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Great podcast and the special guests on each podcast is fantastic!
Tony, I truly enjoy listening to your podcast due to the variety of contents it offers and the knowledgeable guests you bring on board. Keep up with the great work.
Been a fan since I discovered this podcast. Every Monday I start my week listening to Tony and his great interviews which had taught me so much about having more energy and living a healthier lifestyle. The guests are wonderful and knowledgeable, the conversation is always very pleasant and the book recommendations are very helpful. Highly appreciate it!
Tony does a great job with lots of interesting guests. Much listening.
I love this show - great topics, easy to listen to and just plan good content
Hi Tony, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the time and energy you put into your podcasts. I look forward each week to listening to you and your guests share there knowledge and ideas for a better life. You are a wonderful kind person and it comes across very well on your Podcasts. I enjoyed the podcast on the books that you read this last year, and will definitely read the one on sleep. Wishing you happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!
The End of Alzheimer's with Dr. Dale Bredesen OUTSTANDING INTERVIEW! Tony is always on top of the cutting edge topics. He indeed has the best interest of his audience in mind. Tony interviewed Dr. Bredesen in a comfortable and easy to understand way, so those new to the topic were not overwhelmed. With Alzheimer's reaching to the number one cause of death in the UK, I am sure Tony will continue to bring you more advice to help END THE ALZHEIMER'S EPIDEMIC. Not only do we need to help those with Alzheimer's but it is imperative to PREVENT ALZHEIMER'S!!! I was proud of Tony when he admitted his gene status with Alzheimer's. Looking forward to more on the Reversing Alzheimer's subject.
Tony puts out a ton of helpful information. love this podcast!
This podcast is everything it advertises! Tony has the ability to seek out the most educated and inspiring guests to live up to the podcasts title. As an individual who has a hunger for learning more about energy, truth, and seeking how to find my highest self...this podcast has hit all of these notes. Thank you Tony for your ability to have a drive to bring light and energy to those who may not be in the position to actively seek! Thank you for sharing! This podcast has given me a jumpstart and I look forward to using the information to change my life and continue to follow! This is a must listen!!!
Tony and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Zestology if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind & spirit (and live your best life as a result)!
His podcast has seriously changed my life. Thank you so much Tony.
I wish it was two full episodes a week instead of a long and a short, but I'm very thankful it's here. Diverse, different and keeps up with new topics. Also, there's not too much advertising :-).
I had no interest in podcasts, until listening to a few shows on Spotify! Love your show and I'm find more great ones through yours, many thank!
Tony is a natural when it comes to making you feel at peace when things are hectic. His podcasts are very informational and always diverse! He has such a calm voice (and beautiful accent) that makes you want to listen and engage. I just love Zestology! It has definitely changed my life.
Tony does a great job bringing neat guests onto the show as well as spouting his own wisdom- and with his adorable accent, it really is fun to listen to. I never scrub through his episodes! I listen to them all.
I very much enjoy your enthusiasm, guests and the energy with which you present info and these great guests to us, keep up the good work! Thanks!
I’ve listened to Zestology since it’s first pod cast…way back when. I love how Tony interacts with all of his guest in a gentle and meaningful way. I look forward to every monday to receive the latest talk. Thank you Tony for inspiring me in more ways then you know and providing me with other mindful people to follow. I am in the Western part of the United States and feel like I am taking a mini vacation each week while Tony interviews his guest in England or any of the other fabulous locations he may be. Good on you, Tony! Tracy S Boise, Idaho USA
This show is truly a gem! If I could compare it to one thing... I'd choose an avocado. Thick skin, for resilience-an ever increasing presence. Slowly but surely making its way to the top. Bright green fruit, representing the vibrant and addictive content. Good fat, food the brain, vital for the soul. Solid core, a solid foundation of energy, vitality and motivation paved the road for many more podcasts. I love Zestology! One day I was searching the word motivation in Spotify, and the universe brought me to Zestology! I have been listening to the show for over a month now, one by one, more and more excited as I go back in time. I am addicted! There's so much knowledge being dropped that helps me to reevaluate my current approach to life, love, spirituality, career focus, life purpose, and so much more within all of these interesting topics. I look forward to listening each day, on my hour-long commute to and from work. Listening has definitely brought me a greater sense of energy, vitality, motivation, and purpose! I truly resonate with all of the topics, and I am inspired not only by the people interviewed, but also by Tony and all of the knowledge nuggets that He drops in to every podcast! I have grown and continue to grow spiritually and mentally and emotionally by listening to the podcasts, and have already recommended it to several friends, and will continue to! I excitedly look forward to the new podcast each week! I feel really blessed to have found Zestology! Keep up the great work Tony and thank you so much for starting this journey that has effectively helped not only you but so many other people!
A friend referred me to the Zestology podcast about 3 months ago, and LET ME TELL YOU, I have been hooked. I have since become such a stronger version of myself! I'm now a butter-in-my-coffee-drinking, raw food loving yogi, who sleeps well, is more active than ever, And no longer holds a cell phone next to his head! And!!! Tony's funny British accent make his mind blowing podcast ALLLLLLL the more enjoyable. :) Zestology is transformative and vital to healthy living. Thanks Tony! Keep them coming!! - Boston Eddie
Ever since I stumbled upon Zestology I feel like my health and life have been improving since I've started listening to this wonderful podcast. Love Tony's personality and he asks great questions that really do reflect how listerners are most likely feeling or thinking. The topics have been very interesting to listen to as well. Even the ones that may not interest me at first have been to my surprise some of my favorites. I've been in a slump after quitting my toxic job and while listening to Zestology it has really started to help with my self-confidence and with feeling better about myself from the advice given in this podcast. Thank you, Tony, for every effort put into Zestology. Much appreciated and can't wait to keep listnening to new episodes.
I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning. I found it at a time when I was feeling stuck & it jump started me back in to self improvement. Tony & his guests provide accessible tools & resources every episode to help you improve your life. Tony's charming demeanor and thirst for knowledge is infectious. He gets you thinking & looking inward and onward. Brilliant way to start my day!
I just found Tony Wrighton after hearing him interviewed on another Podcast. I immediately went to download Zestology. I always feel refreshed and in a happier state after listening to Zestology. The only draw back is I want to go get the books that are recommended and my stack of "to read" keeps growing faster than I can read. I feel enlightened after listening to Tony's podcast. THANK YOU!! Ps. this is my first podcast review.
Really enjoyed the many episodes Tony has produced. The information Tony and his guests have shared, and continue to share, are so invaluable and inspiring! Keep up the great work!
My favorite podcast, uplifting and refreshing. Tony has a great energy about him.
I really enjoy listening to Tony. Love the positive vibe and great info I pull from the podcast
Zestology is one of the few podcasts that I am sure will brighten up my day after listening to it. Tony Wrighton's calm demeanor makes him a trustworthy source of all types of information about personal development. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get into the art of self discovery and improvement.
I've been listening to your audiobooks for years and have found them inspiring and helpful to my personal motivation. Thank you Tony for continuing to be on top of your game!
I truly enjoy listening to his podcasts. I laugh a lot and learn quite a few things with him. He just sounds like an authentic, fun, easygoing guy. Would love to meet him in person one day. His good friend, the yoga girl who says sitting is the new smoking... has a contagious laugh. Love to listen to her. Ms Pereira. Thanks, Sharon
I really can't say enough about how enjoyable and useful this podcast is. Tony is delightful , funny and a great interviewer! His guests are great and you learn real practical tips that make your life better. I have found apps and tons of books through tony and his guests recommendations. This podcast is definitely one to add to your listening pleasure. Thanks Tony, I hope you keep doing this for a long time !
From the first notes of the intro music to the finishing touches of the closing words this podcast is filled with positive energy, curiosity and intelligent humor! Tony masterfully navigates his knowledgeable and often very colorful guests to unveil the gems of their expertise. I look forward to every new episode to get inspired and charged with positive vibrations for the week. If there were a "replay" button on this podcast, it would have been worn out by now LOL. Thank you Tony! Can't wait for part two with Jeanette Maw! Enam.
If you haven't checked Tony out... YOU MUST! Tony is Interesting, inspiring, enlightening and soothing! Tony, I fall sleep to you- yeah sounds creepy but your app for success is amazing and helps me with my insomnia. I share you with everyone I know. It would be a dream of mine to sit down and have coffee with you as I feel you are one of a kind and I am grateful to have stumbled upon your app and podcast. Genius you are! Cheers!


By Lh7m
This is a great podcast and I learn so much. I went from the first episode to the post-election episode really fast (listening on my way to work). Thank you for your time and effort!
I look forward to hearing the Zestology podcast every week! Tony always has innovative insights into how to live a better life!
I like Tony's simplicity and singularity focus on areas of life that is most relevant to today's needs. I like his pointed question of the guests and drawing out very interesting and impactful answers. It is a good weekly read/listening. Keep the focus and experiment with new subjects.
Zestology is by far my favorite podcast on iTunes and I look forward to every new episode on Monday's. Tony is an amazing host and always has great guests on which leads to very interesting conversations. I recommend Zestology to anyone and everyone trying to better their life or just feel good!
Tony, thanks for your weekly blogs and also thanks for your self help audiobooks Gold collection. They give me an edge, some inner peace, and the confidence to improve even when it's getting nutty around me. Love your interviews with that diverse set of experts.
I heard about zestology from another podcast where Tony was a guest. Sounded interesting, so I gave it a listen. Now I'm listening nonstop. And I have also developed quite the book list, which I'll probably get to after I listen to every podcast available. Thanks Tony and all guests!!
Not just entertaining, but extremely useful content. Love the trailers, Tony's a great marketer who leaves us wanting more.
I heard Tony do an interview on another podcast and I count it as a blessing. Obviously I checked out his podcast and have been hooked ever since. You can start with any of his previous shows and you won't be disappointed. Much wisdom out there to acquire and this podcast will help you in the endeavor. Great show!
I started listening to Tony after I heard him interviewed on Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey. This is now one of my regular podcasts that I listen to every week. And that is saying a lot; I am very careful how I spend my limited time! Love Tony's voice, and the guests are great. I appreciate Tony's approach which is somehow motivating change while still being supportive and, well, human. It is a perfect combination.
Zestology is one of my favorite podcasts and I love Tony's energy, insights and curiosity. His guests are always teaching me new things and opening my eyes even wider to living a better life. Congratulations on 52 podcasts!! They're all terrific! Keep up the good work, Tony! You're such a pleasure to listen to in my car (always scribble notes once I park the car). Makes my commute one of learning and inspiration. Would love to hear visual artists on your podcast. My favorites-Lynn Whipple and Carla Sonheim. You'd love them. Continued success to you. 😊👍🏻🍾
Tony is an excellent interviewer. Very flexible, spontaneous, and witty. I highly recommend his show.


By R1ckyP
I have thoroughly enjoyed the broad range of guests and diverse topics covered; and have purchased some of the technologies and products featured on this podcast series. To top it all, I've also grown my kindle wish list with some great book recommendations. There are tons of great tips, tricks and hacks to be found. Just the right duration for the daily commute. Good job man, keep it up!
really enjoy this podcast and find it very helpful. it's always a boost of motivation. i definitely recommend to anyone looking to better themselves
I have been listening to Tony's audio programs for 6 years now and this past year of Zestology just added so much to my self improvement journey. I'm still working on myself every day but I feel as if I have gained a lot of insight that I would never have gained meditating on my own or even if I were just listening to the audio programs. With the podcast and having other guests on there and being able to hear all these other perspectives, I believe that this podcast has really brought about a huge positive change in my life❣
I found this podcast quite by accident. I've only finished two episodes but I've ordered two books and a hrv device already from Amazon. I'm finding the content to be relevant, practical, and actionable. Which is quite rare in this category.
This has quickly become my absolute FAVORITE health-focused podcast! Since discovering Zestology 8-months ago, I haven't missed a single episode. I have gained valuable wisdom and practical tools from every single guest Tony has featured. I also love his voice. Thank YOU Tony!
This is by far the best podcast on living a healthy good life, and I have listened to a lot of them in the last year. At a basic level the sound is perfect, the interviewer and the guest sound like they are in the same room. ( unlike some podcasts with annoying barking dogs in the background, or on many podcasts someone sounds like they are talking in a tunnel) Tony does not waste time trying to tell lame jokes, he gets down to business and conducts a great interview, with interesting guests and interesting subjects. Keep it up Tony! You are making a difference. Thank you.
Excellent guests and information!