Reviews For KollabCast

You might actually learn a thing or two while you're at it.
Trust me. Marvin and Minji host this incredibly funny but complex podcast that looks at the AAPI perspective in pop culture. They could easily get away with some surface level work (because there's so much that one could talk about) but they work hard AF to dive deeper in to the conversation but still maintaining to keep it wildly entertaining. Whether they're discussing tv shows or the anniversary of the LA Riots, I am always learning something new. Both Minji and Marvin have great interviewing skills and their guests come alive during this show. PLUS, they're now publishing on Mondays with extra goodies beyond! Overall, if you're an AAPI, you need this in your life, especially if you feel disconnected from the greater community!
I want to like this podcast so much, but it's not as good as I want it to be. Minji and Marvin are cute, but I wish they were more articulate and insightful. Because they're not the best hosts, this podcast lives and dies by its guests. Sean Miura is a great guest (I found myself wanting him to start an AAPI BuzzFeed podcast in the vein of Another Round and See Something Say Something); Greg Watanabe was awesome; Jeff Yang. But when they don't have good guests, it can get boring fast. I'm starved for Asian American voices in pop culture, so I keep tuning in, but I really don't love it.
Glad I stumbled upon Kollabcast so late. Feels like waking up for Christmas with 90+ presents under my tree. The sheer scope of this series is breathtaking. Whether it's family, food, entertainment, racism, dating, or current events, Kollabcast examines every imaginable topic about being Asian American in the U.S. It's insighful, funny, critical, and heartwarming. The production values aren't as meticulous as This American Life or Radiolab, but it makes up for it with passion and love. Clearly this podcast means a lot to all involved. Highly reccommend.
love the podcast i'm black and i enjoy hearing about you all's asian american perspectives! wasn't really aware of representation issues until some of my asian american friends started talking about it
Great podcast catered towards Asian Americans. Love the topics and free flowing style. Keep it up!
The first podcast I listened to regularly. I really appreciate the thoughtful discussion of Asian American issues and have learned about many artists I've come to enjoy. Thank you!
My go-to Asian American podcast.
Minji and Marvin are great hosts with good chemistry. They bring a much needed view of Asian culture to the podcast landscape and to society in general. Great and entertaining show! - Chris from FacesAndAcesLV
Love your podcast! Keep up the great work! :)
You guys rock! Thanks so much for giving me something interesting and entertaining to listen to during my commute home from work. I appreciate that you help foster much needed dialogue on relevant topics in our Asian American community. Keep 'em coming!