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A great all-around podcast for any fan of the Blizzard Universe, including Wow, HoTS, etc. Cuddles is a very entertaining host that is so positive and welcoming, he feels more like a neighbor than a podcast host. Wonderful cast and a must listen! ~Wheezey
Cuddles is love. Cuddles is life. Never met a more positive and upbeat person in this community. Can't help but put a smile on my face every time I tune in.
Definitely in the strange way. Host looks like Jesus Christ, how can you go wrong!
I have been here since the beginning and I enjoy the show a lot. Cuddles has picked up so much knowledge and has such a positive attitude!! His guests are awesome and bring so many different viewpoints to us!! Keep up the great job! @Bordardo on Twitter
My Panda Tanking bro your the best and your show keeps killing it!


Ok so you sir have made my work days driving a garbage truck 12 hrs a day absolutly amazing!! i made a monk on your server im thinking about joining the CTR comunity but we shall see. -Exalt Fury Warrior on BloodScalp
I've been listening a few weeks now and Cuddles has become a true hero to me. His constant willingness to be a real person and with real questions and feelings is just awe inspiring. I love this show!
Cuddles at the game case, is providing quality entertainment! He is maintaining a positive viewpoint, during a time when most other wow and blizzard podcasts have gone completely negative. Its refreshing to hear this kind of show especially when its from someone who is relatively new to the game! Great job Cuddles! Keep em' coming!
This podcast is a wonderful addition to anyones list. The host is upbeat and positive. It's always a pleasure to listen to this one and even better to show up to the livestream. Keep up the good work! From a happy listener, Sinamone.
Cuddles has an infection personality and delivers great insite into the happenings in and around the World of Warcraft! My husband and I love when we can catch the show live on twitch. strongly reccommend that you sub to get consitantly great content!
Your of to a great start keep doing what your doing ,your motivating me to start my own wow podcast great job love the podcast . Nozzix Azuremyst U.S.
I come from the twitch stream (BMWcustom) This is by far the best gaming talk show ive seen