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Come back!
Always been a big fan of Randy Liedtke, but now he’s really “on a roll”. I’m expecting big things from Randy and this podcast , he’s one of the best comedians around.
...but that's ok I guess


By WillG21
Gave it a chance for 4 episodes but I’m not going to listen more. It’s a rambling, boring, pot clouded mess.
Your show is great, I will change the starts to five once you acknowledge my subject.
Full on Polite Randy is doing his magic! One of my favorite comedians out there. Thanks for the podcast.
It's not the Bone Zone. It's podcast therapy for Randy. It's honest, interesting, and funny at times. Definitely worthy of your ears.
Yes, I also miss the Bone Zone, BUT it's great to hear Randy again. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
what came first the chilli dog the moustache?
Randy has red hair. I miss the bone zone
Smoke pot. 69. Physician, treat yo self.
I miss the bone zone