved it!
As someone who is always looking to learn and grow, in 30 minutes I gained great tips that I've already put into action. Love Kathy's real-world approach -- it's refreshing.
In each episode, Kathy shares her breadth of knowledge and experience in a very relatable, actionable way! She equips listeners to tackle challenging work (and life) situations with ease. Can't wait for more!
If you are in business (and really, from the bigger perspective aren't we all in some way?), you probably want to improve your skills and be more effective. Plenty of people offer advice, but few can do it based on years of practical expereince and positive outcomes. Kathy explains how to have the difficult conversations we know we need to have, but don't know how to approach. Terrific advice for all of us!