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I didn’t expect original scholarship. The episode on John Marshall’s slave ownership and slave jurisprudence was both an education and a surprise. John Marshall’s entire legacy deserves reexamination in the light of the blatant injustices he administered to slaves and people who should not have been treated as slaves. I had have long seen Marbury v. Madison as a blatant, unjustifiable grab for unconstitutional judicial review. Not is the constitution silent on judicial review, it specifically grants the Supreme Court original jurisdiction over officers. Since Madison was being sued in his official capacity as Secretary of State, the Supreme Court did have both constitutional and statutory authority to issue a writ of Mandamus. The slave holder episode provides additional examples of Marshall lying about the law to arrive at a decision he wanted.
I just discovered American Biography earlier this summer, and binged all the episodes that have been released in the course of a few days. American Biography has been a treat from its start to today. Each episode thus far has focused on the life of John Marshall, which in of itself has been fascinating. But the show also provides a much deeper review of the times in which Marshall (and I assume any future subjects highlighted in this podcast) lived, and how he interacted with and influenced the events within the period he lived. Overall I found this podcast a really engaging, fun, and informative synthesis of John Marshall's life. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from there (and hoping for a deep dive on Henry Clay, among other famous Americans!) The audio is a little off in the first few episodes, as the narrator warns you in the Intro, but it's well worth continuing through the catalogue. Highly recommended!
After a bumpy start (sound quality) ,Thomas has definitely come into his own. I feel he is worthy of being counted among the likes of Mike Duncan in his deep and scholarly dive into the life of a founder whose name may not be recognized by all too many Americans: John Marshall. We've all heard plenty about Washington, Adams, Franklin and Jefferson. It's my hope that Thomas will tackle some of other the lesser knowns: Henry Clay, John Calhoun, Frederick Douglas. Now that I fully caught up I will have to wait like the rest of you for the next installment! :-( Keep up the great work, Thomas. Robert
Very thorough and detailed narrative of the lives of lesser known Americans. The pacing and delivery is just right. Thank you.
Thanks for starting with John Marshall, a hero to lawyers but virtually unknown to the average American. Really looking forward to learning more about others who have shaped our nation. This is a great way to learn about how the America idea was formed and why. Thom has an excellent presentation style and he keeps the narrative moving, even while including rich detail taken from the recollections of the subject and his peers.
I am a history buff. I have been for many years. This is the most original way I have found yet to take new looks at events we thought we already knew inside and out. I can't wait to see who the next biography will be.
Mr Daly is a Gentelman, a Scholar, and a Vital new voice in podcasting. I have recently begun perusing his accumulated archive and found it most enjoyable from several key dimensions. The audio quality is quite good for a new podcast, which is hardly something to sneeze at, but more important is the obvious research and writing that goes into each episode. So far his subject has been John Marshal, a key figure in the establishment of the Supreme Court of the United States and a personal favorite of mine. Despite my fondness for Mr Marshal, Mr Daly has shed new and envigorating light on the man's early years, and I know future episodes will be equally high quality. Good show, sir! Good Show!
Highly recommend! Looking forward to seeing who else is covered!
I'm enjoying this podcast a lot so far. It seems well researched and the narrative is stong. The show promises to flesh out the lives of import but more obscure Americans you either don't know or just know 1 or 2 things about - like with John Marshall, I remember distinctly in my history text book it only talked about him as the Chief Justice when Marbury v. Madison was decided. So far the show is living up to that promise and I really like how it demonstrates how the world and individuals shape each other reciprocally. Very interested in seeing what other subjects the show covers after John Marshall!
If you are a fan of Mike Duncan’s History of Rome and Revolutions podcast this is a right up your alley. Daly’s American Biography is everything that podcast listeners are looking for: clear, concise, well researched and entertaining history. He stays away from the typical history book/pop history and delves into the intricacies and controversies surrounding his subjects-warts and all. He expertly disproves the popular notion that the nation was created by Washington and Jefferson alone and instead highlights the often forgotten leaders and characters that had an incredible impact on the formation and history of our Nation. Highly recommended!
Let the author take you back in time with him to analyze some of our country's most interesting characters! In depth views into their lives and the time period! Highly recommend!
Daly does a terrific job in revealing the nuance that hides in the darker corners of American history. Great storytelling.
Amazing podcast detailing great lives in American history. Essential listening for any history buff.