Goal Getting™ Podcast with Tony Woodall

Reviews For Goal Getting™ Podcast with Tony Woodall

Love this show really. Found it really helpful and motivating me. Love the tips and strategies on how to achieve goals in life. More power Tony. Keep it up.
I find this Podcast very enjoyable due to Tony's friendly and energizing voice, the length, and the awesome tidbits that are delivered! Tony's enthusiasm behind having the gas to run your goal achieving engine is so felt and obvious! Thank you for reading the Dr. Seuss quote about climbing your mountain and today is your day. I truly appreciate you highlighting the importance of teaching kids early on how to be excited about their goals, know what they have to do and how to set the goals. Ready for more! InterviewvaletCF
Tony, I've enjoyed hearing this season so far. It's much improved over last season's podcast! Keep it up!
Whether you are chasing a big dream or striving to achieve small goals, Tony is like the cool life coach you've always wanted to have. He speaks with confidence, is inspiring to listen to, and his material is easy to understand. Each episode is conveniently condensed into several minutes and Tony gets straight to the point. Since listening to Goal Getting, I've become a lot more focused on my goals and gained a clearer picture of what I need to do to achieve them. I can't wait until this podcasts resumes again!
I like Tony's motto “Don’t Just Set’em GET’EM”… it reminds me it is not good enough to just think up great goals you actually have to do something with them! Tony’s daily quote is like an espresso shot for your goal setting engine - great job Tony!
Tony’s Podcast is professional, polished, informative, and motivating. This is well worth my time and became my weekly Podcast must. The content is well delivered and the guests are just great. I look forward to every Wednesday.
I am really enjoying this podcast. I am always looking to improve my goals and increase my success. Loving the show so far,
Setting goals is difficult for me to get my head around. With a change of mindset I feel that getting goals is what I need. I can “set” goals all day long but if I do not see them through then whats the good in that? I would recommend this to anyone looking to get unstuck and move forward with their goals.
Love the subject, and I love the direction that this podcast takes it! It is well put together and very enjoyable. Keep up the good work guys!!
"Get your mind playing for your team" - love the line. It is so true that measuring is the first step to doing. Keep up the greeat work, Tony!
Episode 0 is a little rambling and repetitive, but it's clear Tony knows what he's talking about. The first episode lays out the foundation for the other episodes which really smooth out and have clear points he communicates with the listeners, making it easier and more doable to create achievable goals. I really like this one, it's excellent to help people drill down and focus on getting more done! I've already started implementing Tony's advice!
This should get you going… Listen to this podcast, as it lays out actionable content to achieve personal and professional goals!
Very practical and relevant advice ANYONE can use. Great job!
Tony - Great job speaking about a very important topic!
WOW….Goal Getting Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Tony. Keep bringing it.
Tony does a great job helping us understand an important aspect of our personal an professional lives…goals. Set ‘em and go get ‘em!. I really enjoy this podcast and can’t wait to hear more!
From goal setting to DEADLINE setting, this podcast gives practical advice that I implment right after listening to it. - Joe F
The production value of this show is great! Anyone can set a goal, but it takes something extra to "go get 'em!" Tony gives you the tools to do just that!
The intro made me chuckle! Fun stories, real life examples and great content. Definitely hooked. Keep it coming.
but there are many ways to set and achieve those goals. I'm intrigued by the variety of perspectives shared here and can't wait to see what comes next.
Great show filled with motivation. Passion is truly key to life. Keep up the good work
Goal Setting with Tony Woodall fills the gap in society about understanding the important of setting goals to get what we want in life. Love the focus and value, keep em coming!
How many of us set goals we never hit! (I admit it, I am one of those people) - this is a great tool to help you stay on track, focused and engaged (where focus goes, energy flows).
So excited to add this show to my list of regular shows. Reaching some goals is so easy and others are so hard so glad to hear about some new ways to reach those targets that are hard to hit like fitness and financial goals. As someone who’s reached almost all of my dreams, it’s nice to have a little help hitting those ones that have stumped me along the way. Go get em Tony!
Tony talks about setting goals and following through. Really motivational and connects with his viewers, well with me at least.
Love it!! Great show and practical advice to help you succeed in life. Thanks for the great work Tony.
Tony Woodal use laser-like focus to expose what allows certain people to accomplish their goals and others to fail. Great take-aways. A boiled down presentation.
I love your podcast Tony! Great east to follow tips that helps the listener set, get after, and achieve their goals. This is such an important topic and I really enjoy the way you structure your episodes. This podcast can change lives for the better!
It’s obvious that Tony has spent a lot of time thinking about goal setting. He has a lot of experience working with large corporations and executives in this area. If you are having trouble coming up with your goals, setting them, and making them happen, Tony can help you. The sound quality of this podcast is great, which is a plus. I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.
Have you ever wondered the secret of successful people? They are goal oriented. Not some vague idea of a goal, but an actual written goal with action items leading to it. Most people don’t have goals because they are afraid of not achieving them but Tony shows you why that should not be a concern. You will come to love goal setting and benefit from it.
Really enjoy the focused and short podcast.
I so need the extra help and clarity to go for my goals - and I love that Tony is here to guide and help me get there!!! Yay!
I love the break down of exactly how to take action steps. Tony keeps it simple which I need. Thanks Tony
You can never learn too much about goal settings and new ways to set them! Bravo!
I like how Tony keeps the podcast efficient, he gives you a simple way to state your goal and to put the steps in place for attaining your goal. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best, Tony takes that route to your benefit.
Thanks for helping people set and accomplish their goals. Thanks
Fun and valueable...GET'EM baby!
When a friend whose advice I value told me to listen to this podcast, I had to tune it. Turns out she’s right. Tony..you’ve got a new subscriber. Thanks for the amazing work you’re doing.
Thank you for guiding this goal-setter to success! :)
Goal Getting describes this show to the T. That’s what’s its all about in the end. Powerful broadcast thanks.
Clearly outlines what we want to achieve! At the beginning of the podcast, the audio seemed a bit distorted, but overall, great high quality podcast.
Tony you are off to a great start! Can't wait to hear more great things from you!
If you struggle with setting goals, this is definitely a show you need to subscribe to.
This is shaping up to be a good help. Tony has a mastery of the subject and he explains it very well. I'm going to subscribe to the podcast and achieve my goals.
and then gives you some great ideas and tools for setting your goals. Goals work!
Thanks for the help in getting 'em. -Jim @FastLeaderShow
Inspiring and true goal setting podcast! This world needs more motivational podcasts like the Goal Getting podcast. Thanks!
Don't just set em, go get em. The sound quality is a little rough, but the content is powerful.
This is a wonderful show! Definitely helpful to us in terms of understanding our goals and achieving them. A must listen!